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Posted on Thursday 15 June 2017 @ 12:16 by Captain John "Apollo" Barstow, M.D.

Hey All,

The last few months have been kind of rocky for the SIM. My RL ganged up on me and caused me to have to step back for a while. That said, Sam and Debs have done an outstanding job keeping things going! And I appreciate all of you that have stayed and kept logging!

Right now we are kind of regrouping after clearing out the roster. We have lost a few players, however, we have kept a strong core of players. Over the next few months we will recruiting for those open positions. So, check out the roster and if you know anyone that would like to join bring them in :).

One other quick thing, due to my hectic RL I have stepped down as TGCO so I can focus on Merlin. So, the SIM does have my full attention (after rl of course ;) ).

The logs y'all have put out have been great, keep up the great logging!



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Category: General News