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Lieutenant Marbim Rejal

Name Marbim Miles (prefers this over First name) Rejal

Position Assistant Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Cardassian
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 6"
Weight 225lbs
Hair Color Black - Van Dyke Beard & shoulder length hair
Eye Color Greenish Blue
Physical Description Miles’ physical form and the fact that he is Cardassian generally promotes a sense of intimidation. Once he smiles and laughs, those around him see his hidden side, his lighter side. Periodically he wears an ornate Bajoran earring. Anyone who asks he will tell that it was given to him by his grandparents, but that it belonged to his mother. When he is topless, he does have what look l like burn scars on his upper back, shoulders, and almost down to his elbows. They do not hurt nor hinder his performance. All he will say about them is that “I had them left to remind me I am not invulnerable.” He is VERY fastidious about keeping his beard neat and trimmed


Spouse None at this time
Children None that he knows of
Father Father unknown
Mother Gilora Rejal - died during childbirth
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Grandparents – Issa & Lutrak Rejal – Honored and Accredited Horticulturalists – they specialize in growing both Rare and Medicinal plants on their nursery grounds (30 acres)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Although Cardassian by birth, Miles presents himself in several un-Cardassian like ways. He enjoys smiling and laughing. He understands that he is not perfect and so spends time researching areas of knowledge he finds himself lacking in, rather than claiming to have “Superior Knoweldge.” He is kind of a priss when it comes to the cleanliness of his room and uniform, as well, the uniforms of those he commands, or oversees. He has been compared to an ‘onion’ by one fellow cadet, as he has more to offer others than what they culturally assume he is willing to provide.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Photographic Memory – Thanks to the Cardassian Educational System
+ Meticulous record keeper, using well-organized files and databases.
+ Schooled in Klingon Meditation and moQbara
+ Accustomed to hot, arid environments

- Slow to open up to people, especially attractive females
- not too fond of Jefferies Tubes
- Did I mention he HATES SPIDERS
Ambitions Would like to aid in the design of a smaller science vessel that he would Captain; Would like to see parts of the Galaxy he has only heard, or dreamed of; Although he isn’t looking for a spouse, he isn’t opposed to an onboard relationship
Hobbies & Interests He enjoys practicing moQbara – as both an exercise regimen, and as a way to work out stress on the holodeck against computer generated enemies. He enjoys trying out new foods from various worlds, keeping a running datalog of things he likes, and things he should avoid (Tofu is on the avoid list). He enjoys playing his Cythern – an 8 string musical instrument from Cardassia. The sounds range from deep bass to the equivalent of C5 on an Earth piano. He has been learning music and songs from fellow cadets and others he has met.

He spends some free time in Cartography, seeing if he can add anything to maps from the information he learned while in school. He also spends time looking for “neat” places to check out when on shore leave, or when given a chance to take a shuttle out to explore.

He is also interested in archeology, something he learned about while at the Academy. The concept of finding ruins on Earth that were unknown, much less finding them on other worlds puzzled Miles at first. He doesn’t spend a lot of time with this, but periodically keeps up with what new ruins have been found where.

Medical Record

Injuries Miles has scarring to his upper back and across his shoulders. The scars do not hinder him from completing his duties.
Mental Health * A note was entered after Miles' refused to have the scars removed - "At this time were are concerned about Mr. Rejal doing further harm to himself - possible case of Munchausen syndrome."

Personal History In 2371 Miles O’Brien, Chief of Operations helped to dismantle a self-destruct mechanism on DS9. During that time he worked with several female Cardassian scientists, including Gilora Rejal. During their time together, Gilora attempted to become romantically attached to O’Brien. When he explained he was already married, she became embarrassed. Her 'crush' on Miles O'Brien continued until the time of her death.

In 2372 Marbim (a family name) Miles (mother requested he use this) Rejal was born on Cardassia Prime. Even with the technolody at hand, his mother suffered some kind of issues, and ended up dying on the birthing table. Miles was accepted by his Grandparents, and taken in to foster.

Miles’ grandparents held some amount of sway in the region where they lived, so when they spoke and taught miles both Cardassian and Terran (English), everyone seemed to look the other way. During Miles’ formative years, he displayed stregnths in memory, cognition, and data sorting. There were two instances where Miles was disciplined, in both cases he stood up for classmates that were being bullied by others. Although Cardassian philosophy placed a central value on strength; not necessarily physical strength, but strength of personal and collective will, the educational system found his actions of protecting those weaker than their oppressors to be out of the norm for a Cardassian student.

As Miles continued into Junior High, and then through High School (or the Cardassian equivalents) he continued displaying strong memory, and command values. Twice in the last few years of school, during combat practice Miles allowed his opponents to yield, and then when questioned about his actions, gave answers that were found to be “Un-Cardassian.”
Upon graduation from school, and as he was being evaluated for entry into the Cardassian Military, his Grandparents were summoned. Being told that their grandson was unfit for duty made them smile, which further upset the review board. Lutrak Rejal, who was known to several members of the review board responded with, “We will take care of our grandson and find him a place where he will fit perfectly, thank you for your consideration of his entry into the Military however the outcome.”

Two weeks later Miles found himself, and what little belongings he owned leaving a shuttle that took him to DS9, where he boarded a freighter heading for Earth. In his belongings was a private padd for the recruiting office of Starfleet Academy. During the voyage, Miles did help the Pakled’s Chief Engineer, track down and repair some faulty couplings, and he rewrote some of the coding for their engines, both resulting in their ship using less fuel and achieving more speed.

Once he arrived at Earth, he made his way to London, England. When he found the recruitment officer, his appearance made the man choke on his drink. When Miles attempted to help him, the man triggered a silent alarm, which brought security guards. When they arrived Miles smiled and said, “Oh good, I think he is having some kind of anaphylactic reaction to whatever he drank, he has been coughing and gagging since I walked in.” That made one of the guards snicker. The recruiter was taken to a local medical office and Miles was taken in to another office. He delivered his ‘private padd’ to the officer, all the while aware of the armed security guard standing within phaser range. The officer read the information on the padd, looked at Miles, and then back at the padd. A few days later, Miles was settling into his new room, and looking forward to starting classes at the Academy.

Miles excelled at the Academy, his photographic memory and his record keeping/data storage and recovery skills helped him pursue a three-year track at the Academy. During the last year, while in a survival training situation, he and the groups of cadets he was with were making their way through a series of Jefferies Tubes. As they were moving across an open space between two tubes, a fire broke out, forcing the students to go forward. The fire was unplanned and turned out to be due to a mechanical failure in some of the conduits running under the flooring. Miles braced himself in the opening and then used himself as a “lift’ to get all his test-mates out of the way of the fire. In the end, his uniform and back and some other areas caught on fire. Miles used the open tube ahead of him to roll out fire and then continued. Once the survival test was completed successfully, he was taken to medical. After a few weeks of working on schoolwork while in the medbay he completed all his tests and coursework.
Service Record 2393 – Completed Starfleet Academy & assigned to the USS Victory as their Assistant Operations Officer to assist in defending Cardassian Space and to aid in the testing and implementation of a new shield design that Starfleet hoped would be resistant to Breen weapons.

2394 - Once the USS Victory received replacement officers and crew, Miles was transferred to the USS Merlin as their Chief Operations Officer & Assistant Engineering Officer.

Promoted to Commander and First Officer on or around Stardate 249509