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Crewman Raphael Graydon

Name Raphael Tidrin Graydon

Position Master-at-Arms

Rank Crewman

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 161 lbs.
Hair Color Dark brown, almost to the shade of most chocolates.
Eye Color As equally dark as his hair.
Physical Description Raphael has a broad shoulders that aren't complimented with an abundance of muscle; his torso dominating in terms of lengths which have led to funny jokes when sitting next to (previously) taller friends. His arms and legs maintain the sleek, toned physique he maintained over his childhood on Vega IX, with a slight addition of mass during his time at the Technical Services Academy on Mars.

His hair is usually maintained in a moderately short style, with the main portion combed over for the employment of the classical "comb over" style. He almost always maintains a clean shaven face.


Father Edward Graydon [58]
Mother Aybinn Graydon [nee Kiners]
Brother(s) Malcolm Graydon [20]
Maru Graydon [26]
Sister(s) Giara Graydon [24]
Other Family David Graydon [Edward's Brother/Uncle to Raphael; 51]

Personality & Traits

General Overview If described by a close friend, the perhaps most fitting term used to represent Raphael is "bleeding heart." His attitude towards life, while not naively guided optimism, is bright, and he is almost always found with a smile on his face, and always offering kindness towards friends in need. The smile is reinforced with his gregarious personality, with him able to hold a conversation with most, but also being skilled enough with reading people to know when not to continue or begin one, with this attitude often described as charming. Combined with his love for his work, no matter the task, his rise through most of his jobs, and the TS Academy, isn't a surprise to the careful observer.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
+ Gregarious
+ Kind
+ Hard Working
+ Loyal

+/- Perfectionist

- Stubborn
- Temper [A childhood period of refinement gave him time to develop control, but it can sometimes not be enough]
- Less Resilient to Depression
Ambitions Raphael seeks to simply find himself while in Starfleet, hoping to use the opportunity to travel across the thousands of stars as a door in which he could truly find himself, or at the very least, serve a greater purpose.
Hobbies & Interests Tinkering - Developed from helping at his father's repair shop on Vega, while not a skilled or trained engineer, he enjoys learning how things can be taken apart, how they work, and how they can be fixed.
Writing - Picked up during his secondary school years on Vega, he quickly gained a above average skill in writing, specifically fiction, and wrote several private pieces before joining Starfleet
Outdoorsmanship - Living on a house that was in a rural community offered him numerous chances to enjoy the world he grew up on, and he continues to enjoy the "fresh air" of any planet.

Medical Record

Personal History Raphael was born on Stardate 47948.8 [December 12, 2370] on Vega IX to his father, Edward Graydon who ran a local computer and eletronics repair and retail shop, and his mother, Aybinn, who worked in the medical field on Vega IX. He was welcomed with his sister, Giara, who he is a fraternal twin with, and they were respectively the second and third child for Edward and Aybinn.

His parents had originally met when Edward was working as a engineer on a trade ship that had delivered advanced metals on a cargo run to Trill, and Edward had met Aybinn while in a shopping district in one of the planet's many metropolises. By the time of Raphael and Giara's birth, they had been married and already with their eldest son, Maru, while living on Vega IX. Raphael's upbringing was comparable to that of an average citizen's, neither of his parent's had significantly prestigious careers, and while he earned himself excellent marks in pre-secondary and above average grades in secondary school, doors of opportunity never completely opened for Raphael.

Growing up, the four siblings had a odd dynamic of relationships. Being twins, Raphael and Giara enjoyed the stereotypical close bond that is often attributed to twins; Maru to them however, was an odd figure. While only two years older then the twins, at the age of six Maru was sent to be raised by his maternal grandparents in a "traditional Trill" way, while the twins remained with their parents on Vega, an apparent rift growing between the parents over how to raise their children, even though none of their kids could pick up on it. Malcolm's birth aided this tension not in the slightest, as he is the only child of Edward and Aybinn's without the spots typically found on Trills, which led to further tensions in, and out, of the house hold. By the time Raphael was in his last year at post-secondary school, his parents were living in separate houses, though not formally, or legally, divorced. As of his entry into Starfleet, the situation remains the same.

In 2389, Raphael celebrated his 19th birthday with his sister Giara by taking the both of them to a get-away at a celebrated camping location nearby on Vega. Throughout their childhood, they had always maintained a very close bond, and while on the camping retreat, they reflected on their progress in life, or the lack thereof. Giara had picked up employment at three different locations to provide her with a way to attend a lauded college on Vega, but was still struggling to complete her medical training and obtain the dream job she had always wanted, as she had idolized her mother's work as a child. Raphaeal himself lamented that since leaving school, he had spent his time working away with no goal at his father's job, and aimlessly wandering. The two made a promise on that night that in three years, they would accomplish a major goal towards getting themselves on their feet in their adult life; in six months, Giara had used her connections through her work and people she had met to land herself a entry into a prestigious college on Earth while Raphael continued to flounder with indecision on where to go. It wasn't until a surprise visit from his uncle, who served in Starfleet as an engineering crewman, inspired to get off Vega by joining Starfleet. He applied to the Technical Services Academy on Mars and was soon accepted, beginning classes there in the later half of 2389.

Raphael graduated from the Technical Services Academy in 2391 with high marks, and full training and certification in the Security and Tactical fields, with his instructors apparently praising him for his efficiency and apparent leadership skills. His initial assignment was onboard the USS Clearwater, an Excelsior-class that had been assigned to help pick up the literal tonnes of work that were still being sifted through in the aftermath of the Dominion War. His time on the Clearwater was interesting; it was one of the few Excelsior's that had been declined a refit that was afforded others, it was instead to complete it's three year mission and then be scrapped. It spent most of its time running system patrols and surveys in southern vestiges of the Federation, however the large ship allowed Raphael an opporunity to learn the finer skills of his trade under the tutelage of his CSO, a Lieutenant Commander Baker, who had a gentle hand when it came to running his department, but was a incredibly good instructor. During his time on the Clearwater, Raphael honed his security and tactical skills with Baker, and obtained a number of certifications and training courses that were allowed to be completed on board with the permission of the captain of the Clearwater, and Starfleet as well. The only real highlight of his service aboard the Clearwater was when he was involved in a standoff and eventual limited engagement with unusually aggressive Orion pirate clan that had been harassing a number of systems, and were ultimately stopped by the Clearwater.

In 2393, the Clearwater received word that due to accrued damage to the frame and hull, as well as fleet restructure, it's mission would be cut a year short and it was to head for the scrapyard post hast. Upon arrival, the entire crew was re-assigned, and Raphael opted to take the year to attend some advanced courses at the TS Academy on Mars, taking refined courses governing leadership skills, training of security and tactical systems, and an odd minor engineering course. Upon his completion, he was re-assigned to the Merlin, which he was looking forward to being assigned on, hoping to aid in the exploration of new systems, the discovery of new peoples and cultures, and the security of his ship and fellow crew along the way.
Service Record 2389 [Crewman Recruit] - 2391 - Starfleet Technical Services Academy

2391 -2393[Crewman Apprentice, Security Personnel] - USS Clearwater [NCC-45678]

2393 [Crewman Apprentice, Advanced Courses Cycle] - Starfleet Technical Services Academy

2394 [Crewman, Master-at-Arms] - USS Merlin