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Lieutenant Caleb Mitchell

Name Caleb Patrick Mitchell

Position Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Half Human Half Elasian
Age 26
Starfleet ID

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 165
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Caleb has almond shaped eyes and high cheekbones as a result of his Elasian mother, along with his square-shouldered appearance. He is of course much smaller than a full blooded Elasian at just a shade under 5’ 10”. He weighs in at lithe 165 pounds with the build of a swimmer.

His strawberry blond hair is usually worn short and kept neat. In certain light, it seems almost reddish. His eyes which are one of his most striking features have been described as crystal blue. They are extremely pale blue with a lot of white in the irises.

When not in uniform, he tends to dress in casual clothes such as cords, khakis, and jeans His shirts are usually; polo, Hawaiian or other casual ones, with appropriate footwear, like cross trainers, or hiking boots. He does have some nicer clothing for dressier affairs, such as an important meeting or a date.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Daniel William Mitchell (deceased)
Mother Erina Abigail Mitchell(deceased)
Brother(s) Aaron Norris Mitchell 28, (deceased)
Jackson Andrew Mitchell 22
Sister(s) Rachel Katherine Saunders 22(deceased)
Other Family Ulani Chaparral, aunt, Dr. Ethan Chaparral, cousin Dylan Santiago(Dylan’s fiance)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Caleb puts on a show of having his act together. On the surface, he appears to have things under control and has adjusted to the deaths of his family members, but under the surface, he is angry and uncertain.

He is confident in his sexuality, but this was not always the case. He is loyal to and protective of those he loves. He has a strong sense of justice, though he doesn't always color inside the lines. He is brave, sometimes foolhardy and has a quick temper and quicker wit. Both of which sometimes get him into trouble.
Strengths & Weaknesses Caleb, while possessing an above average intelligence, is not always the smartest man in the room, especially when it comes to technical issues, but he understands that. He is highly intuitive and is good at reading people. He has no telepathic ability, can't sense emotions or read thoughts, but he does have an uncanny, though not foolproof, ability to tell when someone is lying to him. If he were a 21st Century Terran he would be described as a mentalist or at least an aspiring one.

He has a strong sense of justice, which can border on vengeance

Because of the influence of his mother, and perhaps some natural tendencies he has used his looks and charm on more than one occasion to negotiate a better outcome or get what he desires.

Therefore he has trouble doing what he most wants to do find a man that he can make a commitment to and raise a family with.

He also suffers from some slight claustrophobia

Ambitions Find justice for his family, find a soulmate, raise a family, at some point he would like to teach at the Academy.

He has no desire to be the Captain of his own ship, he is happy with being a Counselor, helping others, advising the Captain, especially when it comes to first contacts and hostile encounters.

About his only other real desire is to someday serve on a larger ship, with more responsibility
Hobbies & Interests He enjoys reading mystery novels from across the galaxy, chess, Eighteenth-Century English Literature (he owns two original second edition Charles Dickens's works: Bleak House and Oliver Twist. He would like to collect more. He enjoys holodeck reenactments where he is put into a situation where he has to read a person to determine their actions, or where doesn't know the ending. He finds it strengthens his abilities when put into real life situations. And he has a large saltwater aquarium

Medical Record

Injuries None
Mental Health He does a good job of covering and dealing with his anger issues over the loss of his family.

Personal History Caleb was born in Madrid Spain. His father, who was human, was a physics professor at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid,his mother Erina along with her twin sister Ulani was a Starfleet Security officer, that some suspected of being with Section 31 They met when Erina was taking a class from Daniel. What both thought would be brief, but torrid affair quickly grew into a romantic relationship and ultimately they were married.

The marriage flamed out when Caleb turned five( a year after the birth of their sister Rachel ). This was due partially because of Daniel's devotion to, some would say marriage to his job and his students at the expense of his family, and his mother being gone frequently in space. The fact that she used her Elasian abilities of seduction to be a better Intel officer had a great deal to do with it as well. Neither parent was on track to win parent of the year.

He moved to Taos II with his dad shortly after he turned seven.. Taos II was a colony of about seventy-five thousand that was founded by a group that felt that the Federation had become too inclusive and that they had abandoned traditional values. Their colony was a protest of this. They didn’t oppose education, but they wanted it to be their brand of education, an education that was more in tune with those “traditional values” Daniel became a professor at Veritas University. and Caleb was put in a boarding school.

Life at boarding school was difficult for the young boy due to the language barrier that first existed between him and his school mates. However, with time he learned how to speak the Colony Speech much better and soon became popular among his friends. He had never been interested in girls and attending an all-male boarding school proved difficult for the young boy. With all of his friends being heterosexual he gradually became ostracized as different and as time went on became increasingly shy and withdrawn. When he was sixteen he met a brand new young teacher by the name of Shane Williamson. Caleb became entranced with the older man, following his mother's footsteps and it was no secret that Shane was openly gay. After class one day, Caleb stayed behind and began chatting to Shane. He was keen to get to know someone with the same sexuality as him and soon the friendship became something more as Shane took the young sixteen-year-old to his bed, becoming his first lover. The pair fell in love even though their affair was forbidden, the twenty-four-year-old teacher trying hard to keep their romance secret. But like all secrets, the pair were finally outed resulting in Shane losing his job and Caleb being expelled from school. Being a traditional family, at last on Daniel's side, they were ashamed of him sending him to counseling to try and rid him of his ‘obsession’ as they called it.

Hating the way he was being treated, and with the full blessing of his mother, Caleb moved to Seattle to live with her and finish his high school education. Thanks to excellent grades and a high IQ was accepted into Starfleet Academy. His intention was to get as far away from his immediate family as he could and what better way than to go into outer space.

His cousin Dylan was attending about the same time, though he was two years ahead of him

Because of his natural bent to want to help people and because his negative experience with counseling and wanting to do things right, Caleb chose to go into Counseling. He majored in xeno-psychology found he had a natural talent for reading people's tells. He was also fascinated, perhaps the only trait he picked up from the father he was estranged from, with the Mirror Universe(s) and temporal distortions and anomalies.

For the first couple of years at the Academy. Caleb frequented a lot of bars and slept with more than his fair share of men, and even an occasional woman. But then, as he began to live out what he was being taught his personal life took a turn for the better and he became more interested in romance, than just the physical.

His minor was Hostile Alien Encounters

Leaving the Academy, he served on two ships prior to the Excellsior, the Hood and the Resistance. On the Resistance, a Defiant Class ship he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and served as a Deanna Troi type Counselor, dealing not only with ship’s personnel, but advising the Captain when it came to dealing with alien encounters and in other situations.

Just over a year ago Caleb was back in London for his birthday and a party to celebrate his being promoted to Lieutenant(j.g.) A rare occurrence took place in London. His entire immediate family, including his estranged parents, except for his youngest brother were there together. They were all to meet at a pub in London.

However Caleb was held up when he helped a stranded couple, who's hover car had broken down(not being mechanical Caleb wasn't able to help them fix it, but he did let them use his PAaD to contact their friends.

The pub where his family, except for his younger brother, was waiting for him blew up.

At first Starfleet thought that Caleb could have been involved, especially since the couple he claimed to have helped were never found to back up his story. But it was quickly determined that his father had been working on a portal device that opened up a "window" between the Federation and Mirror Universe and that this was the likely cause; either someone who didn't want the device in anyone's hands or they didn't want it in Starfleet's hands (a prototype of the device was missing from the safe in Daniel's apartment)
Service Record Starfleet Academy
2384-2385 USS Hood
2385-2387 USS Hood Asst Chief Chief Counselor
2387 Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2387-2391 USS Hera
2391- Present USS Merlin