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    Apollonia Surgery Team, Court Records, Couselors, Oh My

    Posted on Sunday 28 May 2017 @ 16:03 by Commander Caroline Miller & Lieutenant Galeraz Zephyr Dr. XMD

    Mission: Escape from Dark Ventures, Sav's Tail
    Location: Starbase Medical Dorm Facilities, Room Number 36569
    Timeline: MD31 Evening


    Galeraz turned off the Communications Panel in his private Room with a large sigh. What he had been finding in his investigations was rather ominous. He looked at his reflection in the screen, thinking about why he was there. It was all for Caroline and her Mephetian CAG.

    Galeraz was glad the Starbase had made arrangements for him to stay in the dorm rooms for doctors on the starbase as that kept him close to the medical facilities. He had discreetly checked up on Lt. Tillatix during her recovery until released for light duty (MD26). He was able to be kept in the loop about Sav's recovery, even though exact details were withheld. Still, even just 'overview', that the Trauma Specialist had removed multiple psychic imprints from within the Lt's mind, was important. No wonder she had not been able to speak of what happened, she was forced not too. That must have been driving her crazy.

    Galeraz poured himself a cup of tea, then laced it with cognac and honey. Not that he needed a Toddy, but the 'remedy' would help calm his nerves. That the Lt. was still sane, and had still been living after what had been removed from her, was a testament to her and her will to live. Now, she could live. It would take years for her mind to heal, if it ever did, but at least she was back in control and not others.

    He gathered his notes in front of him, then activated the Comm Panel.

    =/\= Dr. Caroline Miller, Dr. Galeraz Zephyr, request to chat. =/\=

    =^=You do pick your times=^= Caroline stated with a grin appearing on the view screen with wet hair and wrapped in a towel, clearly fresh out the shower.

    =/\= Hey there good lookin', wanta hang out for a bit? I got those synapses on nerve regeneration through peptide enzyme support reconstruction you wanted.=/\= Of course, while there was an obscure paper on the subject, neither of them had interest in it and Galeraz hoped Caroline caught on.

    =^=You sure know how to show a girl a good time=^= the blond laughed at the techno babble. =^=Let me get dressed and I will be right over=^=

    =/\= I try to please, beautiful. And, I have a couple of pillows on the table to catch our chins whenever we nod off at the really boring parts. See you soon. Galeraz out.=/\=

    Galeraz chuckled to himself, remembering the first night out with Caroline and having enjoyed catching her just out of the shower. Then, he glanced at the paperwork and padd on the table and some of his humor disappeared. On the padd were the official released statement by the Court system about the case, the official released documents by the Starfleet Medical center, and piles of paperwork unofficially obtained showing the 'other' side of the case.

    He spread some of the paperwork out, trying to decide if he wanted it in chronological order, or by surgical team and witness importance. He was lost in thought when he heard the door chime.

    Going to the door, he opened it, his boyish good looks breaking out into a very warm smile at the sight of the beauty standing there. "Hey Caroline, glad you could make it." He moved to let her in, and then shut the door behind him. As he led her to the kitchenette, he asked, "I hope the front desk orderlies didn't give you too much of a hard time. As this section is used for on call doctors and the occasional patient, they take their security seriously."

    "They know me now. I didn't get any hassle," the blond said softly. "And we are all required to do some on call if necessary when docked at the station."

    In the kitchenette, he pointed to the wall. On it was a control panel, one with a privacy field section, and that showed active. Galeraz grinned and said, "Hence why I was glad they allowed me a room here while consulting about our Mephetian. Tea? Coffee? Hot Toddy?"

    "Surprise me," she grinned. "So what's up?" she asked.

    Galeraz began making two Hot Toddys, his style. As he worked, he said, "I went digging into the surgery team that performed Tillatix's surgery. The redacted surgical logs as well as news articles are on the table for you to read through."

    Caroline looked at the pile of PADDs on the table and frowned. "I'm going to need something strong if I'm working my way through all that," she stated.

    Galeraz used Cognac instead of whisky. Thus, he coated the bottom of the cups with honey, then added the cognac, double shot, with fresh squeezed lemon juice. He already had boiling on the side water with cinnamon, cloves and lemon rind to make cinnamon and clove tea. He poured the tea through a strainer into the cups, and then placed lemon wedges onto the side of each cup. Turning around, he handed a cup to Caroline and then sat down to sip on his.

    Galeraz grinned to her, saying, "There you go, double shot Hot Toddy, as requested, m'lady."

    The surgical logs were of audio/video log and a transcript log. The AVLog end marker was showing nine hours, yet the runtime length was showing only four. The transcript log was heavily redacted, only procedural statements remaining. The team consisted of nine people. Head surgeon, two assistant surgeons, one Anesthesiologist, four scrub techs consisting of two nurses and two techs, and one circulating tech. There were names for everyone but the circulating tech, his/her name no where to be found.

    The newspaper articles covered a period of three years, starting three months after Sav's surgery at the Medical Center. Each one was about some sort of accident befalling a member of the surgical team, all seemingly unrelated. The Anesthesiologist died in a skiing accident 3 months after the surgery, Assistant surgeon Lieutenant Bestin died in a botched mugging on Risa, Head Surgeon Commander Moreau died in a hovercar accident when unsecured cargo landed on it and crushed it, Nurse Talbon died in a zoo mauling when a containment field went down, Tech Traine accidentally hung himself in freeing stuck linen in a laundry chute, Assistant Surgeon Ensign Ghaddert died while working with a deadly virus strain at the research center due to faulty maintenance, Tech Fealnstein died from electrocution while doing maintenance on a biobed, and Nurse Likschren fell to her death while rock climbing.

    Caroline sipped the drink slowly as she read, watched and processed all this information. Galeraz had definitely been busy.

    Galeraz took another sip of his Toddy. He shook his head and said, "The original script and AVlogs were wiped out when a swamp buggy crashed into the center and took out the main frame. We are left with the training video and transcript created for helping train other docs for mesh surgeries. And, I went through it, seeing if enough was shown for getting a lawsuit or Starfleet Internal Affairs involved. All of the video showing tie points, mesh identification, and anything showing the head or face of the circulating tech are NOT there. However, a second set of eyes would be appreciated. Then, on the surgical team.... nobody left but that circulating tech, who is totally unknown. All of the deaths, rather convenient if you ask me, but nothing outwardly suspicious."

    "Someone's been covering their tracks," Caroline said suspiciously. "It's far too convenient in what we know was done to Save'ena now. We have to find that circulating tech. I know it's ridiculously hard as we have no name but can we try some facial recognition on the video feed?" She asked.

    Galeraz took a sip of his Toddy, then said, "And why I need a second set of fresh eyes. I went through the video twice, but never saw the head or face of the circulating tech. I am hoping you will see something that I missed that can be used to start identifying our tech. I cannot even tell if male or female, yet, due to the scrubs and never seeing enough body movements. Maybe, you will see something I missed, and also, with you here, and both of us should be able to really concentrate on different aspects of the video."

    Caroline took another sip of her drink and rewound the recording, she pulled her feet up under her on the chair and watched it a few more times. "There," she pointed slowing it down. On the screen the tech moved slightly, his scrubs pulling slightly down at the neck. "Computer magnify this section," Caroline pointed at the screen. "I've seen this before. Its a tattoo. The symbol. Its from a university."

    Galeraz situated himself behind and slightly aside Caroline to watch the padd near her shoulder. He snorted out in light humor, "And hear hear for lazy Midsummer med students. We have this high def video courtesy of Argellious II Tatterdooen University. It was brought in a shipment five years ago of training videos and was stashed into a corner, in the wrong case. A student just recently came across it when looking for Andorian skeletal ligature connections and stress points and this video was in the case instead. As I had an intern request running, he alerted me and so I paid to get it shipped out here quickly, in that same case."

    "Computer bring up any information on "Argellious II Tatterdooen University," Caroline said. The screen brought up several files. The symbol for the university came up. "Yep that there matches the scroll part underneath," she pointed. "So we have narrowed down our place of study. And we can compile a list of all the surgical students over a ten year period. They only take on 6 per year. Its narrowing things down. And they won't all be male. That's an Adam's apple there."

    Galeraz, in watching the video, and taking in what Caroline was requesting, chuckled. He said, "Now that is Irony personified. Not only was a pre-graduate medical student from the University involved in what happened to Sav almost six years ago, the High Def Training video made from Sav's surgery was misplaced in the wrong canister at that self same University." He shook his head, "And, it would figure it would be a student from there. That is an Orion favorable planet, so if you have the cash, you have the deeds you want."

    "I have some cash but I don't want a trail. I don't want these people finding out the net is tightening," Caroline stated.

    Galeraz stretched, then gently put his arms around Caroline as he smelled of her hair. "I will ask for a favor owed from a friend who works in HR at the college to get me a listing of all mid to final term students who would have qualified for going to other planets for mid to final term work, as well as just graduated students who procured jobs off planet."

    Caroline nodded and smiled. "In that case I would say the net is starting to tighten."

    Galeraz chuckled as he gave Caroline's neck a gentle kiss. "A general request to see off-bound versus on-world students and tracking to ask how the off world made out should not cause any alarms to any events or triggers still lying about to this event. When I get the data, I can hone in exactly onto Apollonia and work towards our suspect. I would surmise the list will be small, maybe even one." He began kneading her neck as he gave the back of her head a kiss. "So, what are your plans now? Relax with me for bit, or do you have to run?"

    Caroline grinned. "Well I am up for another of these," she indicated the glass. "Lets go from there."


    Dr. Galeraz Zephyr
    Xeno Doctor
    Station: Outpost 785 on Argelius II
    Starbase Medical Dorm Facilities, Room Number 36569
    Visiting Consultant

    Dr Caroline Miller
    USS Merlin


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