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The Security Chief who loved me

Posted on Wednesday 15 July 2020 @ 21:54 by Lieutenant Commander Hayley Godding & Civilian Sansa Draxx-Jones

Mission: A Whale of a problem (We're going to need a bigger boat)
Location: Holodeck 1
Timeline: MD1 2100
2997 words - 6 OF Standard Post Measure


Hayley had been looking forward to this evening all day, having been tied up a lot lately which had prevented her spending much time with Sansa. Add to that, Sansa herself had been busy with her own things so tonight was important to the both of them. In honesty, she had no idea what Sansa had planned for this evening and she was kind of excited at the mystery of the whole thing. All she'd been told was to dress nicely. So, wearing a short white tight fitting dress that hugged her alluring figure with matching white heels, she arrived at the holodeck and walked in to see what Sansa had planned.

Sansa was wearing a black evening dress. The holodeck was currently a lavish ballroom that wouldn't look out of place in the South of France or Vienna. A grand ball was in progress with many dancers going around the floor. Sansa as standing at the side, admiring her handy work. She had written this program herself and while it all looked like a straight forward dance, there was a surprise in store. Sansa had enjoyed reading old books she had found about secret agents like James Bond and she had come up with...... A very special program.

Right now, her train of thought was broken when she saw Hayley coming towards her. She let out a low whistle. "Hey there beautiful. You look amazing this evening." she slipped her arms around her waist and embraced her.

Cracking a sly smile, Hayley slid her arms around her girlfriend and drew her in before leaning in and kissing her softly on the lips. "mmm... hey there yourself sexy." She purred at Sansa. They'd been dating now for several months and whilst sometimes events kept them apart, it was always nice to catch up.

Hayley looked around the room and noticed the ballroom dancing going on and realised she probably wasn't dressed exactly as she should've been for such an occasion. The work that had been done on setting up the scene was excellent however, a true testiment to Sansa's growing expertise in holo-novel creation. She knew it was a pet passion of her lovers to create holo-novels and adventures, although they had yet to actually do one that Sansa had written, as she'd always said she wanted to make it perfect before she showed it to Hayley. Clearly tonight would be that night. She looked at Sansa's outfit and smirked. "I feel woefully underdressed for this occasion, my love." She said.

"You look perfect," Sansa whispered as she took her by the hand and led her to the dance floor. The orchestra had just started a slow waltz. "I hope you don't mind if I lead?"

Hayley grinned. "By all means, I've never done this so I was hoping you would." She said, allowing Sansa to put them into the best position and she followed along as best she could.

Sansa had been practising dancing when she had a spare moment. She would sing to herself to keep time. She was humming softly to herself as they danced. She held Hayley close to her and felt safe. She was also looking forward to the next part of the program to begin. But, for the moment this was heaven.

Once she understood the basic movements, she could feel why Sansa had chosen to do it. It was very romantic in a classy sort of way. Certainly a lot more intimate than 'boogying' on a dance-floor. She was feeling herself getting lost with the moments and laughing at the elaborate waltzes.

Sansa paused for a moment. "I believe this place has a very nice restaurant if you're feeling hungry. And the bar makes a very nice martini..."

Sansa stopped as she felt the business end of a silenced Walther PPK pistol jammed into her back. A man in a dinner jacket was sting very close behind her. When he spoke it was in a thick Russian accent. "Good evening Miss Jones. I know that I would kill you the next time we met comrade but, circumstances have changed, I have vital information for your government."

Sansa played it cool "Good evening Agent Red. Why must you interrupt a perfectly good evening with Hayley? Can't you see we were dancing? Can this not wait.

He looked around nervously "No it can not. Not only is your country in danger but you lady friend here as well. I must give you....."

It had taken surprisingly considerable effort not to leap foward and not only disarm this man but break his neck in the process. However, she suspected that this was all part of the holo-novel that Sansa had created and a much stronger desire not to spoil her evening won out in the end. She did however squeeze Sansa's hand firmly in response, almost as if channelling her impotent rage into the gesture.

A waiter who was passing suddenly had stuck a knife in Agent Red's back, taken a brown envelope from his jacket pocket and was making a swift exit." As he slumped to the floor he whispered. "Trust no one. You must get that envelope... Stop operation Iron curtain" He then promptly died.

Sansa grabbed the gun from the floor and took Hayley's hand. "Come on! We've got to follow that waiter!"

Hayley felt herself being pulled along with Sansa as they raced after the waiter. She grabbed a dinner knife off a table as they hurried along which she threw forward with considerable deftness which struck the fleeing man in the back of his right shoulder. Sadly, however, it did little to stop the man who had by now flung himself into the kitchens and was making his best escape out via the back of the building. As the blonde and red-head exited the building, the screeching of tyres as the Jaguar saloon car sped off into the distance.

Sansa headed over to an Aston Martin DB7 that was parked nearby. She handed over the gun she had picked up to Hayley. "You don't want to bring a knife to a gunfight." she quipped as she opened the boot, revealing a small cache of firearms including pistols, sniper rifles, grenades and various silencers. She picked out a pistol for herself and inserted a fresh clip. "I'll drive."

"By all means." Hayley said as she grabbed some magazines from the boot as well as an assault rifle. She'd been dubious about the dancing, but this kind of weapons play was right up her alley, since she loved to shoot with projectile firearms on the holodeck in her own time. Hayley slid into the passenger seat as Sansa hit the accelerator and the vehicle wheel spun briefly before shooting off after the Jag.

While it was looking like Sansa was a natural driver, she had programmed the simulation to help her a great deal. The car sped up narrow roads, bobbing and weaving in and out of traffic. Finally, they caught up with the Jag which they found stopped outside an isolated stately home near the ocean. As the stopped, Sansa got out and checked her weapon. "Keep your eyes peeled." As they made their way up the steps to the front door.

"When did you learn to drive?" Hayley asked as she fell into step with Sansa, holding her assault rifle in the ready position as they approached the door, not wishing to be taken by surprise again.

Sansa smiled "I have to have some secrets you know." she replied cryptically as they approached the door. The floor in front of the floor turned out to be a trapdoor which opened and the pair found themselves falling into a dark cellar. They landed on the floor with a thud (The safety protocols prevented any serious injury.) Sansa picked herself up, gun ready. A voice came over the wall-mounted speaker.

"Welcome to my humble home."

Sansa immediately recognised the voice. "Doctor Maybe..." she muttered to herself, then she turned to Haley to explain "He's a supervillain bent on world domination." She then addressed the disembodied voice "You expect me to talk?"

The voice replied, "No Miss Jones, I expect you to die!"

Hayley was by this point struggling to stay in character and was fighting the very strong urge to laugh at the terrible corniness of the whole thing. However, she knew that if she did, she'd hurt Sansa's feelings. "Oh no!" Hayley called out. "Whatever shall we do, Miss Jones? Are we going to die? So young and pretty?"

Sansa smiled at her, and her bad acting. She could tell that over the top situation had her almost laughing and she didn't mind, She leaned in close to her and gave her a kiss. Then winked and added, "We're not dead yet my dear."

The room started filling with water, but Sansa didn't seem to concern as she made her way over to a door on the far wall. It was locked but she was expecting that. She pulled out a hairpin and started to fiddle with the lock. "I'm very good with my hands don't you know," she said with a sly smile as she worked.

"I'm intimately familiar..." Hayley teased. "Ugh, this water is going to totally ruin my dress. You know, if you wanted to get me out of my clothes, there were easier ways..."

"Oh, I'm intimately familiar with that." Sansa replied, her cheeks flushed slightly and there was an audible click as the door swung open. "But sometimes, the thrill is in the chase. And the night is still young. Come on!" She took her hand again and led her up the stairs. They entered a massive open lounge area, on a table in the middle of the room was the envelope that Anet Red had tried to give them. Sansa paused and looked around. "Too easy..." she muttered.

A slow clap was heard as out from an alcove stepped a tall man in a lab coat. "Welcome Miss Jones. You're a hard woman to kill..."

Sansa's eyes narrowed "Doctor Maybe.. We meet at last."

"This is Doctor Maybe?" Hayley asked, looking at the weird-looking man. He was tall, totally bald, wearing a pair of small-rimmed round glasses on the end of his long hooked nose. He wore a long white lab coat over a silvery boiler suit. From around the room the walls opened in slots and henchmen appeared brandishing weapons who were all dressed in the silvery boiler suit.

"Indeed I am." He said in a thin Austrian accent. "Whilst I am aware of Miss Jones, I'm afraid that I do not know you."

"Hayley Godding." She said, trying to put some bite into her tone. "I'm sure you'll understand if I don't say I'm pleased to meet you."

"I'm sure." Maybe said. "Seize the blonde one."

The henchmen moved towards them and grabbed hold of Hayley, who seriously considered fighting them off, but from the determined look on Sansa's face, she could tell that the whole 'companion in danger and needs to be rescued' thing was probably part of the story. Whilst she struggled against her captors, Hayley did not use her actual skills to get her out. Where'd the fun in that be? The goons grabbed her and dragged her away from Sansa into another room.

"I do hope you weren't fond of the feisty blonde one, Miss Jones." Maybe smirked.

Sansa gave him a cold look but spoke in a calm voice. "If you so much as harm one hair on her head, I'll tear down your whole world with you watching and when I'm finished I'll kill you last."

A few moments later, a screen descended from the ceiling to reveal Hayley being suspended above a giant vat of frothing liquid. She was tied up pretty well as she wiggled and struggled against her bonds.

"Miss Godding has been very helpful and agreed to be a volunteer for my new chemical formula. Once she is submerged into the formula, it will strip her flesh from her bones in seconds leaving a perfectly bleached skeleton. Would you like to see the demonstration, Miss Jones?" Maybe smirked.

Sansa's eyes flew around the room counting up the guards, possible blind spots, defensive positions, vulnerabilities. "Well, all that sounds fascinating I'm afraid I'm going to have to decline."

"A pity... Kill her and then her friend. " Doctor Maybe said before turning and walking out of the room. On the monitor, Hayley stated to descend slowly towards the vat. Sansa lept into action.

As all the guards started to ready their weapons, hers was out and before they could react, two guards had well-placed bullets between the eyes. Sansa dove behind a rather ornate bookcase as a hail of fire riddled it, but not one could hit their target. There was a pause as reloading commenced, Sansa popped up took aim and with one shot, took out the cable supporting the chandelier in the middle of the room which came crashing down. Many guards had to take cover to shield themselves from a shower of glass that erupted as a result. With the distraction, Sansa quickly grabbed the envelope and took out two more guts before setting off in hot pursuit of Hayley.

Bursting through the door, she quickly dispatched the henchman working the consoles for the rope lowering Hayley which came to a stop, able it, with her much closer to the deadly liquid. Sansa then had to take cover behind the console as another guard in the room opened fire.

Sansa called out "Give me a minute and I'll be right there. Just got a pest problem to deal with..."

"Don't mind me." Hayley said, as she wriggled against her bonds. "I'll just hang out here till you're ready..."

Sansa poled her head up again and quickly managed to get a clean shot in the guard who, clutching his stomach fell into the vat of bubbling liquid with a grotesque scream and a loud splash. She then rushed round to the front of the panel and lowered Hayley to the ground a safe distance from danger. She went over and started untieing the ropes. "Hey, having fun?" she quipped then pulled Hayley to the ground behind the control panel as two more guards appeared and opened fire.

"Well, that was certainly entertaining." Hayley said, glaring at the acid burns on her dress. "I know it's an anti-climactic, but do we really have to cut things this close?" She reached behind Sansa and pulled a handgun from out of her dress and started to help Sansa pick off the guards. "If I might suggest we find doc baldie and put one between his legs before we put one between his eyes then get the heck out of here?!" Bullets zinged past her head as she returned fire, putting three in the chest of the guy who fired at them. "Ideally to somewhere less annoying... like a hot spring or... well... anywhere really..."

"I'm afraid you won't be going anywhere, Miss Jones!" In classic villain style, Dr Maybe appeared. "You see what's going to happen is I'm going to escape and then I'm going to blow this place up with you inside. It will be worth it to know you are dead. A large round silver device with a digital timer rose up from out of the floor. the timer started counting down 10:00... 9:59 9:58 9:57

"Ugh, I have so had it with this guy!" Hayley said with disgust and levelled her pistol at Dr Maybe and shot him first in the left shin, then the right thigh causing him to fall to the ground in agony.

"ARRGH! CURSE YOU JONES!" He screamed out.

"Wait... I was the one who... you know what... doesn't matter." Hayley said, then looked to Sansa. "Really think we should leave now."

"One moment, there's something I have to do first." She walked over to Doctor Maybe and raised her weapon. "Remeber when I said I would kill you last?"

"What of it?

"I lied." She then put a bullet in his head. She turned back to Hayley "I heard that line in an old movie and I always wanted to say it."

"You ever think of joining Security?" Hayley asked, smirking.

Sansa then noticed the timer was down to 5:12.

She grabbed Hayley's hand "Come on. I've got an idea. They ran at breakneck speed thought the massive house, out on to the attached dock where a luxury motor yacht was moored. "Get below," Sansa said as she untied the lines and opened up the throttle. The boat cut easily through the water.

They were about a mile away when the huge mansion house exploded in a massive fireball. Satisfied they were safe, Sansa set the boat's autopilot and headed below deck. On her way, she managed to find a bottle of chilled champagne and two glasses. She walked into the master cabin to find a luxurious room cabin with a fur-lined bed on the far wall. "It seems we've saved the world once again..."

Atop the bed, the acid burned, blood-soaked formerly white dress discarded, lay Hayley looking seductively at Sansa as she sprawled out on the bed, wrapped up in the furs. "Oh my... what ever should we do now..." She purred alluringly at her lover.

Sansa poured them both a glass of champagne and handed one to Hayley as she sat down on the bed and slid over to her. "Well, I think we deserve some time to ourselves. After what happened, I think I need to make sure you're ok. A very thorough check out... I mean check-up." She said as she slid her own dress off her shoulder. "Head to toe..."

Hayley took a sip of the drink and put it down on the side. "I couldn't agree with you more... Miss Jones..." She smirked as she pulled the covers up and over Sansa...



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