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Posted on Friday 17 June 2016 @ 00:55 by Captain John "Apollo" Barstow, M.D.

Hey Guys,

Yesterday LCDR Alein resigned due to commitments and time constraints in RL. This means 2 things for Merlin, firstly the drill subplot was his, so, I am wrapping that up this week. Second, that leaves the XO spot open for the time being. For XO I am considering both those on Merlin and looking at candidates outside Merlin. What I am looking at is participation and activity, leadership [ie - do you start logs, do you come up with ideas for logs and include others, do you create NPC's to log with others [not necessarily NPC's on the manifest, but one time use NPC'S], etc].

If you are interested, please, let me know. Keep in mind what I am looking for and I will be reviewing candidates over the next few weeks :)



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Category: General News

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