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Commander Caroline Miller

Name Caroline Anne Miller

Position Counselor

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 31
Starfleet ID

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8'
Weight 140lb
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Toned and lean. Caroline is a keen runner and swimmer. She wears her hair in a layered bob.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Ian Miller
Mother Charlotte Miller
Brother(s) Ryan Miller

Personality & Traits

General Overview Fresh out of medical school and the academy, Caroline is determined to prove herself. Young, a little wet behind the ears but ready for adventure.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths - Calm, cool and collected in a medical setting. A crisis will never faze her. She takes her duties as a Starfleet doctor very seriously and enjoys the challenges the role presents. Has a very strong moral compass.

Weaknesses - In her personal life she can be scatty and clumsy. She can also be very trusting and naïve. She always wants to think the best about people which can blind her to seeing the truth. Has a very strong moral compass.
Ambitions Be a good doctor and make a difference.
Hobbies & Interests Running, Swimming
Medieval and ancient history

Medical Record

Personal History Caroline Miller was born in Nova Komenco, on the colony world of Mani 3. Her family are originally descended from Scandinavian Earth, which explains the blond hair that frequents the Miller family members.
Her father a doctor, as her granddad before him was commissioned to work for Starfleet during the dominion war, and went on to become an officer through a mix of on the job Starfleet training and taking some time at the academy to become a mature graduate. The Miller family spent some time on Earth after the Dominion war and then Caroline’s life became on of a Starfleet brat following her father through several postings.
It was what she knew, and medicine it seemed was in her blood. Witnessing the horrors and having the memories of the casualties during their time at their original colony home just amplified in Caroline that this was her calling, so she applied for medical training upon turning 18. She had also unofficially helped out her father on many occasions.
At medical school she developed a speciality in Xenobiology especially in internal medicine.
Further exploration of both the Gamma and Beta quadrants through the discovery of permanent wormholes, let to contact with new races and new medical conditions. One of the worst was the Floxiona virus, which unfortunately met the populas from her last postings travels.
This alien virus mutates quickly and causes severe infections, telepathic hallucinations and eventually a long and slow shut down in most species of a telepathic nature. Caroline herself lost a dear betazoid friend and colleague onboard the USS Siegfried to one of the first found strains.
This experience has become very personal to her and now in her spare time she is researching the samples and working on the data along with a number of other physicians in Starfleet, having created between them a research group called Flox aid.
Two years into her last posting Caroline met up with and helped present their current findings at a medical conference on Betazed. Some of the group reported research being stolen prior to the conference and two of the doctors involved have disappeared. Starfleet cannot account for them. Clearly some other agency is involved and their research is being used for reasons unknown.
Although not a pilot, Caroline also in her last posting decided to learn to be able to pilot a shuttle. Through an intense holodec course she earned her stripes and now is registered as an officer who can pilot. This has come in useful on more than one occasion.

Service Record 2393- Posted to the USS Merlin as CMO
2388 – 2393 posted as a Junior doctor on the USS Siegfried
2380 – 2388 Starfleet medical