Marine Combat Uniform (MCU)

Created by Captain John "Apollo" Barstow, M.D. on Wednesday 11 July 2018 @ 04:11

The Marine Combat Uniform, MCU or fatigues, comes in various camoflauge patterns designed to be used in every environment from ship board operations to clandestine operations. These patterns are:

  • MACO - Based on the forerunners of the Starfleet Marines, MACO's. The pattern consists of a grey base with white, brown and black patterned over top and is used mostly in ship boardings. The belt and boots on this uniform are black.
  • Woodland - This pattern is a digital pattern, meaning the colors are "blocked". The base is green with a darker green, brown and black pattern over top. The belt and boots on this uniform are black.
  • Desert - This uniform has a brown base with a mixture of darker and lighter browns over top. The belt and boot are brown on this uniform.
  • Arctic - This pattern has a white base with light and dark whits as well as greys. The belt and boots are white on this uniform
  • Black - This uniform has a black base with varying shades of black patterned over. This uniform is used on night missions and clandestine operations

All the MCU's also share a subdued (or darkened/greyed) unit patch, subdued combadge and subdued rank pip.

The MCU's also have 2 different vest types. The first is a light body armor designed to protect against bladed weapons and medium power energy blasts, 2 to 3 direct shots. The second is a tactical vest, designed to carry extra power cells, small equipment, explosives and more depending on the configuration. Both come in black, light brown and white.

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