Breaking in a new saddle??
The New Collective
Stardate 249509

The New Collective

Mission Day:
MD 3, Early
Academy Days


  • Research Station

  • Speed:
  • Full Impulse

  • Shields:
  • 100%

  • Hull:
  • 100%

  • Systems:
  • Operational

  • Search Engine Submission - AddMe

    Unit Award of Merit - Silver


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    1st Lieutenant John Kayhill

    Name John Kayhill

    Position Company Commander

    Rank 1st Lieutenant

    Character Information

    Gender Male
    Species Human
    Age 30
    Starfleet ID MC-4587-622

    Physical Appearance

    Height 6'2"
    Weight 225
    Hair Color Dirty-blond
    Eye Color Brown
    Physical Description John is a handsome man. He stands 6’2” and has a muscular build and large body frame. His most striking feature is a 3-inch vertical scar under his right eye. The scar came from a fight with the Borg.


    Spouse None
    Children None
    Father Tom Kayhill, borg collective
    Mother Mary Kayhill, borg collective
    Brother(s) Ton Kayhill, borg collective
    Sister(s) Angela Kayhill 25, Professional Singer
    Other Family Joseph Kayhill, uncle, diplomat

    Samantha Kayhill, aunt, admin officer, Starfleet

    Personality & Traits

    General Overview John is a nice man, friendly, but quiet. He is not the life of the party, but he will mingle and make friends. He is a lead from the front, no-one left behind individual.
    Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

    +John is an expert in various hand to hand martial arts as well as firearms.

    +John is an extremely adept strategist, especially when dealing with the Borg. He has received two commendations for his work. He has studied numerous military geniuses from many different cultures.

    +John has received mental discipline training and unless drugged, only the most skilled telepaths and empaths can read his mind or sense anything from him. He seems almost like a black hole to those trying to sense him.


    -John hates the Borg, plain and simple. The only good Borg is a dead one. He does not trust anyone who has been pulled out of the collective.

    -John can be very stubborn when he truly believes in a course of action.
    Ambitions 1. To destroy the borg
    2. To be the best Marine he can
    3. Have a family one day
    Hobbies & Interests Historical and modern military and command strategies
    Parrises Squares

    Languages: Galactic Common, Romulan, Klingon (mainly curses), Cardassian

    Medical Record

    Injuries Numerous injuries over the course of his career, but none that are inconsistent with the life of a Marine.
    Mental Health Mostly stable. The Borg are his Achilles heel.

    Personal History John was born in 2364 to Tom and Mary Kayhill. They were simple people running a small shop on a colony world. When John was ten the Borg attacked the colony. He witnessed his parents and brother being assimilated, but John managed to escape with his younger sister, Angela.

    John and Angela were taken in by his aunt and uncle on Earth. His uncle was a diplomat and his mother and administrative officer in Starfleet. Angela, being five years younger than John recovered mentally from the events easier as she didn’t see any of the Borg activity. John spent two years seeing a counselor weekly. He finally got tired of seeing the counselor and lied about being better. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get the thoughts and nightmares of the Borg out of his head.

    Although he happily did normal activities for a kid his age, he also spent a lot of time reading any material about the borg he could get his hands on. He started going to the Starfleet recruiting center when he was 15 to learn about all the careers there were. He befriended a Lieutenant from the Marines who told him all about his experiences. When he graduated from school and it came time for him to make a decision about what to do with the rest of his life, without hesitation he knew he wanted to be a Starfleet marine.

    John almost didn’t make it into the Marines as his psych test clearly showed his feelings about the Borg. His high scores and a word from the Lieutenant who he had befriended got him in. From there, John excelled.

    In only his second year, he was named cadet commander for his class. In his senior year, he was named cadet commander for all the Marine cadets. He graduated top in his class. He also had done several cadet internships during breaks at Paris Island, so he came out of Academy as a first lieutenant, instead of second lieutenant.

    His first unit was stationed near Cardassian space. During that assignment he led a squad in a rescue mission to retrieve individuals missing in action that the Cardassian government insisted were not there. After the successful mission, the government claimed that it was a prison camp run by rogue members from the Obsidian Order.

    After the Hobus star blew up, John received a new assignment as head of the Marine unit stationed at a Federation embassy near the Romulan Neutral zone. The Marine presence was requested given the hostile attitude of the Klingons in the region. During a negotiation with the Romulans, Klingons who were for taking over Romulan space attacked. John’s unit held off the Klingons for five days before reinforcements arrived. During one fight, John almost lost his eye in a fight with a Klingon. He received a Purple Heart.

    John spent the next six months recovering and going to advanced command school. While he was there, for one of his projects, with the help of a couple of engineers, he developed a high velocity projectile weapon to use against the Borg. The weapon was based on numerous different projectile weapons from numerous cultures as well as the TR-116. It implemented a casing that emitted a slight EMP charge right before making contact with any borg personal shielding not only allowing the projectile to hit, but also giving a brief window for energy weapons to be effective. He received a commendation for the design and the weapon is now deployed with all Marine units. Starfleet has been trying to adapt it for capital ship use, but the design to date has been incompatible with standard torpedo tubes. He was promoted to Captain after graduating.

    John’s next assignment was as the Marine Company CO aboard the USS Ares, an Excalibur class starship. His unit was involved in several skirmishes with Klingon Extremists, two high profile Embassy related rescues, and protecting the ship’s Captain from an assassination attempt. It was at the end of this tour that the weapon he designed got a real field test.

    The Ares was attacked by the Borg. It was an intense fight that pushed the crew and Marines to the limit. Given the situation, the Captain of the ship ordered an evacuation and set the ship on a collision course with the Borg cube. Right after that, the Borg entered the bridge and managed to assimilate the Captain. The Captain was going to cancel the maneuver, so John shot him in the head before beaming out to safety.

    Once rescued, John faced a court martial, but in the end was cleared. However, some thought his reactions were too intense and he was then assigned as a Starfleet Ambassador’s bodyguard on Earth to cool his heels. John hated every minute of it and spent all his free time and many favors on getting a new assignment.

    He was given command of the marines at an outlying colony, Vega Xu and a promotion to Major.

    Service Record Starfleet Academy: 2382 - 2386
    2386 – 2387: Platoon Leader, 1st Lieutenant, Marine Outpost Forty-Two, near Cardassian space

    2387: Marine Rifle Platoon Leader, Embassy Security, Starfleet Embassy 211, Romulan space.

    2387-2388: Advanced Command School, Promoted to Captain

    2388 – 2392: USS Ares, Marine Company Commander

    2392 - 2393: Court Martial hearing, Ambassadorial bodyguard

    Starbase 47: 2393 – present, Marine Company Commander, Vega Xu Colony