New Directions
The New Collective
Stardate 249509

The New Collective

Mission Day:
MD 3, Early
Academy Days


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  • Standard Orbit

  • Shields:
  • 100%

  • Hull:
  • 100%

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  • Operational

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    Breaking in a new saddle??

    Posted on Wednesday 22 May 2019 @ 20:54 by Lieutenant Breana Rathburn & Commander Caroline Miller

    Mission: The New Collective
    Location: 10 Forewords
    Timeline: Current

    Alright, that was it... her shift was over and Bree decided that she clearly needed a drink. Having stopped by her quarters to change into a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt that said "I'd rather be riding" with a white horse head under it. She'd fed snowball and headed out to 10-forewords with a shake of her head and sigh.

    While she understood the loss of a crew member and been though that before, the loss of a Captain was a new one for her. In a way, the fact that she hadn't really had the chance to bond with the crew, and more so the Captain made this a little easier for her. While others where ruled by emotions at the moment, she was able to think logically. Then again, some seemed to find that a downfall... at least according to the looks she was getting from some of department co-workers.

    Maybe she was over thinking things? Her previous councilor had told her that she tended to do that and needed to stop. And while she tried, sometimes it was simply like breathing, it just happened. Zoey used to tease her about the hamster in her head never knowing when to get off the wheel and take a break, damn she missed her best friend. She had needed to go back home and deal with the loss of her father and of course had also felt that it would do Bree good to find her own footing on the new ship. Both had agreed that maybe later she could see if a position opened up for her to join the ship.

    Sighing softly, Breana stepped into 10 Forewords and gave a glance around before moving to the bar for that drink. Elbows on the bar, she lowered her head a moment to rub her temples a bit while waiting for her drink.

    "Sumerian Sunset," a blond said to the barman next to her. Caroline took the seat next to someone she didn't recognise. "Horse fan?" she spotted the t-shirt and asked. She wanted to talk about anything but the captain. Everyone needed to talk to her about the Captain. "I've never ridden one. They scare me," she admitted.

    Well that brought a glance to the woman that sat next to her, a slight smile touching her features with the question. "Yes, I love them, own some back down on Earth." Bree added with a slow relaxed breath, cause well... wow, someone that didn't instantly start talking about the Captain. "May I ask why they scare you? A bad time with one? The size? Or just...." She let that trail off, as the first two usually seemed to be the reason most people said they were scared of them. A nod of thanks was given to the barman as he placed the Margarita down before her.

    "There a little too big for my liking and one bit me on the elbow once. You know when your young and your mother takes you to give them apples. I guess he got a little excited," Caroline answered. She took the little spoon when the barman handed her drink and clinked the glass. For a moment, she was lost just watching the beautiful colours swirling wildly.

    "Caroline," she smiled after a moment, taking her eyes off the beauty in the glass and held her holding her hand out.

    "I assume your far more confident around them?" she grinned.

    "Breana," she replied as she took that offered hand to shake. "And you can say that. When I'm back home I tend to be on horseback more then I'm walking." Bree said with a slight chuckle. "Maybe someday, if you want I can help you get over that horse fear. They can really be big, easy going, goofballs if given the chance."

    Caroline took a long sip of her drink and thought for a moment, "well I'd hardly be a good counselor telling people to get on the horse, back on the horse or some derivative of it if I can't manage it myself. Very well I accept." She clinked her glass to the other woman's.

    "Are you new?" She asked. "Sorry Breana I don't recall seeing you before but then again I've only been onboard a month or so."

    Well crap, Bree thought the woman next to her mentioned she was a counselor. Go figure, the first person she sits down and chats with happens to be a head doctor... the last person she'd wanted to talk to. Nipping on her lower lip a moment as she reminded herself to give the woman a chance, after all so far the talk seemed to be going good.

    "Sounds like a date. And yes, I'm a new Engineer." And didn't her arrival on the ship just make for perfect timing. Although, it seemed they both where about to have there work cut out for them. "So I bet you're having a fun time here lately."

    Caroline shuddered inwardly at the word Engineer and then caught herself. She reminded herself to give the woman a chance after all they can't all be as malcontented as O'Hara.

    "You would clean up the game," she smiled wryly at her. "To be honest it hasn't stopped, at all since I got beamed over from my last ship. No warning they were going to make me take a chief and on the ship I used to be CMO as well. Its a somewhat weird set up for me. I'm a doctor you see who did a 2 year Academy elective to step sideways so to speak. A new programme they were running. The strange things is this ship has me missing in action, Starfleet doesn't.

    But hey it is what it is, perhaps that'll make sense one day, how are you settling in?" She asked.

    Well Caroline seemed to be the most chatty counselor she'd ever known! Yet, for some reason that helped her to relax as she lifted her glass for another drink. "I'd probably have settled in a little better had I gotten here a little earlier and not right in the middle of the mess we are currently in.' Bree said with a little shrug.

    "Any advice for me?" She popped up with deciding that the woman might be able to give her some heads up on who to avoid and things like that.

    "Life in general?" Caroline quipped. "A great man once said four words I personally think pretty much cover things, Wheaton, "don't be a dick". But," she shrugged,

    "Its never that simple is it? Usually depends on plenty. If your asking about settling in in general," a slow grin spread over her features, "decorate - make your quarters homely, get out and about - make some friends. Avoid chef Franklins pea soup," she winked at her, "and go for your medical. You don't want Dr Ki hunting you down," she chuckled. "Or the counsellor. I hear she's a scary one."

    Bree chuckled a little as she listened. "Got it... well except for the head doctor. I usually try to avoid them. Then again, sometimes they do just sneak up on me." The last part meant as a tease for the woman next to her. "I'll be working more on my quarters as things settle down. For now, it's one step at a time. But I will remember not to eat the soup."

    "Your going to be just fine Breana," Caroline said sipping the last of her drink. "Anyway, if you would excuse me I am going to get some sleep. I really need some sleep especially with everything. Welcome aboard and I'll see you around. When your settled let me know, I look forward to overcoming my horse issues."

    Bree was smiling and move relaxed then she had been in a while now, this ship and the people on it might just grow on her yet. Then again, Zoey had told her to make sure to give the people a chance and not hold her feelings for those on Centy against them. "I look forwards to teaching you the joys of horses, you have a good night Caroline."

    ● Ensign Breana Rathburn
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