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Full crew JP’s

Posted on Friday 27 August 2021 @ 09:26 by Captain Melody Jones

Hey all

In JP’s where the full crew or a large number of writers are involved, once the post has been written, if rewrites are absolutely necessary could you please put an out of character comment (OOC) before the correction is made outlining what needs to be changed and why so other writers can see and agree the changes are needed and alter their responses accordingly. This is not necessary for spelling or grammatical corrections, only if the meaning or tone of the plot of the JP has been changed, but could we please keep this to a minimum please.

In joint posts that do not involve the whole crew or a large number of writers, eg 2 or 3 players, rewrites and edits are down to the discretion of the writers in the post.


Melody Jones


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Category: General News

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