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A new arrival

Posted on Friday 16 June 2017 @ 14:34 by Commander Melody Jones & Lieutenant JG Sardon

Mission: The Perez Nebula
Location: Captain's Ready Room / Shuttle 03
Timeline: 239406.04


Melody was reviewing the repair logs when the comm system beeped. "Go ahead."

Lieutenant Peterson's voice came from the bridge. "Commander, the shuttle with our new chief engineer is on final approach."

"Very good. Send him into see me straight away."

"Aye Sir."

=====Shuttle 03======

Lieutenant Junior Grade Sardon packed as most of his stuff had already been transported to the Merlin. He sat in the passenger seat of the shuttle watching her through the viewscreen. This isn't the first time he'd seen an Excalibur Class but he was excited to get in the Engine room. Sardon couldn't believe he could be so lucky to be tapped on the shoulder for such an assignment. This is what he waited for most of his career.

As the shuttle docked he was approached by a crewman in the shuttlebay, "the XO is waiting for you in the Captain's Ready Room, Sir."

"Perfect, I'm on my way crewman," Sardon said. He like it this way straight to the business at hand.

It was almost 10 mins till he arrived on the bridge and hit the chime to enter the Ready Room. He starighten his uniform as best he could after travel from the starbase and aware of the crew moving behind him.

Melody looked up from her PADD "Come!"

Sardon stepped in to the Captain's Ready Room, a Commander sitting at his desk. He walked up and placed a PaDD with his orders on it in front of her before snapping his heels together at the position of attention. "Lieutenant Juinor Grade Sardon, reporting as ordered.

"Stand at ease Lieutenant" Melody rose and walked over to appraise her new officer. Although she had not had any dealing with Zaldans before, she knew of their detest of courtesy, so she was going to have to treat this officer..... a little different than how she would normally.

"You resume was very impressive. You'll might find things a little different than what you're use to here on the Merlin, but I do like my engines at peak efficiency at all times. Do you think you can handle that?"

"I believe I can," Sardon said appreciative of the lack of courtesy he dealt with regularly when first meetings with new superiors. "Of course I haven't seen her current condition or met the team yet, but I will acquaint my self with the heart of the Merlin shortly." Sardon flashed a smile that meant he was here to work. "Ma'am I was called from the shuttle bay as I arrived to come see you right away, Is there a sense of urgency?" Sardon tried to measure the woman in front of him. She seemed a fair leader with a commanding presence, but he always feared the diplomacy of command was full of deception and deceit. He had learned early in his career if he focused on his work and worried less about the work of others, he could be very successful.

"Urgency?" Melody raised an eyebrow "No. I try to make it a policy of meeting all new officers as soon as they come on board. However, due to recent events, I think we need to know everything is in working order. Once you've met your team I want a complete review of all engineering and computer systems on board this vessel. Once that is complete, I'd like a meeting to see if there is anything that can be improved. I'd love to hear any idea you have. Do you have any questions?

"Not at this time ma'am," Sardon said returning to the position of attention. "I will let you know once I check in with my team. Unless there is anything else I would like to get started."

Melody nodded "Then I wont keep you from your duties Lieutenant. Dismissed."

Sardon left the Ready Room with a new purpose. He had an engine room waiting and he was long overdue to meet his new team and the place that he would basically live out of.


Commander Melody Jones
Executive Officer
USS Merlin

Lieutenant Junior Grade Sardon
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Merlin


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