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Posted on Monday 30 April 2018 @ 21:30 by Captain John "Apollo" Barstow, M.D.

Hey Guys,

I just turned in the report and wanted to point something out. We have gone from just 7 logs last month to 23 this month, nearly triple!! I'm very proud of you guys, the count increased but the quality has remained high! I'm loving it guys, my excitement really does come from see such high quality and well written posts :D.

As those that were with me before know, I like to set monthly goals. I waited until we found our rhythm, which I think we have. So, since we nearly tripled last month I'd like to see us hit 30 logs this month. With that I advertise every other week or so, and part of that is I include a log as a sample of our writing. So, every 2 weeks I'll be selecting the best written logs for that time frame and using it as "The Face of Merlin" type thing in those advertisements. I really do believe this is our sim not my sim and I like including y'all even in that aspect :D

Keep up the great logs guys!!!



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Category: Sim Announcement

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