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Lieutenant Commander Gregory Alein

Name Gregory Michael Alein

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37
Starfleet ID

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 185#
Hair Color Brown, with hints of grey
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Greg is a normal, average human male with no distinctive features or marks. Many consider him tall, but in Greg’s opinion he’s seen taller. Perhaps one of his most noticeable features is his piercing blue eyes. His eyes are almost transparent in color, they are very pale.

When Greg speaks he a slight Irish accent that is only really picked up in moment of passion or anger. His family moved from Ireland when he was a small child, so over time his accent has more blended with the East Coast. But to the keen hear it can be heard, at times.

On duty Greg tends to wear the overcoat, rather than the Tactical version most of the security department wears. He prefers to blend in, rather than stand out. Off duty he is a jeans, t-shirt, and leather jacket man. He tends to keep himself very fit, with daily exercising routines and a morning jog. By human standards Greg would be considered fairly good looking.


Children Finley Reagan Lourbrough, 13 currently un-known to Greg
Father Halden Eriksson (D) Civilian Engineer
Mother Capt. Wendy Shaw Alein, 58 USS Boston
Brother(s) Nathan J. Eriksson (Deceased)
Lt Spencer M Alein, 31 - USS Austin
Sister(s) Lt . Tiffany A. Alein, 33 USS Orlando
Other Family Harley

Personality & Traits

General Overview Greg would never admit this but he knows he is getting older, time is something he doesn't have on his side. At the age of 35 most Officers would be a Commander by now and on their way to a command track position. However, Greg has led a hard life, and done many things that has held his career back. He knows that DS7 is his last hail mary, but currently he has no desire to change his ways. Perhaps one of the most striking personality problems with Gregis his short fuse. He can be an extremely hot-head person, and his temper sometimes gets the better of him. It has been a reoccurring problem throughout his entire life, landing him in trouble numerous times.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Loyality - Greg is fiercely loyal to those he calls friend, but making it to that list can be almost impossible.

+ Marksmanship – Greg has developed and honed his skills over the years. Scoring almost perfect scores on any phaser or rifle range.

+ Personality – Greg has a charm that can’t be beat. He is able to get into people’s head and worm his way into their hearts without them even knowing it.

- Womanizing – As a young man Greg used his charm around the opposite sex to get whatever he wanted out of them. This is a skill that men were jealous of and women fell prey to more often then he could remember. It is however one of the reasons he has not been able to hold a steady relationship, in that he always screws it up.

- Temper - Greg's temper would be at the top of this list of negative attributes. While he has been able to keep it under control if pushed he loses control rapidly.

- Drinking - Unknown to most, Greg has a serious problem with his addiction to the drink. Greg has the unique ability to keep drinking under control, but when he does drink look out. Counselors have said that his drinking is a coping mechanism to deal with his failed career and relationships
Ambitions Greg has never really set goals, or plans for his life. Many blame his haphazard personality on this fact. He just takes one day at a time, enjoys seeing where life takes him. For Greg as long as he doesn't end up in a prison, or out on the streets then life is good.
Hobbies & Interests Greg is an avid outdoors man; who enjoys camping, hunting, and fishing. He enjoys almost all forms of music, and likes to dance. One of the few vices Greg still keeps hidden is cigar smoking.

Perhaps one of Greg's strangest vices is his love of pipe smoke. It is one habit that he would leave Star Fleet over, if push came to shove. He's been secretly collecting pipes from all over the quadrant and is an avid collector.

Medical Record

Personal History Born in 2354 in County Kerry, Ireland to Halden Eriksson and Wendy Alein, Greg was the oldest of what would be four child. From the start the Eriksson household had secrets, ones that Greg’s mother attempted to keep secret from the outside world. Wendy a gifted Doctor and Star Fleet Officer had made a name for herself as a raising Officer within the Federation. While Halden Eriksson, an Engineer by trade, had been unable to join the Federation due to a failed Psychological evaluation. Jealous of his wife’s success, Halden had turned to the drink early on in their relationship.

As Wendy’s career took off, Halden’s slow slipped further and further out of reach; eventually the family depended on him to care for their children as their mother worked. Externally the children and the family appeared too many as a loving bunch, when the doors were close Halden’s love for the drunk had made him abusive often taking his anger out on the kids as his wife was hardly around. By the age of ten, Halden’s abuse clearly had been focused on Greg who the father blamed for his entire failed life.

Externally Greg attempted to hide his family's private life. As long as his father didn’t turn on the younger children, Greg didn't mind taking the brunt of the abuse. Even to this day, Greg is very protective of his younger siblings. At school Greg neither excelled nor lagged behind he merely kept the status quo; he never really stood out or drew too much attention to himself. His fear was always that if too many people looked in, they would find the damage underneath. Everything however came to a grinding halt when Greg turned 13.

By now Halden’s drinking had gotten to the point where things were no longer private, many in the surrounding town knew but never intervened. With Wendy’s career now landing her in a coveted Academy slot, forcing the family to move to San Francisco, Halden's anger only deepened. On the eve of their big move, Halden’s anger turned and it was clear that his focus was now squarely on Greg’s younger sister Tiffany. Unable to control their father, Greg and his younger brother Nathan knew what they had to do. However the youth where unable to control their father’s violent outburst and as a result Greg’s younger brother Nathan and his father both died that night. To this day Greg rarely speaks of this night, only commenting on it enough to pass Star Fleet required mental evals.

Unable to deal with the grief of losing a child due to her absent parenting, Wendy buried herself 100% percent into her work. Moving her hurting family to San Francisco, Wendy changed the remaining children’s last name to her own and since then has refused to speak of their father, or the past. The events around Nathan’s death have never been spoken about as a family since their move.

While Greg was glad to be out from under his father’s thumb, the resulting secrecy also forever damaged his relationship with his mother. Unable to forgive his mother for her actions, Greg moved out of the family home at the age of 16 to live with friends, who he met while his mother worked at the Academy. With the help of his new family, Greg was able to get into the Academy on a Security/Tactical route. Again like the rest of his education, Greg’s grade were enough to pass but they were not exceptional.

After the Academy Greg’s career was an ebb and flow of successes and failed choices. Unable to truly deal with the events of his childhood both Greg’s personal life and his career in Star Fleet had really been able to take off. His first assignment to Starbase 226 was perhaps his most successful assignment. While working as a Security Officer on 226, Greg met a lifelong friend, Neil Harrington; probably the closest person to remain with Greg. It was also on 226 that Greg met Miranda Lourbrough.

Miranda, a free spirit, an Intel Officer and Greg’s first true love. The two had a whirl-wind romance that almost ended in marriage had it not been for Greg’s sudden reassignment to the USS Omega. Many were unaware at the time that Greg had been carrying on a secret affair with Commanding Officers’ wife. Miranda devastated by Greg’s action, cut all ties and to this day has never told Greg that their relationship produced a child.

With several failed relationship and two demotions under his belt Greg was given one last assignment to Deep Space 7. It was here that Greg reunited with his old friend from SB 226, Neil Harrington, who was now the Commanding Officer of the station. Knowing that this assignment is his last hope, before a Star Fleet Court Martial Greg is really attempting to make it work. But many in the Federation know that if Greg cannot deal with the events of the past he is doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

Greg's time on the station proceeded rather well, he continued on track and over time had been able to maintain a normal career. However during the course of a murder investigation, involving a member of his Senior Staff, Greg felt that he would no longer be able to continue serving on the station. The actions required during the investigation has irreparably damaged a chance at continued life on the station. Requesting permission from Captain Harrington Greg put in for a transfer to an available ship position.

From Deep Space 7, Greg was unexpectedly assigned to the USS Merlin under Commander Barstow as her Executive Officer. While Captain Harrington has denied involvement, Greg is completely convinced his friend pulled one last favor to get his this assignment. After taking his post as the Exec of the Merlin, Greg was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
Service Record 2352 - Birth
2370/2374 - Attended Star Fleet Academy, Security/Tactical track
2374 - Graduated, Commissioned an Ensign
2374 - Station Starbase 226, Tactical Officer
2378 - Reassigned USS Omega, Security Officer forced reassignment
2379 - Promoted to Lieutenant JG
2379 - Disciplinary Action taken for being drunk in public, demoted to Ensign
2381 - Reassigned USS Eagle Point, Tactical Officer forced reassignment
2383 - Stationed USS Amity, Assistant Chief of Tatical
2384 - Promoted to Lieutenant JG
2385/2386 - Attended 1 year program at Star Fleet Academy, Advanced Officer Training
2385 - Reassigned USS Amity, Chief of Security/Tactical
2385 - Promoted to Lieutenant
2387 - Assigned Second Officer, USS Amity
2388 - Promoted to Lt Commander
2388 - Demoted one rank (unprofessional conduct)
2388 - Stationed Deep Space 7, Security Officer
2389 - Reassigned USS Merlin, Executive Officer, promoted to Lieutenant Commander