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Sciency Stuff

Posted on Tuesday 13 June 2017 @ 22:36 by Petty Officer 2nd Class Pete Burg & Commander Melody Jones

Mission: The Perez Nebula
Location: Science Station, Bridge
Timeline: 239406.02 18:45


Petty Officer Pete Burg sat at the science station at the aft of the engineering station and sighed as he rubbed his face with his hands. He had spent most of his shift there watching the readings coming from around the ship. He was helping out since the science staff had taken a hit recently. But, Burg was having trouble focusing after fifteen hours at the station, and other than sit here and watch the derelict ship on his scanners. The scans showed what they already knew; it was Starfleet in design, Federation power signatures and it was 5,000 years old which put it in Earths early ancient history in the time of Pharos. Earth obviously didn't have starships in that time, however, with what was on the screen Pete had to wonder if that starship was behind the Alien and extraterrestrial myths and drawings from all over the planet during that time, "Burg to Jones, do you have a moment, Captain?"

Melody voice came from directly behind him "Anything for you chief."

She had just stepped back on to the bridge after coming up from sickbay. The rusted dedication plaque was still in her hands. She held it turned inwards so the writing was not visible.

"I've got a meeting of the senior staff in about 15 minutes. What's on your mind?"

The Petty Officer turned, not snapping to attention after spending so much time with the command team he knew he could stay relaxed, "well, ma'am, I'm just wondering what I'm looking for or if we have any more information on that ship out there?" the Yeoman replied as he motioned to his screen and took a breath, "I appreciate you're pulling me out of the office, papercuts are killer," he added with a smirk, "I'm just not sure what else you want me to look for."

Melody sat down in the seat next to him. She kept her voice low. "We need to know what that is." She pointed to image on the display.

"We need to know everything about it. Where it came from and why it's here. I've been told by several members of the science team that your investigational skills are excellent and you keep an open mind. That's exactly what I need right now. If that ship out there is the real deal then we could have a very serious problem."

She turned the plaque so he could read it "At the moment, this information is not to be spread for obvious reasons."

The Petty Officer nodded slowly, fighting the urge to look to the mounted bridge plaque behind him, "well, it is from Earths ancient history period, twenty six oh seven bc to be exact. This is just after the start of most cultures on Earth. I am not detecting anything else out of the ordinary," he reported, "I'd like to have the away team send me hull samples as well as any samples of furniture and biological samples. Between medical and science if there are lingering traces of anything at all those samples should tell us."

"Lieutenant Tillatix beamed a section of hull to engineering for analysis. We've got an engineering team going over to access the main computer core. When they've finished we'll see if they can get some samples from inside the ship. You'll have the bridge while the senior staff is in the briefing. "

A thought suddenly occurred to her "When we've finished here our next point of interest is a Lazarus star not far from here. I'd like you to head up the investigation."

Burg raised an eyebrow, he had never been left in command before, "understood," he replied simply with a smile, "thank you for your trust," he added, knowing it was rare for an NCO to be left in command and, outside of a few instances, to be put in charge of an investigation over the commissioned officers, "just tell me I can still swat the back of the wet behind the ears Ensigns heads," he added with a smirk.

Melody chuckled "Just don't let all the power go to your head. Keep me informed of any developments." And with that Melody headed for the observation lounge.


Lieutenant commander Melody Jones
Executive officer
USS Merlin

Petty Officer 2nd Class Pete Burg (APB Barstow)
Captains Yeoman
USS Merlin


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