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Mission Info

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The USS Merlin is undergoing extensive repairs and upgrades at Deep Space 21. Meanwhile, its crew are enjoying some well earned rest and relaxation. Melody and Draxx have taken the newest members of their family to the nearby planet of Ba’Ku where the Federation has established a separate outpost on the far side of the planet. While learning to be a mom all over again, Melody and Draxx are also learning new things about each other and themselves … As are all the other members of the crew.

Start Date Wednesday 8 June 2022 @ 20:24

Mission Summary

This mission is about self discovery for your character. his mission is going to take place off the Merlin so you can pick where you want your character to be. Deep Space 21, Starbase 308, take a trip to Ba'Ku or Risa or Earth or somewhere else. It's up to you.