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The Next Mission

Posted on Thursday 10 December 2020 @ 20:54 by Captain Melody Jones

Hi guys

Here is the summary for our next mission, A Cry from the Darkness:

After a desperate plea for help, the USS Merlin is dispatched to Calder Prime with much needed medical supplies and equipment. An unknown disease as broken out due to contamination of the water supply and people are dying. Upon arrival, it turns out a group of marauders created the disease and are selling the cure for a profit. Anyone who can’t afford to pay, die and they are stopping anyone who tries to find a cure themselves with violence. They also left a surprise in orbit, a satellite that transmits a computer virus to the Merlin, disabling the ship in orbit. An unknown craft appears and tried to board the ship, leading to phaser fights on various decks including engineering and the bridge. Can engineering get weapons back online in time?
Can the crew find a cure for the virus both on the planet and running through the Merlin’s computer systems and find out who is behind such a villainous act?

There are bits for everyone to do. Command, science, medical, engineering and marines.


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