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    Test subject 546

    Posted on Monday 24 June 2019 @ 18:08 by Lieutenant Breana Rathburn

    Mission: The New Collective

    Bree had already gotten the computer terminal powered on and was going though it when Doyle showed up. A slight nod was given to her co-worker and someone she'd grown to look at as a friend. To say she'd been thrilled to learn he'd also gotten transfered to Merlin had caused a bit of mixed emotions. While she enjoyed the the man, and he'd been a great friend... he'd ended up taking her spot as Chief once before on Centy, would he do it here? He'd said he didn't want it, that he was content working under her, even more so now with his son with him. But that didn't stop that slight worry she had.

    "You're thinking again, and likely not about what you should be thinking about." Doyle said with a little smirk as he made his way over to her. "You need to learn to get out of your head and over your fears. How many times do I have to tell you that."

    Sighing softly Breana nodded. "I know I know." She motioned to the terminal. "I need to be focused on getting anything out of this that I can get, that's why I figured a second pair of eyes would be good. How is A team doing with the nanite plan?"

    "They are down in holodeck A testing the plan out and hoping not to fry the computer panel... like... someone did." Doyle teased her as he started going though the terminal before them himself.

    "Hey, it wasn't my fault the thing went poof." She said with a little smirk before going quiet as she flipped though pages and pages of medical stuff. "Clearly they where infatuated with learning about other species, especially the human race it looks like." Bree said getting serious now as she frowned some.

    "Computer, play Godsmack" Doyle pipped up, javing learned over time that music helped Rathburn think and stay focused. He didn't bother saying anything else, though had cought the slight smile that touched the womans features.

    --- A while later ---

    He didn't know how much time had went by, how many songs had played in the background untill he started hearing repeats of them. A glance to his watch before he looked to Bree. "We've been at this for hours now and not finding anything other then body and brain scans. Pretty sure this is nothing more then a medical/science computer."

    "If you wanna go... go... go check on A team. But I have a gut feeling and I need to see it though." Bree said with a hint of determination in her voice.

    "Get out of your head, the people on this ship have already been showing that they see you for you, not for your past. I know Jael did a number on you, but you are in the place your should have been all along, showing that you know your stuff. Stop feeling like your failing for not finding something that not there." Doyle said with a pat to her back before he headed out to go check on the other team.

    Breana glanced towards Doyle as he walked away, a soft sign slipped from her as she looked back to the compter terminal before her. Was he right? Was she just looking for something that wasn't there? Perhaps, but her gut was telling her she was missing something...

    Medical, medical, brain scans, nuro scans... is there anything they don't know about us? Bree wondered as she scanned everything that went though.

    Test subjects had only been given numbers no names. It looked like there had been three main lab technicians that had used this computer.... wait, no, there was one summery done by a fourth person.

    She hadn't recognized the fourth name and had the computer pause as she read that summery a bit slower this time. -Test subject 546. Organ count: 96, Bone count: 306, Skeletal muscles: 720-

    Grabbing the PaDD that she always carried, she jotted those numbers down and the other mistakes she'd caught. While she wasn't a medical person, she had minored in science and knew enough about the human body to know those numbers where not right. Hell, even the other summaries had the right numbers on them... so what happened with this persons notes? Had they just not known how to count? No... that didn't seem logical. But then...

    Subtracting the right numbers from the numbers before her, she studied the new numbers.

    Let's take a blast to the moon baby, I sit around wishing you well...

    Blinking a moment as the words of the song seemed to trigger something in her, she gasped and jumped up. Yanking the plug to the computer as she bolted out with PaDD in one hand, tapping her badge with her other. as she took off in a run.

    "Captain, I need you in holodeck 1 please, Rathburn out"

    ‚óŹ Ensign Breana Rathburn
    Chief Engineer
    USS Merlin


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