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Lieutenant Commander Hayley Godding

Name Hayley Godding

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26
Starfleet ID 117429-D

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft
Weight 19st
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Hayley has a roundish face with cute features. She is of average build although is quite strong due to her intense Starfleet training which focuses on physical fitness.


Father Charlie Godding
Mother Fran Godding
Brother(s) Luke Godding (32)
Sister(s) Ashley Godding (21)
Katie Godding (16)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Hayley has a calm serenity about her that gives her a clear focus on what's going on around her. She knew from an early age that she wanted to serve in Starfleet and has a singular focus to excel and achieve in her current career. When not on duty, she is a lively and friendly character who is more than up for some hijinx, drinking and other rabble-rousing. Her mindset is that you must work hard and play hard, which often landed her in some sticky situations when her 'play hard' attitude caused relationship issues in previous postings. However, she also seeks serenity in martial arts when she can, making her a very complicated person to work out!
Strengths & Weaknesses + Calm
+ Focused
+ Highly Physically Fit
+ Trained in multiple forms of unarmed combat
+ Highly proficient in small arms
+ Superb investigator

- Can go a bit wild
- Hard to figure out
- Needs grounding
Ambitions Hayley has the same ambitions most others have, which is to advance and become the best that she can be. Ideally commanding her own starship one day!
Hobbies & Interests * Karate
* Judo
* Reading
* Drinking
* Holographic Adventures

Medical Record

Mental Health * Hayley has issues with loss, as she still mourns in her own way the loss of her first love - Juliet Tanner. This makes it difficult for Hayley to truly open herself up to someone for fear of being hurt.

Personal History Hayley Godding was born and raised on the good old planet Earth. Being a middle child, she had to fight to be noticed by her ever busy parents. She tried to gain their attention with excelling academically, but no matter what she did, she never seemed to be as good as her brother. Constantly compared to him by both parents and teachers, Hayley found herself becoming increasingly frustrated at constantly being in the shadow. When her sisters came along, she bonded with them immedately, raising them for the most part with her parents increasingly busy with their lives.

During school, Hayley watched a recruitment vid for Starfleet and was immediately hooked. She received guidance from her careers counsellor on what she needed to achieve to get into Starfleet, and oh boy did she work hard for it. She graduated school with exactly what she needed and applied for Starfleet Academy. She didn't get in on her first application, but that simply forced her to work extra hard the next time, which she did and was accepted.

She applied herself in the Academy, proving adept in multiple fields, so much so that her instructors were providing conflicting advice as to what she should do with her career. With her instructors trying to push her into Ops, Engineering, Tactical, Security and Flight Ops, she ended up taking advanced courses in all of them. Somehow she found free time to go drinking with her fellow cadets! That was not to say that her academy time was entirely positive and that she was a stellar student. There were a few occasions that found her on the wrong side of disciplinary action, often as a result of her heavy drinking. She tended to go way over the top when imbued with large quantites of intoxicants, which severely compromised her decision making abilities. However, it was waking up after a one-night-stand with a man who was seventy years older than she was that made her take stock of her situation and calm it down.

She fell back into her old martial arts from her youth, using these to find herself serenity and peace for her troubled mind. The added benefit to this was that it improved her physical fitness and her hand-to-hand combat abilities as well, putting her in the top third of her class in the Security course. Eventually, Hayley graduated from Starfleet Academy as a freshly minted Ensign and was assigned to the USS Griffon as a Security Officer. Her first tour in the field didn't exactly prove to be all that exciting for a junior officer out to make a name for herself. She did her first year on the Griffon, but was transferred to the USS Clarity to help augment their security staff for a conference they were being tasked with securing.

The conference proved to be a bit on the exciting side when dissidents who were against the peace talks underway, tried to capture the delegates. A pitched battle was fought between the security personnel and the terrorists. Hayley was able to prove her abilities when she helped subdue several terrorists without loss of life or significant injury.

After this assignment, since the Clarity was over capacity on security personnel following the augmentation for the conference, Hayley was sent to the USS Venture to be a joint Security and Tactical Officer. The Venture was a border patrol vessel so was much smaller than the last two ships she'd served on. It was during this time that she struck up a relationship with the ship's medical officer, Dr Juliet Tanner. It was her first proper adult relationship in a serious way, giving her the perspective to learn what one was beyond pure cardinal desire (not that this was lacking in any significant way!) When Dr Tanner was killed on an away mission however, it sent Hayley into a downward spiral that she could not find serenity in with meditation, not for lack of trying. She then defaulted to her old coping mechanisms of drinking to the excess and engaging in meaningless hookups. This resulted in her earning a bit of a reputation on board. The First Officer decided that the best course of action would be to transfer her off the ship for her own good, with the strong recommendation that she seek counsellor support.

Banished to the USS Xavier as an Operations Officer, her tour here was much quieter. Hayley took this opportunity to focus on herself and rebuilding her tattered reputation. She dove herself back into her martial arts and had regular sessions with Dr Mendez, the ships counsellor. She refrained from intoxicating substances completely as well as any promiscuity with anyone on the ship. She maintained her friendly exterior for all to see, but internally she was closing doors to focus on self-healing and accept the loss of Juliet, something she had so far failed to do. During the next year, she cleared her fitness review and was promoted to Lieutenant JG, something that really helped her out psychologically. She found that she could apply herself more and requested a transfer to a Chief Security position when one became available.

A few months later, she transferred to the USS Trooper, a Galaxy class ship that was responsible for deep sector patrols. It was here that she really proved herself capable of the role. After dealing with several tense situations in an exemplary manner, she was picked to transfer over to the Task Group flagship, USS Merlin to be their Chief Security and Tactical Officer.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Cadet
USS Griffon - ASec
USS Clarity - ASec
USS Venture - ASec/Tac
USS Xavier - AOps
USS Trooper - CSec
USS Merlin - CSec/Tac