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    A Spook for Merlin

    Posted on Sunday 29 September 2019 @ 18:44 by Lieutenant Commander Rionuj ch'Anidem & Commander Melody Jones

    Mission: The New Collective
    Location: Shuttlecraft España and Starbase 501: Promenade: RepliChichi
    Timeline: During and 20 minutes after "Arrival at Starbase 501"

    USS Merlin: The New Collective: Mission Day: TBD

    Lieutenant Commander Rionuj ch'Anidem was piloting the type 11 shuttle. With him were a few junior officers that would be joining him aboard the USS Merlin. His subordinate, LT. JG Malia Nex a Joined Trill who was formerly of Starfleet Intelligence; two Marines, and two engineering officers. Malia was seated to Rio's left and the both had been getting to know each other since they would be working with one another on their new home. The rest had stayed in the aft compartment. Inside were newer weapons and equipment meant for the Merlin. Rio had an idea of what they were but didn't want to say anything about them in case he was wrong. Three other type 11 shuttles were traveling at warp speed with him. Each of those ships were crewed by three officers and 12 marines. Apparently Starfleet felt that the Merlin needed some back up.

    :"Remember Lieutenant Commander, get the supplies and Marines there. The last transmission we received from the Merlin indicated that they had encountered the Borg and a possible rouge element called the 'Puppet Master'. You are to join your new crew and help save our colonies, am I clear?"

    "Yes Admiral T'Nae, I will do my best;" replied Rio. He found it odd that T'Nae was the one giving him a briefing about a ship that wasn't chartered for Intelligence.:

    "Commander, are you alright?" asked Nex

    "Sorry ensign, just in my own thoughts at the moment. What's our ETA?"

    "We should be arriving at Starbase 501 within 20 minutes sir." responded the Trill

    The hatch to the aft compartment hissed opened and Rio sensed someone enter. At the same moment Malia swiveled in the chair and faced a young looking Saurian engineer who appeared slightly scrawny and lanky. His skin an orange color that complimented the yellow of his uniform well. She noticed his rank on his collar.

    "Can we help you Ensign?" asked the Trill.

    "Forgive me sir..."
    Malia didn't allow the nervous Saurian engineer to finish his statement, the young Trill stood up and faced the nervous reptilian and smiled at him.

    "Do I look like a sir to you. I get that it's a gender inclusive term but I will be addressed as ma'am and you would do well to spread that rumor Ensign. Now don't worry we'll be arriving soon." She said giggling towards the end.

    "Less than 20 minutes, have everyone prepare for our arrival at the station." Responded the Andorian

    The pair watched the Saurian engineer retreat to the aft compartment and they quickly became engrossed in their pre-arrival checklist. After about five minutes a beep issued from Malia's console.

    "Starbase 501 is hailing us sir, audio only;" said the Trill

    "Patch it through."

    =/\="Shuttle España, please readjust flight path to the recommended approach vector being sent to you."=/\=

    "Aye, aye station control, makings course adjustments now." The transmission ended and Rio assumed it was the station who did it.

    He dropped the España out of warp and followed the flight plan given to them. He knew that Malia was coordinating with the other three type 11 shuttles that made the journey from Earth to Starbase 501.

    The view was worth it. They were able to see the USS Merlin in drydock. Rio counted 15 workbees making modifications to the outer hull. A few shuttlepods were conducting scans of the vessel. She was massive and beautiful. A beep at his console reminded him that he was piloting on manual and had 30 seconds to adjust his flight path. With some jerking the España barrel-rolled to starboard and avoided colliding into a repair-bot. After the maneuver, Rio laughed and approached the station cautiosly and the four shuttles landed safely.

    ----20 minutes later----

    Rio was walking on the shopping promenade marveling at how many civilians there were. The smell of cooking meat had him so distracted that he walked right into someone.

    The Merlin had docked earlier that day and Commander Melody Jones had just been to see the Station Commander for her debriefing on their latest mission. Walking back thought the promamnde she had stopped to inspect one of the restaurants when someone bumped into her back.

    She turned to find herself face to face with a rather tall Andorian. "Excuse me, Commander."

    "Forgive me Commander," started the Andorian who took note of the women's rank on her collar; "Ah, Commander Jones of the USS Merlin. The spirits must have guided me to you. I am Lieutenant Commander Rionuj ch'Anidem. I am supposed to be the Merlin's new Strat Ops officer."

    He flashed the red-headed Terran a smile showing off his too white teeth. He curved his antennae forward towards her to convey that he was focusing on her.

    Melody extended her hand. "A pleasure Commander. The Station Commander informed me of your posting. The Merlin will be docked for repair and upgrade for some time and the crew has shore leave. I was just going to get some lunch. Would you like to join me?"

    Rio was familiar with the 'handshake' greeting that Terrans used. He met it with a firm yet casual grip and noticed that she met it in kind. The Andorian smiled and his antennae twitched.

    "Lead the way Commander," he said with a smile.

    The pair entered the restaurant and a waiter approached them. "Good afternoon. Table for two?"

    Melody acknowledged. "Please."

    The waiter led them to a small table in the corner. After they had sat he produced two menus. After a brief glance, Melody spoke "I'm just going for something light. Sooo I would like ... one double Altair sandwich, no mustard, a bowl of linguini with Bajoran shrimp, extra cheese and a racktajino." She looked at the Andorian "For yourself?"

    The Andorian smiled and gave the menu a quick study "I'll have the steak and baked tubers, please make sure the steak is rare. And a bowl of seasoned yellow rice with beans. With a cold Java please."

    The pair handed their menus back to the waiter who then left them.

    "Are the rumors true that you are the Acting Captain ma'am?"

    Melody nodded. “That is correct. Starfleet Command seems quite happy with how we handled the rouge Borg incident, even though we did end up blowing up a planet. Unfortunately, we lost Captain Barstow on that mission.

    The waiter returned with their drinks. Melody took a sip of her coffee. “So tell me about yourself.”

    The rounded tips of his antennae pointed towards the ground. It made him appear sad. He had no idea things were that serious. A former drone had to take up arms against those who raised her in a chamber, having to lead her crew after their leader had perished in the line of duty. Rio looked at the woman as she sipped her coffee and decided that he needed to approach this conversation from an entirely different angle.

    "I am sorry Commander. This must be a stressful time for you and the crew," he sipped his Java and was glad that whomever prepared or replicated it had the sense to ensure that it was lukewarm; "I'm a blue blood. Went through Imperial Military training prior to the Academy. Raised on a starship prior to that. Made Red Squad, got booted from Red Squad."

    The Andorian paused to chuckle and take another sip of his Java. The restaurant was starting to get more patrons and the ambient noise level was increasing.

    "Graduated and worked with Starfleet Intelligence for over a decade. I've commanded small task groups before but the truth is, I want my own ship one day. There is a shortage of Andorians in Starfleet. My species is a cofounder of the Federation and we are more hands off than the Vulcans. Yes, we always develop weapons tech for Starfleet, and our navy always assists Starfleet during wartime but it isn't enough. Many on my world say the Federation has forgotten us but the truth is we have forgotten her. And that is a mistake I hope to rectify Ma'am."

    When he finished speaking the waiter returned with an antigrav tray contained several plates and bowls. He arranged everything in front of the officers and smiled before leaving.

    "Thank you," said Rio to the man as he went off to seat new diners.

    "Vien robecho, or bone appetite." He said to his new CO

    Melody smiled "I believe bon appetite is appropriate." she said as she took a bit out of her sandwich. She continued "I'm a pilot at heart myself. After the academy, I started out as the flight officer on the Merlin. I've always been a bit of a speed freak. I suppose starting a family might have slowed me down a bit, but not much. Yes, it's has been a very stressful time and I'm looking forward to spending shore leave with my partner and daughter. In regards to the lack of involvement with Andoria and the Federation, you have my full support and I look forward to hearing your ideas on the subject.

    "Thank you Commander " he replied with a smile. He began to eat his rice and baked tubers. After a couple of bites and a sip of his Java, he smiled at his new CO. "So, what are your expectations of me as your Strat Ops officer?"

    Melody raised an eyebrow. "My expectations of you are the same as every other officer on the ship. To do your duty to the best of your abilities, which I'm sure you'll do judging from your service record. I had a quick glance at it during my meeting with the Station Commander. As Strategic operations officer, I'll need you to liaise with security, The Marines and fighter squadrons as well as Starfleet intelligence."

    Melody finished her sandwich and pasta. She continued to sip her coffee. "Is there anything you want to ask me?"

    The Andorian smiled and shook his head to indicate 'no' since he was in the middle of chewing steak. He could tell that their lunch was coming to an end. His guess was that his new CO was busy.
    "Well Commander, I'll have no issue with that. It was nice to meet you and I look forward to serving with you." Said the Andorian after he finished chewing. He stood up and smiled at the woman and offered his right hand for the customary handshake that Terrans liked.

    Melody took his hand and shook it firmly. "As I said, we have a week of shore leave now and I have some packing to do. You can use this time as you see fit. If you'd like, you can familiarise yourself with the ship."

    Rio smiled. "Understood Commander." He responded. He watched her leave and sat down to finish his lunch.


    ●●● Commander Melody Jones
    Executive Officer
    USS Merlin

    ○●● Liuetenant Commander MRionuj ch'Anidem
    Chief Strategic Operations Officerr
    USS Merlin


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