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When Amelia met Melody

Posted on Sunday 12 July 2020 @ 15:38 by Commander Melody Jones

Mission: A Whale of a problem (We're going to need a bigger boat)
Location: Earth, Austin Texas
Timeline: 10 years ago
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Amelia’s eyes narrowed as she looked at her attackers. A human male, a Bolian female and a Boslick male started back at her, one with an already bloody nose from where she had punched him hard. What had started off as a friendly poker game in a bar had descended into violence when Amelia had cleaned up and the other accused her of cheating. The fight had now moved out into the road behind the bar and Amelia was sizing up her appoints when the Bolian decide to take the first move and rushed at her, a wild look in her eyes.
Just as they had underestimated her poker skills, they also underestimated her fighting skills as Amelia was studying various forms of unarmed combat at Starfleet academy. She quickly sidestepped and using her attacker’s own momentum drove her headfirst into a rather solid tree trunk. She then grabbed her arm and yanked her sharply back, throwing the now dazed Bolian to the ground.
Not wanting to be left out, the Boslick now decided to grab Amelia from behind. It came as a shock but, she quickly grabbed his arms firmly and threw her head back into his face causing him to cry out in pain and seriously disorientating them both. She managed to get to her feet and spun to face the Boslick who was also getting up, but decidedly rather slower. This proved to be unfortunate for him as she now kicked him hard in the groin. He doubled over, shouting out some rather colourful language in his native tongue that the universal translator didn’t quite pick up. A well-placed punch to the throat and he was down for good.
Grinning, she turned to the last attacker, ready to defend herself again. She stopped short and her face fell. “Crap…” She muttered as she now saw the disrupter the man was holding, aimed at her.

“You fight well.” he started “But If you don’t mind, I’m just going to shoot you and take my latinum.”

“Take your stinking latinum…” she spat back. “You’re that bad at poker you’re going to lose it to someone.”
“You made a fool of me and my friends….”
“Didn’t have to try hard.” She replied, cutting him off thought she knew she should keep quiet.

Anger flashed in his eyes again and a wicked smile came over his face as he prepared to fire. “Goodbye Miss Fox.”
Amelia steeled herself for the inevitable but then it was her attacker who stiffened as a phaser beam hit him in the back and he fell to the floor like a sack of potatoes.

From out of the shadows, a young human female in a Cadets uniform appeared. She had ginger hair and was keeping her phaser trained on the downed assailant. Amelia recognised her as having been in the bar.
Amelia folded her arms and looked at her saviour “Not to sound ungrateful but you took your sweet time. And you shot him in the back?”
The young woman approached “It’s the safest way isn’t it?” she replied with a twinkle in her eyes. “Besides you looked to have things under control…. Duck!”

Amelia quickly sidestepped as the redhead fired at the Bolian who had come round while they were talking and drawn a knife. The Bolian quickly returned to the floor.

“Thanks again,” Amelia said as the redhead came closer. As she did, she not only recognised her from the bar but from the academy. “You’re in my flight class, aren’t you? You’re the speed freak…” She paused then continued “The one whose parents were assimilated by the Borg.”

The Redhead nodded “The Name’s Melody. Melody Jones.” She held out her hand.

“I’m Amelia Fox,” she said as she shook Melody’s hand. “I’m… Sorry about your parents. You were rescued from the Borg too, weren’t you?”

Melody nodded again. She quickly changed the subject “I managed to save your winnings.”

“Looks like I owe you one. What are you doing here in Austin?” Amelia said, her smile slowing growing as she took a like to Melody.
“I’d heard there were some really good steak restaurants here from the talk on campus, so I decided to check it out during our leave. What about you?”

“My family lives around here. In fact, my dad runs one of those steak restaurants. Say you want to come over for a meal, my way of saying thanks for having my back.

Melody smiled “Sure, sounds great.

Just then, two local security guards appeared. They were two human males, fairly good looking in a local rustic sort of way Melody thought. One of them spoke as the other shined a light on the area “We got a report of a fight and….” He stopped as he saw who it was. “Amelia! I should have known it would be you. When did you get back here?”

Amelia blushed slightly “Hi Jake. I’m on a month leave.” She gestured to Melody “This is cadet Jones. She saved my ass from some unsavoury characters who didn’t take well to losing at poker. Melody this is Jake Sullivan. He’s local law enforcement.”
Jake nodded his head in Melody’s direction “ma’am” Before turning back to Amelia. “Come on, I’ll take you home while my colleague cleans up your mess.
She frowned slightly “I don’t need you looking after me still. I’m not a little girl anymore Jake!”

He chuckled “I know, I know but you’re still causing me trouble. Come on, I don’t want you dad mad at me.

Amelia relented “OK. Can my friend come too? I did promise her a meal to say thank you.”

The young man smiled “Sure, sure. Come on…” He gestured to Melody.

Fox’s restaurant was still a family-run affair. Amelia’s younger brother was acting as maître D.

“Good evening and Welcome to….. Hey, Jake” he greeted him warmly, then saw who he was with. “What have you been up to this time Amelia? And who’s your cute friend?” He added as he caught sight of Melody.

“Cut it out Jo.” Amelia started but was cut off when another voice was heard.

“Amelia!” Her father's voice called out as Richard Fox had emerged from the kitchen. He came over.

Jake looked at him with respect. “Evening Mr Fox. Seems young Amelia here got in a spot of bother with some card sharks and Miss Jones here had to help her out. Justin is taking care of the scene and we have it recorded on the local security grid so it’s open and shut.”

“Thanks, Jake.” He said before turning to Melody “And thank you, young lady. At least my daughter is making some friend at the academy. Come on let’s get you two something to eat.” He glanced at Amelia “I’ll deal with you later.

Jake added “I’m still on duty so I’ll send you my full report. Evening Sir. Amelia. Melody.” He added with a cheeky wink to Melody before heading out of the door.

“I was doing ok.” Amelia protested to her father. “How was I to know one of them had a disrupter?” She motioned to Melody. “She shot one of them in the back.”

“Isn’t that the safest way.” Her father asked innocently as he led them to a table.

As they sat down Melody mused “I think I’m going to like it around here.”


Cadet Amelia Fox
●● Lieutenant Amelia Fox
Executive Officer
USS Andromeda


Cadet Melody Jones
●●● Commander Melody Jones
Commanding Officer
USS Merlin


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