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Sim Rating

Posted on Sunday 11 December 2016 @ 02:10 by Captain John "Apollo" Barstow, M.D.

Hey Guys,

As I put in the last announcement we are considering a sim rating adjustment. The command team has discussed it and we decided to take the next step and get crew input before we make a formal request. The rating we looking at is 15+:

“15+” – May contain limited sexual and violent scenes or have content not suitable for younger fleet members.

In all honesty this is where we have been operating already, not through any form of premeditation, just that is how the sim and our characters have developed. So, the rating would not change to much, it is mostly so our rating better reflects our content. One concern I want to address is the sexual nature part of the rating, as I know that is a concern. We would be under the same guidelines as now, hinting and reference but nothing directly written about, we do not want the sim turned into anything pornographic regardless of rating. All our posts are public, so, even if we had decided to go 18+ we would need to keep in mind that our posts are available to anyone browsing our site.

With the violence portion, we also do not want to have things turn into a slasher movie ;). So, it'd be no gratuitous blood, violence, gore, etc. However, there is a certain amount that just comes with some of the fights, murders, attacks, etc that we would either explore as a plot or from our character backgrounds.

Basically, the 15+ rating would be meant to allow the realism in the sim while keeping it balanced enough to not go overboard. So, please let us know your thoughts. Everyones comments will be included should we all decide to make the official request, so, please make sure your comments are substantive [more than 'I like the idea', tell us why or why not] :). You can add to the discussion log unless you feel more comfortable telling us in private :).



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