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Mission Update

Posted on Sunday 4 June 2017 @ 17:20 by Captain Melody Jones

Current Mission JP - The Perez nebula

The Merlin has entered the Perez nebula, previously uncharted by the federation to find the wreck of an ancient Starship.

An away team has been sent over to investigate and have discovered the ship is the USS Merlin.

Next JP - A Road with no turns

Location - The Observation lounge / The derelict ship

Lieutenant Commander Jones has call a meeting of the senior staff to discuss the implications of the recent discovery. At the same time, an engineering team with a security escort has gone back to the derelict to see if any more information can be obtained.

From this point we will indicate who is involved with the mission JP's. Subplots and personal JP's can continue as normal.

All involved with the above

The engineering away team will consist of Engineering NPS's (Jones) and sercuity NPC's (Scarlet)


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