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  • Warp 5

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  • 100%

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  • 100%

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  • Operational

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    Friday 28 February 2020 @ 22:29

    Lieutenant Commander Rionuj ch'Anidem

    Name Rionuj ch'Anidem

    Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

    Rank Lieutenant Commander

    Character Information

    Gender Male
    Species Andorian
    Age 36

    Physical Appearance

    Height 6'
    Weight 175 lbs.
    Hair Color Silver
    Eye Color Green
    Physical Description Tall and fit are the first words that come to mind when one thinks of Rionuj. His silver hair is styled in an undercut fashion with the crown being long and tied into a neat braided bun. He often switches between wearing a skant variant uniform or a jumpsuit variant. He always wears knee-high tactical boots. A phaser and a tricorder are almost always on his person as well as hidden blades and a collapsible sword. He smiles often which is odd for a 'spook' as he loves to show off his perfectly white teeth.


    Spouse N/A
    Children N/A
    Father Chief Leumas th'Rionuj ves Anidem (Chief Engineer, SS Comepinga), Solrac ch'Niolcra (Donor)
    Mother Captain Ina zh'Anidem (Commanding Officer, SS Comepinga), Nogram sh'Ollitsac (Donor)
    Brother(s) Radames th'Anidem (Pilot, SS Comepinga/younger), Colonel Et'neciv th'Anidem (Imperial Guardian HQ/older)
    Sister(s) Yazmilette zh'Anidem ves Quani (younger)
    Other Family Otrebla th'Quani (Brother in-law via sister), Haliled sh'Quani (Niece via sister); Alema zh'Viol ves Anidem (Sister in-law via younger brother), Yelia sh'Anidem (Niece via younger brother), Callia sh'Anidem (Niece via younger brother); First Mate Ily zh'Anidem (SS Comepinga, Aunt via Zhavey).

    Personality & Traits

    General Overview Rionuj smiles often, he tends to be kind yet knows when to be firm. He isn't as standoffish as most Andorians and some say he has the arrogance of a Vulcan. He is smart and witty. He loves to stay in shape and to discover the secrets of others. He has a distaste for synthetic foods and liquors and tends to enjoy substances that would be frowned on by Starfleet yet are acceptable by his culture.
    He enjoys learning about others and believes that fighting someone is the best way to learn about them. He loves to ask questions and tends to ask too much. He brings good energy with him and is deeply devout in ancient spiritual beliefs of his people. He will often call upon his Ancestral spirits to guide him or the Gods. Most notable he calls upon Oshun who is akin to Venus of ancient Terran mythology except she governs war as well as love and beauty.
    He is great at keeping secrets and values loyalty above all.
    Strengths & Weaknesses + Biology allows him to have superior spatial awareness
    + great reflexes and combat proficiency
    + Intelligent
    + Capable of high-level tactical forecasting

    = Witty
    = Inquisitive
    = Biology grants him a high metabolism
    = Photographic memory

    - Biology leaves him prone to Pulse-phase infection
    - When angered it's hard for him to calm down
    - Swears a bit too often
    - Biology leaves him prone to headaches when around holograms for too long
    Ambitions Although a trained intelligence officer, he detests the idea of Section 31 and has vowed to annihilate them and any organization like them.
    Hobbies & Interests Rionuj enjoys fencing, shopping for clothes, learning about others, drinking and smoking. He is known to have a high carnal appetite though doesn't allow it to interfere with his work. His photographic memory helps him to learn things quickly and he constantly is studying new things. He enjoys building models of various vessels. He enjoys holo-novels even though like most Andorians, holograms give him headaches.

    Medical Record

    Injuries A couple minor scrapes and cuts over the years. Had to undergo antennae regrowth therapy for his left antennae. Fractured his ribs during a mission and had to treat it himself leaving him with internal scarring. Has scar on his forehead and a minor one through his left eyebrow that he refuses to have healed.
    Mental Health Although he has been through several traumatic situations he has been cleared for duty. Psych profile classified due to Intelligence work.

    Personal History Born and raised on the SS Comepinga a mercantile vessel run by his family, Rionuj isn't too fond of terrestrial based assignments. As a child it was discovered early on that he had a photographic memory and his parents made sure to teach him as much as they could. His older brother Et'neciv technically had different fathers than him which lead them to argue and fight quite often. By the age of 6 the two weren't allowed to share the same quarters. Aside from that, Rionuj was a happy child. He would care for his younger siblings and study often. He loved helping around the Comepinga and his Zhavey had hoped he would want to stay on board like his thaavik.

    At the age of 15 the Comepinga was attacked by Orion raiders and boarded the vessel. The children were ordered to hide in the escape pods but Rionuj and Et'neciv grabbed weapons and joined the defense. The brothers were brutally successful in defending their home and clan. It frightened many of the adults on the ship. As such the two were sent to the Imperial Guard Academy on Andor in an attempt to curtail their new found love for battle.

    The brothers were then inseparable and were honored for their work and leadership skills. At the age of 18 they graduated and Et'neciv stayed with the Imperial Guard. Rionuj didn't. He believed that Andor owed a debt to the Federation that it was not repaying. With the rise of a conservative political faction within the Andorian Empire, Rionuj felt it was more important that more Andorians served Starfleet. An organization that paved the way for the creation of the United Federation of Planets. He applied at the Federation Embassy and passed his entrance exams with high scores. Within the month of passing the exams his family's vessel took him to Terra so he could attend the Academy Preparatory Course. His prior training in the Andorian Guard allowed him to enter as a 2nd year Cadet and his tactical analysis and forecasting skills were quickly noticed.

    During his 3 years at Starfleet Academy, Rionuj elected to never take leave instead he wanted to be a well rounded officer and earned his spot in the coveted Red Squad. His instructors were impressed by him and rumor had it that he was approached by Section 31. An official report was made by 2nd Year Cadet ch'Anidem detailing his encounter with a Section 31 agent and after that Rionuj began taking intelligence courses.

    During his fourth year he was promoted to the rank of Ensign and was leader of Red Squad. He also won the Intergalatic Fencing Tournament and got 3rd place in the Klingon Junior Bat'leth Tournament. He served as Captain during his Kobayashi Maru and served as Acting Chief Tactical/Security Officer during his training cruise aboard the USS Harbinger. He graduated as Salutatorian.

    Upon graduating, at the age of 22; Rionuj was offered a position with Starfleet Intelligence. Ensign Rionuj ch'Anidem started as a Yeoman for Commander Garvey at Intelligence HQ for a year. Being in station orbiting Venus Rionuj enjoyed learning what he could from Commander Garvey. With rumors rising of a threat beyond the Bajoran wormhole and continued disturbances from the Cardassian Union, the Romulan Star Empire and the Klingon Empire; Rionuj was given a field commission and his first field assignment. The details are classified. Suffice it to say he was highly successful and earned a promotion to LT. JG.

    For a decade Rionuj worked various assignments for Starfleet Intelligence. Many of which involved trying to stop infiltration by Section 31 or counter-intelligence against the Tal Shiar. He started to grow a little tired from clandestine work and wanted to serve the front-lines. He was assigned to the USS Shraan-B as Chief Strategic Operations/Tactical Officer until the ship was destroyed during a combat induced warp core breach. He was forced to take a year off before he was allowed to be reassigned.

    His 4 years on the USS Shraan-B were enjoyable. A Defiant-class vessel with a mostly Andorian crew, they all got along well. Most feeling proud to be a ship of mostly Andorians. They had few replicators and their CO allowed them real liquor. For Rionuj it was a reminder of home on the SS Comepinga. He had never really entered into a relationship and earned a reputation of being promiscuous on the Shraan. During a patrol mission along the Klingon neutral zone, the Shraan was attacked by a cabal of Gorn raiders. Holding its' own for an impressive amount of time the ship final was destroyed after being able to destroy 4 our of 5 of the raider vessels. Thankfully during the explosion of the Shraan the USS Obama came in and made short work of the remaining Gorn vessel and rescued what was left of the crew. Upon return to Earth Stardock, Lieutenant Rionuj received a promotion and was forced to take a leave of absence as he kept avoiding them.

    For one year he traveled on his own throughout Federation space in a Danube Runabout with a few friends from his days serving in Intelligence. After the year of traveling when he returned to Earth Stardock, Rionuj requested to serve on a starship again.
    Service Record Imperial Guard Academy - Andor 3 years

    Starfleet Academy - 4 years, Joined Red Squad during 2nd year and during senior year served as it's leader with the rank of Ensign. Served as CO during Kobayashi Maru and served as Chief of Tactical/Security during training cruise aboard the USS Harbinger. Graduated as Salutatorian.

    Starfleet Intelligence - 10 years, various classified assignments. Earned two promotions and a few commendations for service.

    USS Shraan-B - 4 years, Served as Chief of Strat Op/Security/Tactical. Following the destruction of the vessel LT. CMDR. ch'Anidem was placed on 1 years leave.

    Pending Reassignment...