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Ghost Ship

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    The Blood And Fury

    Posted on Thursday 22 August 2019 @ 12:31 by Lieutenant Michael Ki MD & Master Chief Petty Officer Harris Zim

    Mission: The New Collective
    Location: Deflector Control/Sick Bay
    Timeline: Following "The End?"


    Harris had received the permission that he needed to get it done. The man was of two minds at the moment. The first was that the task he was intent on doing was for Security and not him. However, security had its hands full and if this was what he thought it was Harris Zim was uniquely suited for the task.

    The turbolift doors opened on the Deck 27 and the chaos around him was simply background noise. His slightly heightened hearing and smell told him that the three “people” who had boarded were not people at all, they were monsters.

    * * *

    Dr Michael Ki had weathered the storm that was battle in space relatively well. The good doctor had taken his licks like many of his staff as the ship rocked and buckled under the barrage of weapons fire. Sick Bay lay in ruins, a shell of its former self but you would not know it from the poise that Michael Ki displayed.

    Currently Ki stood over a Bolian crewman who had a large piece of ODN stuck in her rib cage. Times like this it is a good thing that I do not have a bedside manner, he thought. Without so much as a word of warning Ki pulled the ODN from the Bolian and gushes of blue blood followed it. The Crewman’s mouth opened to scream, however, the pain was so intense that no sound came out. Ki knew that he did not have the time for the proper surgery that this person needed, but something had to be done. The doctor grabbed the good arm of an Ensign that had a broken one. “Ensign I need you to keep your hand there until the Crewman’s bleed slows down. Apply pressure and when it does slow down shout out.” Michael gave the order and when the Ensign went to protest Michael made sure that the Ensign understood that and order was given.
    * * *

    Harris Zim stepped into Deflector Control, and found two members of his crew, his family dead. But three Borg stood there. Two were looking around, and the third was attempting to assimilate the Merlin’s computer. He smiled broadly and drew the dagger from his hip. “You will be assimilated…” The drone began to speak and Zim interrupted abruptly. “No, you will die. Resistance is Futile”

    In a flash the distance between the Harris and the Borg was closed. The drone that had dared to speak was tackled to the ground with Zim choking the air from its organic systems. The drone raised an arm and scrambled to attach assimilation nodules to Harris’ neck. But the Capellan was ready for that a lunged out with his right hand and caught the Drone’s arm. “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” The guttural shout echoed through the room and corridor beyond. The drone’s arm snapped and hung off its body. Harris followed the amputation up with a series of blows to the drone’s face as he sat on its chest.
    * * *

    The general chaotic din of a Sick Bay in triage had died down for the most part. Even the groans of the patients in pain had died down. Most of the medical stuff breathed a sigh as the Merlin’s shaking had subsided. There was no sign of relief from Michael, he knew better, he had been through this before. This was simply the eye of the storm. A few minutes passed and the entire Sick Bay was in near silence and then it happened. Another barrage sent the sick bay rocking, two patients tumbled off the bio beds and staff scrambled to assist them back to the beds. “I hope someone is listening up there. I think we have had about enough. I have people dying here….” He shouted at the roof, Michael Ki was a diagnostician how he got to where he was amazed even him. However, he would be damned if someone was going to die of a simple burn on his watch.
    * * *

    It was the why… as Zim choked the life from the drone a simple word “Why?” escaped its lips. The word was breathy and barely audible but the blood lusted Capellan heard it. No drone would ever say that. The minute those words formed in his brain Zim released the Drone. He looked up at the other two. “Why are you here? What are your designations? Tell me now…” His voice was calm but the underlying anger could be heard.

    The two standing Drones and the one on the floor answered almost in unison. “We… We… Do not know?” Zim’s eyes widened he practically killed an innocent. Somehow these Borg had been severed from the collective. Harris Zim had forgotten one of the most important things about being a Starfleet officer. That was to not get tunnel vision, keep your options open. He was so sure of the threat that he almost committed murder. However, all of that could wait he had to make sure that at least he got them help. “Follow me… We are one… We are a collective… Resistance is futile.” These terms the drones understood and they followed Zim twenty decks up to Sick Bay.
    * * *

    Breathing heavy, with purple blood and sweat dripping from his body Zim arrived at sick bay. Two drones followed on foot behind him and the third was unconscious so he carried it. Sick Bay had the odor of blood, sweat and tears. It seemed that the environmental control system was not working up to snuff there. Zim took a look around and saw that Sick Bay was a little worse off than the rest of the ship. Not only was there damage evident but the mounting number of injured was making everything worse. “Hey, is there a doctor in the house.” Zim shouted over the noise the exhaustion evident in his voice.

    Michael came jogging over and saw the new arrivals. “Chief! What do have?” The Doctor said surprised to see the Capellan and three Borg drones. “These Borg are not Borg. Well at least they aren’t anymore I think their connection was severed. It might help us with the Puppet Master and whatever is going on here. I thought you could restore normalcy.” Zim replied with a square jaw, the emotional need for the Doctor to save them was there however, he made sure that it did not come out in his voice.

    “Of course, of course. Put them in the surgical bay from there I can raise a force field as a preventative measure.” Michael pointed excitedly in the direction of the surgical bay. The Doctor enjoyed patching up the injured but he enjoyed curing the incurable even more. Deassimilation would be a welcome change of pace. “But Chief what happened to the one on your back?” Ki wondered. “I found out what he was too late. I hope you can rectify that problem Doctor.” Zim deadpanned.

    Once the Borg had been safely placed behind the field Ki turned toward the Chief of the Boat. “I can’t let you go back to duty…”

    “…Doctor I have a job to do. You don’t really have a choice in the matter.” Zim cut him off.

    “I can’t let you go back to duty unless you get that head wound dressed.” Michael shot back, usually the Doctor would have no patients for macho types like Zim. However, he knew that was simply what Capellans were.

    “Yes of course Doctor.” Harris replied a little apologetically. He remembered the promise he made to the Commander.

    About ten minutes later and a transfusion of synthesized Capellan blood Harris Zim was patched up and sent back to duty.

    All said he was of the bridge for about an hour and half and when he returned it seemed like nothing had changed. “The threat to the Merlin has been neutralized.” He reported as he took his station with a smile that crawled across his lips. It had been a trying hour, but one worthy of note and the lust for combat had been slaked. He may have made a mistake as he jumped into the battle, however, his mistake would prove fruitful.

    For now Harris Zim was at his station, he was whole and his home was safe.
    ●● Lieutenant Michael Ki
    Chief Medical Officer
    USS Merlin

    >>>> Master Chief Petty Officer Harris Zim
    Chief of the Boat
    USS Merlin


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