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Charlie Arrives

Posted on Sunday 7 August 2022 @ 12:00 by Ensign Charlie Cooper
Edited on on Tuesday 9 August 2022 @ 12:51

Mission: Revelations
Location: Shuttlecraft Montgomery
Timeline: MD7
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The shuttlecraft entered the Briar patch. The USS Normandy had dropped her off at the edge of the system and resumed course for its patrol route. Sat at the helm was the 25-year-old Starfleet Acadamy graduate Charlie Cooper. She brushed a strand of long blond hair from her face and paused for a moment to admire the view.

Quite beautiful..." She thought to herself before she resumed course at half impulse.

Her final destination was the USS Merlin, however, the ship was undergoing an extensive repair and refit and would not be available for service for at least a month. She was looking forward to getting on board. Part of the refit, she had been told was a new quantum slipstream drive. This was one of the reasons she had requested the Merlin. Experimental propulsion was her speciality. There was also an experimental shuttlecraft that Charlie was hoping to work on.

This came down to the preview of the ship's Chief Engineer....

Charlie sighed. She had looked at the service jacket of the Captain. This Melody Jones sounded like a fun, very well-respected Captain. She had heard stories about her at the Acadamy, pushing every shuttle to its limits, always wanting to go faster. With her in command, she was sure they would put this new drive to good use. The Chief Engineer on the other hand was a Vulcan.

Every Vulcan Charlie had encountered so far left her with the impression that the whole species was cold, unfeeling and severely lacking in imagination and flare. Everything was always by the book, with no room for ingenuity or creativity. They seemed to suck the life out of any project they were connected with and then there was always this undercurrent of smug superiority that really rubbed Charlie the wrong way. Their way was correct.... End of Story.

She got the feeling that she and the CEO were going to end up butting heads, Charlie just hoped she could keep her mouth shut and not end up on report or worse. Her tendency to speak her mind had gotten her in trouble with more than one of her instructors, something that she had been told to get under control on more than one occasion.

Deep space 21 and the drydock facility finally came into view and Charlie took a quick flyby, admiring the size and splendour of the Merlin, even in its current condition.

She opened a comm link "Shuttle Montgomery to Deep Space 21. Requesting permission to Dock."


‚óŹ Ensign Charlie Cooper
Engineering Specalist
USS Merlin
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