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Our next mission

Posted on Saturday 5 June 2021 @ 12:53 by Captain Melody Jones

Hi all

With "A cry in the darkness" coming to a conclusion soon after the rescue of Commander Miller, here is the brief for our next mission:

First Contact:

The Merlin has been ordered to explore some nearby star systems that may contain life. In one such star system, the Merlin is approached by a small 2 person warp craft. This craft is the first belongs to the Tok and it is their first warp capable craft, its mission to meet whoever is out there. The Merlin is the first vessel they encounter and are invited back to their homeworld. When they arrive, they are welcomed with open arms by the planets leaders and a massive celebration follows and the crew of the Merlin is treated like VIP’s
The planet's leader even talks about partitioning to join the Federation.

But all is not as it seems.

Beneath the veneer lies a deeply divided people and the crew of the Merlin soon find themselves embroiled in a bitter conflict. Can Captain Jones and her crew negotiate a peaceful outcome?

Side plot 1) A blast from the past: Gunnery sergeant Beck’s past catches up with him as some faces from the past come onboard the Merlin.

Side plot 2) Old friends, new friends: Sansa and our new science officer are sent on a mission together to establish a new colony of Humpback whales off Earth. Tensions run high as the pair don’t get along at first. Will they reconcile their differences and become friends and maybe more? Also, a dangerous face from the past makes an unexpected appearance and an unbelievable request.

Captain Malody Jones


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