Breaking in a new saddle??
The New Collective
Stardate 249509

The New Collective

Mission Day:
MD 3, Early
Academy Days


  • Research Station

  • Speed:
  • Full Impulse

  • Shields:
  • 100%

  • Hull:
  • 100%

  • Systems:
  • Operational

  • Search Engine Submission - AddMe

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    Testing a Theory

    Posted on Wednesday 21 November 2018 @ 20:44 by Commander Cale Llewellyn DSci & Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix

    Mission: The New Collective
    Location: Bridge


    After he had received the message from Commander Tillatix, Commander Cale Llewellyn got up from his seat at the Strat Ops console and made his way over to the helm. The idea that Commander Tillatix had proposed was intriguing to say the least. It was a stroke of genius. As he came closer to the helm, he placed a hand on the back of the chair, leaned closer to the officer seated there and said, "Commander, your idea sounds most interesting. I would like to hear more."

    Sav's right ear turned towards Cale even as her status monitor lit up instantly with, ==Just a second, Commander, I have to shift the Merlin away from a weapon charging== The battle carrier Z-shifted while pirouetting her tail away and around to bring her front shields to bear while slipping to the right for a glancing blow if the beam of energy hit, which it did, but with minimal impact due to the maneuvers. That accomplished, the Mephetian helmsman took in a breath, then a quick shake of her body.

    Sav now said to Cale, "Thank you, Commander, for giving me that space. Okay, as CAG, I had a full rundown on the EWA's, and we used them to great affect during the Asteroid Incident with the Romulans. Of course, I made mistakes, which I won't do again, but that's for another time. Each starship has a unique electronic signature, more so in combat due to the energies involved. ECM and ECCM has been around for a long, long time. Wild Weasels were the norm a hundred years ago, but sensors have evolved to know the difference. However, specialty EWA fighters are much more than a shuttle charged with a canister of signature energy to mimic a starship. The EWA can route and change the characteristics of the energy, causing it to look like the ship being mimicked even to current sensors. An EWA has two quantums, phasers, and maneuverability, completing that mimicry. Thus, one ship becomes two, and that makes two targets instead of one for confusion."

    "Again, I say your idea is genius. And I say, as Strat Ops, go with it. In fact, consider it an order. How did I ever miss your genius when I was onboard 2 years ago?" Cale asked. Maybe it was because you weren't on the bridge at the time and I didn't consider you worth the time getting to know your skills.

    Sav hrmmed and she said, "One moment". She seemed to fall into a mild sleep as suddenly the Merlin shifted down and away to the left while some scheduled waste debris was launched from its cradle. A lance of energy bound for the Merlin missed and got the debris instead, vaporizing it and making the Borg think they hit, which they did, but didn't. Sav seemed to wake up as she now said, "The fighters are gnats, providing some weapon distraction, but not drawing the big guns. We need to draw the big guns away from our main ships, and cause panic with two more 'full sized' starship. But, as this battle is almost over, we might not have time for such a nice trick for this battle."

    Cale lurched with the ship, the IDF not capable of keeping up fully with Sav's expert helm controls. "Yes I see that. They're drawing away some of the Borg's concentration which even with their collective consciousness is causing them to waste considerable energies on the fighters. I see now what you're trying to do. Use some of the ships' resources to create a second Merlin, am I correct?"

    Sav replied, "That is correct, Sir. And... Genius... lots of laughs, I have been called many things, but never that, until now. So, to get this going, Science needs to read the Merlin ASAP with the special sensors and get a reading on the Merlin's energy signature and then send that to the current CAG in Fighter Ops for the Dragons. I cannot do anything further here, well, except for my flying... and, a moment, please." The Merlin now shifted to go End over End, a supposedly impossible maneuver, yet, it was now happening, and as it did, the Borg cube brought a lance of energy to bear. It hit the fully charged and reinforced rear shield, taking away the reinforce energy but not damaging the shield, and then the Merlin was facing and able to continue its attack on the cube. Sav silently mouthed, "Hurry up Shuttle.. I'm running out of options to keep the Merlin safe...."

    "Calm down, Sav. You can do this. Just concentrate on piloting the ship and I'll do the rest. Science, I need you to get the Merlin's energy signature over to the CAG of fighter ops yesterday!" Cale shouted to the person manning the science console. The woman at that post merely nodded at Cale and signaled when his order was carried out. "OK Sav, it's all yours now."

    Suddenly, the Merlin was caught in a tractor beam as she leveled out from Sav's last maneuver. A cutter beam sliced through Deck 8 near the JAG Offices and suddenly gravity began going crazy on the bridge. As Cale was thrown to the deck, Sav tucked her legs under her seat to stay put, and after glancing at Cale to say, "I'm fully immersing, keep my body safe," and then she slumped over her console, her legs still tucked and locked in position. Over at the Captain's chair, Sav's voice could be heard over the speaker inset into it letting the Captain know she could break free, causing some more damage, or stay put for now if needed for Tactics of the current battle.

    "God, I hope you know what you're doing Sav, for your own sake. For all our sakes," Cale said to Sav's slumped body just as the deck began to explode all around them.


    Commander Save'ena Tillatix
    CFCO/Bridge Command Specialist
    USS Merlin


    Commander Cale Llewellyn
    Strategic Operations/ Second Officer
    USS Merlin


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