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Merlin Into Video

Posted on Tuesday 22 May 2018 @ 00:52 by Captain John "Apollo" Barstow, M.D.

Hey Guys,

I have started making an updated video for Merlin. In addition to video captures from series I have also been trying to use STO like a recording studio. Now, this kind of work (I'm still new to the recording part lol) and will be using this to unvail a ne bridge for Merlin as (that will have a subdeck for science and fighter/marine ops, but more on that later ;D).

Anyway, I wanted to ask if you guys play STO if you could get some action shot-

- Running around on DS9 or other base
- Looking around SFA/SFC
- Some fight scenes, just please use either type 2 phaser or one of the phaser rifles, need to not intro exotic weapons in OF llol.
- Some Merlin ship shots. I am getting some using a star cruiser, however, there are buyable ones in the cstore if you have zen or have already purchased them (I am not asking for any money to be spent at all) that resemble Merlin much closer. I just do not have any zen and mining enough dil for 3000 zen takes to long lol.
- Any other ship scenes using ships in the OF database (most of the cannon like Galaxy, Sovereign, Intrepid, Defiant, etc.). Does not need to be combat oriented, flying through an asteroid field or between planet and moons etc would be just as valuable :D

Let me know if you're interested and I can send instructions for STO's demorecord function. This way we can get some original footage in there too :D. Just please make sure your graphics are turned up to be on the higher end.



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