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Posted on Thursday 14 March 2019 @ 23:56 by Commander Cale Llewellyn DSci

Cale walked back into his officer after he and Melody Jones had their pow wow with the Captain and he was pleased with his decision as he thought the Captain had responded the way predicted. So he turned his attention to the new CSciO and the blowout with Lieutenant O'Hara. He noticed that MCPO Hale had filed a log concerning O'Hara's difference after her 'affair' with the Puppet Master.

"Computer, begin Executive Officer's log. Notate the current day and stardate," Cale said as the computer beeped its compliance.

"I am reading through Master Chief Hale's current log concerning O'Hara's experience during her tussle with the Puppet Master and she's noted a significant change in the Lieutenant. I've seen some of these changes myself but am still concerned that O'Hara needs more time to recuperate. But, as I'm not a medical officer or counselor Barstow has chosen to go with his Counselor's and Chief Medical Officer's recommendations instead despite my empathy mainly because I'm not trained to use it in this way. Perhaps, I should take Ki and Miler up on their offers to assist me in learning how to interpret the feelings I'm sensing.

"Also, I've noticed that we've managed to acquire a new Chief Science Officer in the form of Lieutenant, junior grade Artis Lomar. His service record is not that impressive for a man of his age, But I'm willing to work with him in fixing this how shall I say it 'misstep' on his or Starfleet's part. Because, I see that his assignments were mostly to starships during the Dominion War doing research into weapon's tech. I'm sure Mel would like to see that.

"But, I would like to steer him away from that by focusing on pure scientific research. That is, if we ever get the chance for he and I to do that. I've invited him to come to my office so we can meet and chat about some of this.

"Computer save log and file it," Cale said and the computer beeped its response to the XO's order.

Cale was quite pleased with himself after all he had been through and had accomplished during his tenure on the and other starships and in Starfleet itself. Beyond that, he felt he had continued to grow as an officer and as a person with a unique ability. He sat down in his chair and placed his hands on his desk and began reading through the current science logs filed by the assistant science officer and the department heads. And, he found himself impressed by all of what he was reading.

Cale sat back in his chair and looked up Lomar's service record to give it a last look over before he arrived. Boy, this man had a rough turn in Starfleet, by his analysis.


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