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    Exploration of a Date Part 2 of 2

    Posted on Tuesday 13 November 2018 @ 05:07 by Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix
    Edited on on Tuesday 22 January 2019 @ 20:32

    Mission: The New Collective
    Location: Officers Mess
    Timeline: 23950826 - Folloiwng Quandary Posts


    Miles and Sav are enjoying a meal after working on ways to shore up the control consoles on the bridge. The meal has become more of a date as the two learn more about each other and their pasts.

    Sav managed to reply, "Thank you, sirrah. Umm, what race is Makarth, to which I am being compared to? And, I am so happy you're enjoying the stew, It's my favorite, even though how my mom makes it is so much better. I miss home. At least I can go back now to fully experience home, instead of everything being totally muffled and distant."

    "Makarth is Klingon, he is the youngest son of the House of Breager. I think we were 'roomed' together as we were the main two non-humans in the London Academy. He and I had a lot of fun together, especially when we would get drunk and sing traditional 'English' songs in Klingon and Cardassian. His eating habits were somewhat deplorable, and often scary for non-klingons to watch as he stuffed gagh and other still alive items into his mouth, all the while laughing. He actually has a good opera voice. I caught him singing once while waiting for me in the sparring room."

    Sav chuckled with warmth as she heard about his roomy. She replied, "Sounds like the perfect match, then. I'm glad you had a fun roommate. I had one also, a Caitian, at the Academy. She was a handful, always ready for a party and enjoying herself. I was the party pooper. With everything that happened, I just was not fully there."

    Sav looked at Miles and decided he needed a little bit more explanation about her being 'not fully there' and her senses being muffled and distant. She snorted out a dry laugh, and said, "Not fully there, as in, the Toluene Poisoning suppressed my endocrine system, my nerves, and kept me in a fog. Heck, I still feel tingles in my extremities once in a while as it is not fully out of my body yet. Getting better, but not fully out. Part of why I am on light duty, that and also recovering from major surgeries of replacing left kidney, left ovary, removing that damned nylon laced mesh from my insides, besides the reconstructive surgeries. For my time, it has only been nine months." She ripped another piece of the bowl off. This piece was part of the bottom and was dripping with stew dredges. She craned up her neck with muzzle open to insert into her mouth. She nipped off a bite to chew, then swallow, a loud 'mmmmm' coming from her as the bottom of the bread bowl caught concentrations of flavors from the stew. After swallowing, she looked back at Miles with an amused expression and said, "I just have to take it careful... sorry, Miles, but re-entry surfing is out as a date for right now...", then smiled with a shy grin to him.

    Watching her eat and listening to her tale Miles is trapped between mesmerized and sad. Taking her hand, he will rub her knuckles again, "I am sorry for all that has happened to you, if I can do anything to make you feel better please let me know. As for re-entry surfing," he leans in close to Sav and whispers, "I'm afraid of heights, so I'll stick to surfing on water thanks," with his other hand he sneaks out and steals a piece of Sav's bread bowl, "Care for a bite madam?"

    Sav giggled gently, then said, "Don't mind if I do." She leaned in and carefully 'mouthed' the piece of bread bowl from his fingers. At first, her tongue came out of her mouth to wrap about the bread away from his fingers to support and guide it for her muzzle. Next, her lips, being across a full muzzle and very manipulative, having more muscles along them with control than a frontal humanoid's mouth, enclosed around the very ends of his fingers. Her teeth were extremely gentle in going down his finger tips, feeling like someone was using a pin wheel down them, like checking for nerve sensation, which also showed how sharp they actually were. These actions tugged the piece of bread from his fingers and only left a very slight dampness behind them, which actually quickly went away as her saliva along her lips had changed its properties for one of cleaning and healing instead of aiding food digestion. It was a female Mephetian trait. Sav did not think in how she did it, the eroticness and exoticness of the act, only that it was offered by a gentleman treating her nicely.

    If she is watching his face, then she can easily see how he goes from being mischievous to turned on. It takes him a few deep breaths to get his emotions in control long enough to breathily say, "WOW, never experienced that before, um, wow!"

    Sav giggled gently, not really sure what Miles was referring too. She grinned and replied to what Miles had said about heights. "On Heights, Ah will have tah keep that in mind. Umm, you do realize I am a tree dwelling race? Very large trees? I have never understood being afraid of heights, but can sympathize. As a tree dwelling race, I have, umm, well, you'll find out on a date on a starbase, soooo... " Her forearms flexed and four wickedly sharp claws came out from between her fingers/thumbs. They were almost three inches long, curved, and for anyone who knew about claws' form and function, were definitely for climbing, besides self defense. She whispered, "I am trained in anger management at the Academy, and would only use them for self defense, besides climbing and bedroom sports... Honest... " She stiffened when she realized what she said at the last and blushed profusely, an "Uhhhh..." sounding from her.

    Reaching out, Miles will run his fingers up and down her claws and fingers, "I can see climbing and self-defense, but you'll have to demonstrate what kind of bedroom sports these come in handy for, unless its to disrobe each other more quickly..." That mischievous grin is back, he doesn't seem to be backing down or running away at this point.

    Sav shyly looked up at Miles and a smile played about her lips at seeing his grin. She glances back down at her claws while thinking about what Miles had said. She started with, "Well, claws can be like nails, umm.. and on clothes... " A quick tremor went through her arm as her body stiffened from not so nice memories flooding into her mind. Her body shivering slightly, her claws retreated as she said, "Yeah.. uh, yeah, in the future, ifin we get further datin, ayuh. She withdrew her hands from the table to place in her lap as she breathed to get herself under control. However, Miles was there, she had to let him know. She managed to get out, "Miles.. not you.. isn't your fault.. mem... memories, bad ones from dungeon hit me.. tis all. Give me a moment, please."

    Miles moved his hands back to his lap, mimicking Sav. "I understand, take what time you need." The mischievous smile vanishes as a look of empathy and concern creeps in.

    CS PO3 D'Andre, in seeing a break from eating, came over to the two at the table. He spoke up, "And, are you two ready for dessert yet?"

    Not having been paying attention to anything around him other than Sav, MIles lets a small squeak of surprise out as D'Andre speaks.

    Sav stole a glance at Miles to make sure he was okay, and then looked up at D'Andre with a smile as the thoughts of dessert and fun times of the past rousted out the tramplings of bad memories. She spoke out in a melodious voice, "Oh, yes, please, bring the bread pudding. I just know Miles will love it, just as much as me."

    CS PO3 D'Andre nodded and smiled to them both, while saying, "You have a very pretty voice, Commander. Do you sing any?"

    Sav nodded, "Ah do when Ah am invited tah play mah Synthetaur. Just, Ah don't have one right now. Ah do have a decent singin voice, Ah do." Of course, while Sav downplayed her singing voice, those who heard it knew she could be a rock star, easily, except that her love of flying outweighed her desire to become a member of a band.

    CS PO3 D'Andre went off to get the bread puddings and a looking recovered Sav turned her attention back to Miles. She took in a breath, let it out, then said to Miles. "Yeah, sorry about that. As I said earlier, I have some not nice baggage I am still dealing with." She smiled hopefully at Miles and continued, "I am glad you're still here... honest."

    His concerned look shifts into friendly," I don't think you're going to run me off that easy Sav. If you'd like to borrow my cythern to play while you sing, you are more than welcome to try it out. It's an 8 string instrument. It ranges from deep bass to the equivalent of C5 on an Earth piano. Like I said, I'll have to clean it first and most likely re-tune it, but its yours to play...well, only if I get to listen to you sing."

    Sav blushed lightly as she listened to Miles. She never lent out her synthetaur as it was hers and tuned to her, well, until it was dismantled piece by piece by piece by Mr.... 'Breath.. let it go' trampled across Sav's mind. She grinned shyly at Miles, "Ah could do t'at, Ah think. Ah can play t'e harp, sooo, Ah could try yur cythern. A synthetaur is ah guitar witha keys instead ofa strings, ana synthesizer module for music accompaniment. Basically, Ah can be mah own band witha it, ifin Ah still had it. So, yeah, Ah'll play fer yah, and see ifin yah like mah voice or not."

    D'Andre came over with the finished bread puddings. He sat down two cast iron small pots with the whisky, cinnamon, and vanilla infused bread pudding with warm egg custard on the side. Next he sat down the two small pouring pitchers with their whiskey infused caramel sauces next to the pots. Finally, two large spoons were given. He smiled and said, "Enjoy." He left the two to their marvelous dessert.

    Sav immediately picked up the sauce and poured a small amount over the end of the pudding next to the custard, also getting some on it. She grabbed the spoon and dipped it into the pudding with sauce, while grabbing some custard at the same time. Her nose twitched at the delightful scents coming from the spoon as she held it just in front of her muzzle. She inhaled while curling her tongue, getting a good nose of the spices wafting from the treat. Now she enclosed her muzzle over the spoon. Her eyes closed, her whiskers moved full out, her ears relaxed down, even as a loud "mmMMMMmmm" came from her chest. She chewed and swallowed, churring sounding out as she reveled in the tastes and let them take her to paradise.

    Miles watched Sav eat her treat, then he copied her, pouring sauce over pudding and custard, and then brought his bite to his nose. He could smell the caramel, and the cinnamon, two things he enjoyed greatly. The vanilla and whisky scents were new, but smelled good when mixed in with the others. Putting the spoonful into his mouth, Miles was pleasantly surprised at how both savory and sweet came together in the dish. Miles made a "mmMMMMmmm" noise of his own as he wondered why he hadn't tried this dish while spending time in London. It was something on the menus he had seen, but not a dish he had ever tried before now. Once his mouth is empty he adds, "Sav this is delicious, thanks for sharing it with me!"

    As she was also greatly enjoying her dessert, Sav's voice came out rather erotic as she answered him, churrs intermixed with her voice's lilt and melodious tone. "Ahhh ama soooo glad yer enjoyin' it asa well asa me, ayuh." She smiled to Miles as she watched him upon his next bite, thinking, 'Ayuh, tis asa I.' She returned to her bread pudding... and it was strangely gone all too quickly. She looked at her empty pot, then up at Miles. "Mine is seemingly gone, Miles." She put her muzzle between her hands as she looked at him, her tail twitching here and there, as she said, "This was a good meal, especially the company, and I hate to be a spoil sport... but... ready to invite Captain, XO, and CEO?"

    Miles runs his spoon around his empty pot, but doesn't find anything else to eat, with a deep sigh he says, "I guess we should, we did do all that work. I will have to figure out what meal we should try for our next date...what's some foods you haven't tried before?"


    Commander Save'ena Tillatix
    Chief of Flight Operations, USS Merlin

    Lieutenant JG Marbim "Miles" Rejal
    Chief of Operations, USS Merlin


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