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Posted on Sunday 24 March 2024 @ 22:03 by Captain Melody Jones

Hi all

Apologies for my lack of posting over the last couple of months. It has been down to several factors, one of which someone (Who shall remain nameless) has intoduced me to Star Trek Online (16th Fleet has a presence in the game and my ship is the USS Merlin)

So I'm hoping to kick off a new mission but I do have several options for the new mission:

1. The Seal of approval - The Merlin returns to Megaptera to check on the newly formed colony of Humpback whales, the first off-world colony of a non-human species from Earth. Their mission... To check on the colony's stability and check in with the locals. Also, they will introduce a colony of seals to the planet.

2. Moopsy Mania - Leaving Starbase 185 after repairs, the Merlin receives a distress call from Deep Space 3, A scientific research lab. When they arrive, the crew finds most of the research team dead, only their skins left. Only one researcher is left alive and he has a horrific tale to tell. The project they were working on has been stolen and if perverted into a weapon, could spell disaster for the Federation. But who would steal it and why?

The trail leads the Merlin to a remote planet.

Can they recapture what the scientists were working on…. Or is it already too late?

3. Second Contact - After 5 months at slipstream velocity, the Merlin arrives at the home The 37's. A group of humans who were abduced by the Briori and now reside in the Delta quadrant. First contact was made by the Starship Voyager and now the Merlin has returned to offer assistance and to get to know this distant colony of humans better.

4. USS Merlin – The wrath of Fox
Amelia Fox from the mirror universes is serving time in a federation penal colony. She discovers that the baby she thought she lost was stolen from her and vows to take revenge on those she holds responsible – Namely Melody Jones and the Amelia Fox from this universe. Breaking out of the penal colony, she manages to steal a Federation Starship and embarks on a mission of pure feral vengeance, only stopping when either Melody is dead… or she is. (This mission will have a heavy Wrath of Khan feel to it)

I am, of course open to any suggestions for side missions and I'll be putting a poll on Discord to see which mission is the most popular choice.



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