Bring Her To Life
Lost Souls
Posted by Lieutenant Commander Cale Llewellyn DSci & Commander John "Apollo" Barstow, M.D.
Stardate 249407
Episode: Lost Souls
Mission Day:
MD 2, Overnight (Midnight-8am)


Location: Ocean Floor and Various
Speed: Stationary
Shields: Down
Hull: No Damage
Systems: Powered Down

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A crew is more than just what happens while on duty. Sometimes the past likes to rear its head, or a person is just going through something. These stories make the person and here you will find them.

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Included Missions

Deep Cover, Uncovering Corruption

Post Count: 2

Captain Barstow has been called off ship to Starbase 365. On arrival he finds that he has cryptic orders to dawn an SFMC uniform with the rank of Colonel and report to Camp Falkirk to meet with General MacTaryn, the commander of the Task Force. The General assigns Barstow a 2 fold mission: root out corruption of a unit garrisoned on the planet Alton at the Federation Embassy and investigate the kidnapping of a high ranking Federation official who was being held for ransom.

Will Barstow find the official? Will he find out who is behind the kidnapping? Above all, will he do this before the official is injured, or worse? Read on to find out!

Escape from Dark Ventures, Sav's Tail

Post Count: 51

It had been a long time since the \'incident on Apollonia. The courts had decreed that the \'incident\' was about a Raver Girl falling in a private shipyard and skewering herself upon debris in her most intimate area, causing all sorts of damage. Upon being rescued, she had fixated upon the Apollonia Federation Councilman and had created all sorts of dark, macabre fantasies about him and with him. Still, she was a Federation Citizen, and L\'Tandrey Citizen, so they put her through many surgeries to repair her to let her have a chance to heal. After that was many sessions with Psychic Counselors to get rid of her fantasies. However, as with anything that is tied up with a court system, Aristocrats, Councilmen, and the underground, the truth is always far worse than the window dressing. Save\'ena Tillatix, a Mephetian who grew up on Apollonia, but is originally from L\'Tandrey Space, was the victim of a particular brand of dark Hobby involving the underground and sex trade. She was rescued right before death, escaping her \'fate\', barely, and thanks to being of a naturally psionic race, was able to retain her true memories of what happened and keep the false overlays at bay. But, the realities were intruding further into the falsehoods, while the falsehoods kept up their lies to the outside world. All was tearing the young girl up inside. Add to this torment a deliberately tampered with \'healing mesh\', a mesh that was supposed to keep her alive, but was designed to kill, and the entrapment within this other world continues to tighten its hold upon her. Now an officer in Starfleet, and CAG of the Merlin, everything is supposed to be roses and daphodils, right? Well, the Dark Ventures of the Elite still have their hold, and desires, upon the young mephetian girl and just don\'t want to let go, even as she fights to get out of their hold, but seemingly by herself as she cannot actually say what happened thanks to the false overlays tied to any mention of \'THE INCIDENT\".

Academy Days

Post Count: 37

Everyone came to Starfleet for a reason, be it fame and adventure or just an insatiable curiosity about the universe. This is where we explore those pasts along with our time at the Academy and early assignments. These are the stories of what brought us to where we are and do not have bearing on the main plot.