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Bridge   The Bridge is the starship equivalent of an operations center and is generally located near the top and front of a vessel. From here, the Commanding Officer supervises the entire ship's operation, ranging from vessel course control to tactical systems.

CO Ready Room   The Captain's Ready Room serves as the Commanding Officer's private office
Observation Lounge/ Main Briefing Room   As the name implies, the Observation Lounge is the part of a ship or station that provides some view of the space outside
XO's Office   It's the XO's job to help, advice and motivate the current officers in achieving ship standards. The XO's office gives the XO their own space to do this.
Captains Quarters   The Captain's Cabin are the quarters which the Captain of the ship may call his or her own
Senior Officer Quarters   Officer's Quarters are, as expected, often more lavishly decorated and furnished than other contemporary Crew Quarters.
Junior Officer Quarters   Officer's Quarters are, as expected, often more lavishly decorated and furnished than other contemporary Crew Quarters.
Enlisted Quarters   One of Starfleet's major concerns in terms of its personnel is crew comfort. The vast distances of space and immense responsibilities asked of a ship's crew require that they have a fitting place to retreat to for rest and relaxation. The amount of living space allotted to a crewman is between 110 and 120 square meters on large explorers and space stations.
Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Quarters   SNCO's accommodations include a bedroom with standard bed and a living/work area. A washroom with ultrasonic shower is located off of each bedroom. A food replicator and a personal holographic viewer are located in the living area.
Sickbay   Aboard Federation ships, a Sickbay is the main medical facility where the sick and injured are treated.
VIP/Guest Quarters   Every ship, station, base, or outpost can expect at some time or another to play host to guests and VIPs.
Marine Barracks   The Marine barracks is the collective term for the suite of rooms and facilities usually reserved for the exclusive use of a ship's Starfleet Marine Corps detachment. Although the term "barracks" usually calls to mind a single room with rows of simple bunk beds the actual barracks aboard a starship is far more complex and utilitarian.
Engineering   Engineering or Main Engineering is usually located in a starship's secondary hull, from where the ship's main power systems are controlled.
Security   Security Offices aboard a station or ship are normally not limited to a single office space, but are rather part of a security complex incorporating many resources to ensure the safety of ship and crew.
Brig   A ship's brig is a jail or prison used to house individuals that pose a security threat to the vessel or her crew
Main Shuttlebay   The shuttlebay (variously called the flight deck, hangar deck, or shuttlecraft bay) is a facility on a ship or station where auxiliary craft are launched, received, stored, and maintained. These craft can include shuttlepods, shuttles, runabouts, workbees, and on some classes, fighters.
Drop Bay   A drop bay is a specialized area of a ship designed to provide Marines with a quick egress for their auxiliary craft, such as fighters and hoppers