Re-living the Past
Stardate 249501
0100 Hours

Mission Day:
SL 1


  • Docked at Starbase 306

  • Speed:
  • Docked

  • Shields:
  • Under Repair/Refit

  • Hull:
  • Under Repair/Refit

  • Systems:
  • Under Repair/Refit

  • Search Engine Submission - AddMe

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    Air Medal

    For recognition of piloting abilities.

    Category: In character
    Awarded: 1 time

    Lieutenant Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix
    Thursday 22 September 2016 @ 02:25
    Save'ena's logs during the fight with the Romulans was incredibly detailed. She presented a solid plan for the fight in her logs and managed to keep everyone, including the ship, involved, taking the lead so well I did not feel I had to lead that joint post.

    (2O Citation) Saveena has demonstrated a high level of skill as a fighter pilot during the Romulan encounter, displaying a good comradery with her fellow flyers. The posts are always very detailed and highly descriptive.