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MEN ....

Posted on Sunday 9 August 2020 @ 21:41 by Commander Caroline Miller

Caroline could not wait until todays shift was over. And considering she was now effectively two department leads it had been a long day.

She stormed into her quarters and instead of going to the replicator pulled out a bottle of real stuff, pouring a large measure of liquer and knocking it back in one go.

"Computer personal log ...."

"Recording" came the reply back.

"If I see Michael Ki again I need to kick him in the groin. Hard. Really hard. We just get together, and he ups and leaves. No explanation. I find out from Melody at the start of my shift and now I have take over for him. Talk about a daily reminder I have been ... well i assume dumped.

I don't get it. He was older. He had that whole Japanese honour thing going on. Why would he do this? I contacted Starfleet medical on my break from his office none the less and he refused to take my call. Well I'm not trying twice," she said angrily. "Stupid bloody men. End log that's all I have to say right now."

She reached out and poured another measure. The liquid burned the back of her throat. "I should call Liam or I'm going to sink the whole of this," she muttered. She was just angry enough she needed to speak to her own counsellor who just happened to be onboard Poseidon station.

She sat down at her desk and pulled her hair down from the knot she had pulled it back into earlier. It was longer now and getting in the way when treating patients. She was just about to request the connection to the half Betaziod counsellor knowing he wouldn't mind whatever time it was his end when she noticed a message from Starfleet medical.

"Or maybe just maybe .... come on be Michael," she said looking at the incoming message. A glimmer of hope flew all down her. Perhaps she had misjudged him. She pressed the button to read it.

Commander Miller. An additional to the information we sent you about the treatment for Commander Jones. We neglected to include the possible side effects of an increased libedo ...."

"Are you kidding. How increased?" the blond said stunned to herself.

While the exact amount has not been quantified it could be verging on Betaziod phase levels or more. The effects should only be for 1-2 hours after each injection. However not acting on these urges could cause severe neurological damage to the patient. Please ensure she is informed."

Caroline sighed. This was going to be an awkward one to have to explain. "Computer locate Commander Jones. Is she alone?"


"Who is she with and where?"

"She is with Lieutenant Draxx in her quarters."

"Oh thank goodness. She hasn't inadvertently caused adultery," Caroline said relieved.

Then she had another thought. "Is Sansa present?"


"Well that's good news too. I guess Draxx has his work cut out for him for a while,"


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