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Upcoming mission outline

Posted on Friday 20 August 2021 @ 21:07 by Captain Melody Jones

Hi all

Here is a rough mission day guide to our next mission, First Contact. Please note that on some days it mentions character development and own jp’s, these are just suggestion and these can be ongoing throughout the mission.

MD 1 - Staff briefing, Merlin to hold position for the arrival of USS Santa Maria.
PM - USS Santa Maria arrives
MD 2 - Transfer of supplies from Santa Maria to Merlin
MD 3 - AM Santa Maria departs with Sansa Draxx-Jones and Lieutenant Teague. Merlin to begin exploring local star systems.
MD 4 - Exploring first star system - unknown discoveries. General character development and own jp’s.
MD 5-10 Santa Maria en route to Fay's Planet, Merlin explores next 2 local star systems. Cont. General character development and own jp’s
MD 11 - Santa Maria to arrive at Fay's Planet.
MD 15 - Merlin to encounter the Tok vessil, to escourt them back to their home planet.
MD 16 - Merlin arrives at Tok homeworld
MD 20 - Discovery of Tok secret TBD.
MD 25-30 - Exploreing potentional resolutions to problem
MD 31 - Sansa and Lieutenant Teague to depart Fay's homeworld for return to Merlin.
MD 32 - Resolution of Tok problem.
MD 35 - Sansa and Hamish to return with an unexpected passenger.
MD 36+

Captain Melody Jones


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