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Posted on Monday 15 August 2016 @ 03:33 by Captain John "Apollo" Barstow, M.D.

Hey All,

The command team and I have been discussing a few things to add to the sim both OOC and IC. OOC we have a promotions guidelines chart:

This chart is meant to let you guys know what we look for when we do consider promotions as well as a *general* timeline of when promotions should come. Tat does not mean you will be promoted exactly on the day it says, it can be later or sooner, however, it will be around that time frame. We thought this would be helpful for everyone to get an idea of everything so you know it is not just random luck :).

The other thing we are going to do is add enlisted only positions, Crewmen, Petty Officers, etc, and Marine specialty positions, such as weapons specialist. I would like to thank Saveena and David both for the information they provided to help with these positions :). The enlisted positions going up will be:

Command - Chief of the Boat
Strategic Operations - Intelligence Specialist
Engineering - Engineering Electronics (Includes Warp Core and Aux Power Plant operations)
Operations - Operations Specialist (Electronics, Sensors, Communications operations)
Tactical/Security - Security Specialist, Gunner's Mate
Flight Control - Flight Control Specialist
Medical - Medicorpsman
Fighter Group - Fighter Boatswain's mate, Spacecrewman (operate equipment on board support craft (runabouts, scouts, etc) will be part of the Airlift Squadron)
Counseling - Counseling Specialist
Science - Cartographer's mate

The Marine positions I will be going over with Walker and the command team once we get these up. These should give us another dynamic to the sim and let us offer another unique thing to our sim, having enlisted positions isn't something done a lot :).



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