Breaking in a new saddle??
The New Collective
Stardate 249509

The New Collective

Mission Day:
MD 3, Early
Academy Days


  • Research Station

  • Speed:
  • Full Impulse

  • Shields:
  • 100%

  • Hull:
  • 100%

  • Systems:
  • Operational

  • Search Engine Submission - AddMe

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    Posted on Saturday 20 October 2018 @ 18:19 by Captain John "Apollo" Barstow, M.D.

    Mission: The New Collective
    Location: =/\= Ready Room =/\=

    John sat at his desk and rubbed his face with a tired sigh. The ship was back up to strength and they'd taken on a few new crew members, but, now he was sifting through reports of Borg attacks. The ship was currently en rout to the next closest Borg attack and they had a plan to get intel. However, the longer they took the more people lost their lives. Add on to that Obsidian Command base going missing and they had serious issues in the sector. Apollo rubbed his chin as he read the last reports, "that's the second anomaly to cause a Starfleet crew to disappear in the last few years...." he said to himself and couldn't help but wonder if that was related to what Merlin was dealing with.

    He shook his head, command had sent out reports about both and was trying to get together a defense. However, John knew it'd be to late by the time they were able to put anything meaningful together, Starfleet was just spread to thin. He'd ordered Agamemnon to follow them and help create a diversion for the infiltration team. Cause enough damage to the Borg ship and it'd keep the drones occupied regenerating it so the team could capture one. The Marines along with sciences would be going over and once they came back both ships would warp out. From there they hoped to extract intel from the drone and O'Hara was hoping to do that through an experimental device. If medical signed off on it they'd be set, he hoped, "baby steps," he said to himself as the comm went off, "Captain, we're three minutes out."

    "Copy, Bridge, red alert, away team, get in position," the CO called as he stood up, time to get this show on the road.


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