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Lieutenant Breana Rathburn

Name Breana Marie Rathburn

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Weight 130
Hair Color Chocolate Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description At 5'6 foot tall, she managed to keep her athletic build about her. Exercising and physical activity keep her in the shape she wants to be. Warm brown eyes take everything in from beneath the waves of chocolate blonde hair.


Father Galin Rathburn
Mother Susan Rathburn
Brother(s) Derrick and Dustin - Older twins
(Derrick - Security officer in Starfleet / Dustin - Rancher)
Other Family A black cat named Snowball - on Ship with her
3 horses back at the ranch - Kipitaki, Shiok, and Naiche

Personality & Traits

General Overview Forever a cowgirl at heart, Breana was very easy going, sometimes a little too bubbly for her own good. This was part of the reason why her friends refer to her as ‘Breezy’.

Things happen though and now, it takes a little bit for her to come out of her shell.

However, when the situation requires it, she can be extremely serious. Whilst her family has always instilled in her a respect for the past, she continues to keep an eye on the future.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Fierce determination

Trusting and loving to easily
Ambitions At one time it was to Captain her own ship. Things change and now she would be content to one day find herself Chief Engineer and married.
Hobbies & Interests Likes:
Cooking, horseback riding, being outdoors and anything that goes with that.

Cheaters, Vegetables, Birds and bears.

Medical Record

Injuries - Concussion,
- broken left arm
- a couple broken ribs
- plasma blast to the stomach
- miscarriage

Mental Health Sever depression sent her onto Medical leave for a while. But finally she had herself back on track and Starfleet medical allowed her back on duty once more. Depression though is something she still struggles with at times.

Personal History Growing up in a small town in Texas, Bree was the youngest of the three kids, and the only girl. Protected by her older twin brothers, Derrick and Dustin they made sure she knew how to handle herself no matter what.

Her parents, Galin and Susan, owned a cattle ranch. An odd thing in this day and age, yet they still believed in the old ways and wanted to keep the idea of eating fresh produce alive, a healthy respect that they instilled in all their children. Of course their mother made sure they also all knew how to cook, something that Bree became passionate about, along with horseback riding, as it enabled her to become closer to her mother.

While both their parents hoped the kids would one day take over the ranch and keep it in the family, only Dustin had the desire to do that. She and Derrick wanted other things, and that was to join Starfleet. For him, it was security... for her... well, it had been a toss up.

After graduating high school, she was surprised by the fact that her long term boyfriend, Jason, had also decided to go into Starfleet. With bags packed and a tearful goodbye, she headed off to the Academy.

At 18, she joined Starfleet Academy... right out of high school. She was one of those young ambitious kids, setting to prove herself to her family and anyone else she needed to.

Life wasn't a bed of roses for her though. While she made some great friends, she also learned the hard way that love hurts.

For nine years Jason and Bree had been a couple. The couple everyone thought would end up with the happily ever after. But no, while she was busy focusing on her finals, he was busy enjoying her best friend. Something she found out about the hard way when she'd decided a break from studying was needed and headed over to Samatha's dorm room to see about going out for a drink. Finding the two of them in bed, Bree told them they could have each other. Before she headed back to her room and threw herself back into her studies once more.

Four years at the Academy, she had been torn between Engineering and Science. So she finally decided to settle on both, after all... isn't there a science to how things work? Majoring in Engineering, she minored in science.

Astraeus Station

After graduating from the Academy, she was sent to the Astraeus Station to be mentored by Lieutenant Moged Dellox in Engineering. The Trill had lifetimes of things to teach her, and she did her best to soak it all up.

One of the biggest lessons she was forced to learn was that sometimes people can hurt you, especially the ones you care about the most. Her ex-boyfriend Jason showed up on the station after a few months, begging for a chance to talk to her. After much persistence on his part, Bree relented and agreed to have one dinner with him, where he had some explaining to do. During the dinner, Bree was reminded why she’d loved him so much, and after a very long weekend together in a room - Bree decided to give him another chance.

Things were going really well, and it was almost like they’d picked up where they’d left off from three years back. Indeed, things were going so well, that after six months, Bree discovered that she was pregnant with their child. She was so happy, it was the signal that finally, Jason and her could be a family, like she’d always wanted. Alas, it was not to be.

Not long after the three month mark into her pregnancy, she discovered that Jason had been talking to Samantha behind her back. What’s more, his recent business trips had been to go see her, and that Samantha herself was actually seven months pregnant with Jason’s child. Horrified, heartbroken, distraught and betrayed - Bree kicked Jason out and banished him never to set foot anywhere near her again.

Barely a few days after this event, she was slated to go on an away mission. If she’d had any sense whatsoever, she would have spoken to her supervising officer about what had happened, or a Counsellor. She should not have gone on the mission, as she was emotionally compromised. However, being a young, naive and silly girl only a year out of the Academy, she made the wrong choice.

The away mission went south very quickly, and Bree made a number of extremely poor choices, getting herself into serious trouble with the locals. During their haisty evacuation, the Away Team Leader was killed trying to get Bree out of harm's way. As they raced to the shuttle, Bree took a plasma blast to the stomach, resulting in a severe injury.

Once back aboard the station, she was informed that the injury had been severe, and that her unborn child had been killed as a result. An inquiry was carried out by the JAG Corps into the events on the away mission, and the report came down very heavily on Bree’s actions on the mission. It also criticised her superior officers for not noting her condition prior to selecting her for such a sensitive mission, and Bree herself for not disclosing important information to either her commanding officer or a medical professional.

Bree was given an official reprimand on her file, as well as being reduced in rank to Ensign. With everything that had happened, the death of her child, the loss and betrayal of her lover, the death of her comrade, and the emotional strain she was under - it all became too much. Two days after the inquest was concluded, Bree had a minor emotionall breakdown. She was simply incapable of doing anything, and curled up inside herself, unable to function.

After being evaluated by the station’s medical and counselling staff, Bree was transferred to a rest facility to recover. She was visited frequently by her parents, brothers, and Lt Dellox - her former mentor. Slowly, but surely, she pulled herself out of her depression and psychosis. Eighteen months later, she was certified fit for light duty.

This was when even more problems began to cause her issues. Bree was considered a bit of a lost cause in the fleet community, and she kept getting poor assignments. She was attached to a repair crew for deep space buoys, which was tedious and unproductive. After nine months, she was then assigned to a small ship that did Sol System runs. It was effectively a dead-end assignment, with no hope of anything happening.

But, somehow, she ended up on the radar of a Vice Admiral in Starfleet, who seemed to take pity on her. This Admiral Vernon fellow arranged for her to be assigned to the USS Centaurus, where she’d be given a second chance, as her Chief Engineer.

Before she left for her new assignment, Lt Dellox gave her a parting gift - a small black kitten named Snowball. It was a touching reminder to her that things in life aren't always what they may seem to be.

USS Centaurus

Thrilled with the chance to serve on Centaurus she'd jumped in with both feet and was ready to go. But life there wasn't what she'd hoped for. While she'd assumed that everyone was starting with a clean slate, she quickly found out that wasn't to be the case. Struggles with the XO of the ship lead to a lot of issues, and while she struggled though it all, it changed her. When that XO left, she'd started rebuilding herself back up once more. It was then that the Admiral pulled her into his office and spoke to her about the chance to transfer to another ship with a possible promotion.

USS Merlin

Taking the chance, Bree took the Transfer and the position there as Assistant Chief Engineer.

Service Record Academy
Ensign - Engineering officer of Astraeus Station
Promoted to Lieutenant JG
Demoted to Ensign
~Medical Break~
Promoted to Lieutenant JG - Chief Engineer of USS Centaurus
Demoted to Ensign and Engineer
Transferred to USS-Merlin
Assistant Chief Engineer