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The New Collective
Stardate 249509

The New Collective

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MD 3, Early
Academy Days


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    CFCO Present Time, Present Time JP 2 of 2

    Posted on Monday 29 October 2018 @ 17:00 by Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix

    Mission: The New Collective
    Location: USS Merlin - Deck 2 - Tillatix Quarters
    Timeline: Next Mission - Borg Attack Nigh


    The CFCO had invited two of her fellow female officers over to unwrap gifts that the CFCO had received 6 and three years earlier. Thus, while waiting on Cara and hoping she could get in a break from her duty schecule, Sav and Kachiko watched a holovid. But, with no show yet from Cara, it was time to get to the presents.

    Sav reached over and drug the L'Tandrey duty pack towards her. She now began digging out the presents.

    The first one was midsize and rather light, the next two were large and heavy, and there was a Gold Embossed Card mixed in. Sav said, "These are my presents from graduating from Starfleet Academy. The next two.." She dug down into the bag and brought out a book sized box and a smaller mid-size box. She sighed as she said, "I only found these two out a week ago when I decided to try and remember how many gifts I had. They were a surprise. This one is from my mom, the other from my younger sister Kendra. These are from my graduation from College, but, to tell the truth, I don't remember receiving them."

    Sav arranged the presents. As she did, she said, "I'll open my college gifts first, then the light one, the two heavy ones, and finally check out that rather expensive looking gold embossed card. Sound good?"

    Kachiko shrugged, "I've no dog in this race, Sav."

    Sav churr-giggled, saying, "Yes you do. You're here with me to open these. So if you want to see one opened before the others, holler."

    Sav grabbed the book sized one and showed Kachiko the tag, showing it was from her Mom, Koreanna. She opened it and found her mom's 'then' latest romance book, 'The Round Up at Homestead'. She burst out in a giggle, then opened it to find a note inside. She took the note to read as she handed the book to Kachiko. "My mom is a well known Romance Novel writer. They are adult, so, I guess this was her gift to me for turning 18 and graduating college. Go ahead, check it out, her books always have humor, softness, and lead-ups of dating to get to the interesting bits."

    Kachiko just silently arched an eyebrow. Had she the penchant for writing adult romance novels, there's no way in hell she'd gift one to Reiko upon reaching 18. It'd be... odd.

    Sav smelled the note, noting her mothers scent and cologne on it, even after all these years. She felt comforted by it. Now, she opened and read it. 'Savra Darling, I hope your graduation gives you the knowledge to proceed with your life and to overcome what has come over you. You used to be so chipper, so in the now, but the last year, after the accident, you are a shadow of your former self. I know the official story, and the rumors. My dear, dear luv, if you need anything of me, please come and I have the ear. I know something was done to you, just not what. Please, Savra, remember who you are, what has been done is not you, but life. With all my heart, Mama Reana.'

    Sav lifted the note and hugged it to her bosom. She sat there, churring and crying at the same time, feelings of Melancholy from a missed chance to visit with her mother to ashamed for having missed the chance. She felt loved, but, sadness for not knowing what her mother felt during that time. She looked up at Kachiko, then passed her the note. She whispered, "I never knew, and now, here it is, six years later. I feel, regret."

    "Don't, Sav. You're none the less for it and I'm certain that your mother would be glad you didn't get it until now," Kachiko tried to soothe her friend's angst.

    At 2030 things were quiet in Sickbay, Cara snuck out the rear entrance and hurried to Sav's quarters. She rang the chime and when the door was opened she said, hurriedly, "I only have a few minutes before they miss me in Sickbay."

    Sav was overjoyed to see Cara at her door. She glommed onto her with a hug while singing out, "YOU MADE IT!" Releasing the hug she stepped inside and replied, "A few minutes is good fer me. Come in, come in. Kuchiko and I were getting ready to open my second college graduation gift. *snickers* The first one was a romance book written by my Mom... you can borrow it sometime ifin you like..."

    Cara was surprised by the hug but managed to give the girl a quick pat on her back without actually hugging her. She stepped inside and smiled at Kachiko

    Sav motioned to the snack tray on the coffee table that Kachiko had brought. Her tea-coffee set was on the dining table nearby. "Would you like anything to eat or drink? Kachiko brought food, I have the drinks." On the dining table was the romance book, 'The Round Up at Homestead'.

    "No thanks," Cara said. She was still amazed at the Commander's level of child like behavior and could only imagine how difficult the Academy must have been for her. She wondered if it was a Mephitian trait or just Save'ena's.

    Sav looked at the smaller medium sized box. She closed her eyes as she picked up her next gift from her younger sister, Kendra. She felt around it, then opened it slowly, and only when she had removed the top, opened her eyes. Inside the box was a stuffed Todd with two tails, and a note. Sav burst out in a crying giggle at finding her little sisters favorite stuffed toy inside. She hugged Cheny, then gave him a kiss on his nose before handing him to Cara while looking at both ladies. She said, "Cara, Kachiko, this is Cheny, my Sister Kendra's favorite Stuffed Friend. He is based on a Rare L'Tandrey Vuliendrey Prince, who is real."

    This made Kachiko's eyes well up ever-so-slightly. The love of a child for a parent or older sibling suddenly made Kachiko wish that Reiko had an older sibling.

    Sav opened the note. 'Savy, I love you and miss you. Mom nor Dad do not know, but I do. Remember Kentressa, the ex con young lady visiting my school to tell the dangers of her path in life? She accepted an invitation to Biggy Thompson's island, and remember, they found bits of her in the bay? Rumors among the servant mill and kids said what happened. Sav, that you were captured by them, I, I, don't know what to say. But I do know this, Sav, please, don't commit suicide. Here is Cheny to help you along. Tuu Chen took in a destitute as a wife, nothing says your fairy tale won't come true to. Remember, we love you, and, I can guess what happened to you, and have sensed the psychic barriers within your mind when we touch. I hate them for it, hate them. But, first, you need to find you. Here is Cheny to help with that. He has helped me many times, may you find solace and a friend as well. Call me when you can, please sis? I miss you, Kendra.' Sav was in a type of fugue, and shock, when she passed the note to Cara to read and then pass it to Kachiko.

    The word "suicide" caught Cara's attention and she glanced at Kachiko to see her reaction since she new Save'ena back then.

    Kachiko nodded silently at Cara, having caught the movement of her head out of the corner of her eye, "I know that you've had tough times because of what they did to you and were still doing, in a way. You've moved past that stage, thankfully."

    Sav could only nod at Kachiko's words as she gathered herself. She gently breathed, then looked at Cara and Kachiko, and said, "My poor sister, my poor sister... that knowledge all these years. Why can't I remember getting these gifts?" She swallowed, then asked, "Just.. give me a moment, and.. then, then the Academy gifts?" She wrapped her arms around herself, her fur fluffing out as she fought with her emotions. What she wouldn't give for a hug right now.

    Cara wasn't in the habit of hugging her patient's and she still saw Save'ena as a patient. The girl was obviously in a bad place, emotionally, due to all that she had been through and Cara couldn't help but look at things clinically. She stepped towards the girl to sit next to her only to be stopped in her tracks by her comlink chirping in her ear just seconds before the red light bars in the wall began to pulsate and the Red Alert klaxon blared. She looked at Kachiko and Save'ena and said, "ladies? Looks like the party's over." She focused on Kachiko with a glance at Save'ena in hopes that the XO would take care of her then she headed for the door.

    Kachiko likewise stood as O'Reilly did, setting a hand on the other woman's arm briefly before moving to crouch down next to Save'ena. Her arms tried to wrap around the Mephetian's shoulders, embracing the other woman and gave her some time to collect herself.

    Sav was within her thoughts when the red alert went off. She was startled and looked towards the wall as her mind came to grips with that it was flashing with an associated sound. She noticed Cara heading for the door even as Kachiko gathered her into a hug. Sav tried to come out of her fugue state as she said, "Uh... uh.... uh... uh... red... red alert, its red alert."

    Sav gave Kachiko a quick hug and stood up. While there was a helmsman manning the ship, it was her place to get there... she said out loud, "The Helm.. I have to get to... no... wait... after hours, red alert, DCO.. DCO teams. I am to get to deck 15 to be ready on Environmental Controls and Life Support... " While Sav was on light duty, in the past, that never meant much as she was always called upon for duty despite being on light duty. She looked at Kachiko even as she reached over and touched a control surface on the arm of the couch. The Saxon blaring stopped in the room, the lights still flashed. She looked at Kachiko and said, "I can replicate you a uniform as I get one for me. Are you needed on the bridge, think I should go to, just in case?"

    Kachiko sighed, "I'm on limited duty. Though I should still return to the bridge. Don't worry about the uniform, that won't matter much on the bridge."

    Sav looked down at her silk pajama's and grimaced while saying, "Uhh, yeah, asa fer me, not a good impression on fellow officers. Give me a second, please.." Sav ran into her bedroom even as her uniform left the closet an separated into its two pieces. She removed her top and bottom, put on a bra, then slid into her duty uniform, her telekinetics helping make the change extremely rapid. She came quickly back out to Kachiko and said, "Okay, ready, let's head to the bridge."


    Commander Save'ena Amilia Tillatix
    Chief Flight Control Officer

    Commander Bayushi Kachiko
    Executive Officer, USS Merlin
    Bridge Command Specialist
    USS Merlin

    Dr. Cara O'Reilly
    USS Merlin


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