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Mission Update

Posted on Monday 12 June 2017 @ 22:34 by Commander Melody Jones

Hi Guys

I've extended the completion date for "A Road with no turns" to Friday 16/06/17, but I'll be starting the next JP tomorrow. This will be "The death and birth of a star". This is the next part of the mission.

There will be a group JP for all on the bridge when the ship arrives at the Lazarus star, then some subplots will be running at the same time:-

Petty Officer Burg will be heading up the research on the Lazarus star.

Engineering is running a complete review of all systems onboard.

Operations will be reviewing the data on the derelict Merlin and reporting any findings.

New CFCO :- reviewing Helm and familiarization with new role (With assistant Crewman Rhoderick if required)

Strat Ops, Security and Marine can write JP's and logs at own discretion.

Personal subplots can continue regardless.

Sam :-)


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