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Goals, Edition 1

Posted on Monday 7 January 2019 @ 22:18 by Captain John "Apollo" Barstow, M.D.

Hey All,

So, like I put out earlier, I have been working on some goals for Merlin. The biggest of those is better communication, something that I think has led to a few misunderstanding over the last little bit. To this end We are going to make a big push to get everyone to drop by the Discord server. In the past I know I have been really quiet there, however, I'm going to make a better effort to be active there myself.

I have created a lot of new channels there-

Command- Command team chat
OOC Chat- For the crew to get together, chat, etc
Round Table- Merlin lounge IC sim room. Here you can get together and have your characters just interact live in the ships lounge. This will not replace logging
After 11- NSFW room, you’ll be a bit more free to chat, just keep in mind nothing extreme
Tag Your It- Room to post tags
Joint Post Ideas- Room to ask for JP’s, plan them, etc
Briefing Room- Here we'll post plot updates and such
Marine Country and Fighter Deck - These rooms are for those 2 specialized departments

Also, modeling after another OF sim, I've split up everyone so their listed under their department label and color. In addition I've redone everyones nicknames to our character names, just so it is easier to identify who's who.

Another thing we'd like to implement is getting a bot brought in that can post Merlin news items to Discord. This ones presenting a bit of a learning curve for me, so, I'm not above begging lol, if any of you guys can help me get that going please message me.

That's it for now, but, expect more in the coming weeks!!!



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Category: Sim Announcement

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