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Join me for a swim?

Posted on Tuesday 28 July 2020 @ 22:09 by Lieutenant Hayley Godding & Civilian Sansa Draxx-Jones

Mission: A Whale of a problem (We're going to need a bigger boat)
Location: Holodeck 1
Timeline: MD 3 2000
2195 words - 4.4 OF Standard Post Measure


Sansa had booked another slot on the holodeck with Hayley. This time, they were in a luxury yacht in the middle of an ocean that seemed to stretch in all directions. The sun was shining and it was pleasantly warm without being too hot. Sansa had been very quiet on the exact details of this program, as usual. Sansa was wearing her little black bikini and was stood at the railing at the edge of the deck scanning the horizon.

She heard the sound of the holodeck doors opening. "Hello my love, come in! You should be just in time." She called over her shoulder, knowing it was Hayley who had entered the holodeck.

Hayley chuckled as the doors closed behind her, giving her the privacy to remove the white shirt and beige shorts she'd worn from her quarters to the holodeck, revealing her very sexy red bikini, obviously not something she was going to wear through the corridors of the ship! She was supposed to enforce discipline and maintain standards in addition to everything else. She doubted anyone would take her seriously if they caught her wearing this through the ship!

"Let me guess, the boat's going to explode unless we disarm the bomb in sixty seconds and we somehow miraculously stop it doing so with 3 seconds left on the clock?" She teased as she sauntered over to Sansa, wrapped her arms around her waist, leaned over her shoulder, and kissed her softly on the cheek.

"Just wait" Sansa replied as she relaxed into Hayley's arms.

Suddenly, near the boat, a guiser of water erupted into the air followed by a large mass just underneath the surface of the water. A large, greyish tail broke the surface and then disappeared again.

Although Sansa knew what she had programmed, the sudden appearance made her jump slightly.

Right next to the boat another large mass came up just beneath the surface and seemed to look at them with a curious eye.

"It's bigger than I expected." Sansa finally managed to speak, her heart was racing slightly.

"Are they... whales...?" Hayley asked, having gripped Sansa slightly in the shock of these things suddenly appearing out of the water.

Sansa nodded. "Mom said they were so much bigger in real life I thought it would be an idea so have a look." She looked back at Hayley, Her eyes were wide with amazement.

She took Hayley by the hand. "Come on..." She led her to the fantail of the boat which was on a lower level, just above the waterline with an area with some diving equipment and a ladder over the side which disappeared into the water. Sansa picked up and put on a small face mask and snorkel and then sat and lowered herself into the water. She looked back at Godding "Come on, I made it so that water's not that cold."

"Why am I always getting wet on our dates? Whatever happened to a candlelit dinner and snuggling on a sofa with popcorn and a movie?" She asked, rolling her eyes playfully as she put the gear on. "At least I'm not in a fancy dress this time." With that, she jumped into the tropical water alongside her date for the evening.

"That's coming later and besides you're not the only one whos wet you know," Sansa said as Hayley surfaced. She glanced over at Her innocently and said "What?"

"I sometimes wonder if you do that deliberately." Hayley smirked as she afixed her mask and snorkel to her face, mentally wondering if people continuously underestimated Sansa's intellect just because she'd been rapidly grown to an adult. She was certainly sharper than many adults she knew, that was for sure.

Fixing on her snorkel and mask, Sansa dived beneath the water. She looked around for a moment and then froze, , for about 10 meters away from them was the massive shape of a whale, hung silently in the water. Despite it only being a holodeck program, it was very a very good one. In the back of her mind, she knew the holodeck safety protocols were on so she couldn't get hurt. She reached out and grabbed Hayley's arm.

Hayley looked at Sansa when she felt her hand on her arm, her wide-eyed look was pretty cute. She flashed Sansa a thumbs up as she began to swim towards one of the whales to take a closer look. After all, wasn't that why they were there in the first place?

Admiring Hayley's courage, Sansa followed her toward the massive creature. The whale watched their approach. Summoning all her nerve, Sansa reached out and touched the whale, feeling the texture of its skin. The whale started to rotate which caused her to pull her hand back. The whale moved slowly and for an instant, Sansa thought it was showing her its belly like a giant.... dog. It then moved up to the surface to breathe before diving once again into the depths. Sansa also came up to the surface and waited for Hayley to join her.

Hayley's head crested the surface of the waves after watching Sansa play with the whale. Despite them being holographic creations, they seemed incredibly real and it had been intensely satisfying seeing Sansa swallow her courage to approach and even touch the massive creature. As she looked over at Sansa, her long red hair matted to her head and down her back, she couldn't help but feel a sense of pride in her despite herself.

"Majestic, aren't they?" Hayley said as she swam over to where Sansa was treading water.

"Yeah, they certainly are. I wonder if we're going to see one...."

She was interrupted as about 800 meters away, one of the whales lept straight out of the water and crashed back down with an enormous splash.

"...Do that?" She finished. "Come on, I've brought a picnic for us back on the..." She stopped. For a slipt second, she could have sworn she saw someone standing on the boat, watching them. In an instant, it was gone.

"Back on the boat." she started swimming towards the ladder that was in the water.

Hayley didn't ignore Sansa becoming distracted for a moment, but didn't see anything to alarm her either. She filed it away as she swam towards the boat, battling the slight choppiness of the water following the Whale's aquabatic stunt.

She climbed up and reach for a towel and got one ready for Hayley as she climbed up. Sansa just stood there watching her. "Another breathtaking sight." She smiled dreamily at her, eventually handing her the towel in her hand.

"What? This?" She asked, mock-casually. "Not some saggy old lady then eh?" She teased her far younger girlfriend as she grabbed the towel and started to dry her hair.

Sansa smiled as unfolded another towel and laid it down on the wooden deck. "More like a goddess," she said as she produced a coolbox from a locker. She produced two glasses and a bottle of chilled wine that she had liberated from her Mom's collection. She handed Hayley a plate with some sandwiches and nibbles on while she poured a glass for her. "So...." She tried to ask casually as she haded the glass over. "Your place tonight?"

Hayley was mid bite of the sandwich when Sansa made the off-comment remark. It had clearly been attempted as casually as possible, but the subject of which was far from. Whilst, of course, they'd been dating for months now and obviously they'd been... well... 'together', this was a significant step in their relationship. This would be the first time that Sansa had stayed over. Hell, it was the first time she'd come back to Hayley's quarters! The rules laid down by Melody and Draxx had been very clear on this point, that Sansa had to be back home after the date and never later than 2300.

She placed the sandwich back down on the plate and looked carefully at Sansa. "Are you being serious?" She asked.

"Oh yes," Sansa said as she sat down next to her and cosied up to her shoulder. "Mom seemed pretty insistent that she wanted to be alone with Dad, although. I can't imagine what Mom and Dad are going to do all night." She said with a wicked smile. "Besides, I left her a note on the computer. Why? don't you want me to come over?" she asked, suddenly slightly worried.

"Of course I do!" Hayley said, concerned that Sansa was getting the wrong idea. "It's just a very sudden change from the ground rules your parents imposed. Although, if what you say is true, I imagine not having you listening to the thumping against the bulkhead is probably in both yours and their interests." She grinned mischievously, wrapping her arm around Sansa. The sheer joy she was feeling at not having to say goodnight to Sansa in a few hours was really brightening the whole evening. It was the part of the date she always hated and it always seemed to come so quickly too. To get to sleep tonight curled up with Sansa in her arms was like a dream come true... assuming of course that sleep actually happened...

Sansa relaxed into her arm. "Good, you had me worried for a moment. I'm sure dad will come around eventually, now how about some..." again she paused as she thought she saw someone for an instant.

"Computer, How many people are currently on this holodeck?" Sansa asked suddenly.

"Two, Yourself and Lieuteantn Hayley Godding." The computer promptly replied.

She looked at Hayley "I could have sworn I saw someone, watching us and I know there are no people in this program." She shrugged "It's silly, I know."

Hayley frowned with concern. "Was this what distracted you earlier too?"

She nodded. "I thought it was a shadow or something in my eye at the time, but then I saw it again."

"I noticed," Hayley said. "Part of it is my job to notice such behavioural abnormalities but mostly its because I care about you, so I notice when you're not your usual self." She replied. "You know what, how about we go back to my place, curl up on the sofa and watch one of my vintage movies together? There'd be no way anyone could be watching us then."

Sansa nodded, the warm sun, all the swimming and the wine had made her feel rather fatigued. "That sounds wonderful. I know I've got you to keep me safe." She leant in and kissed her before she suddenly stifled a yawn. "I guess it was just a trick of the light." She said, convincing herself. She stood up and held out her hand to Hayley. "Have you got popcorn? or chocolate?" she asked her face lighting up again.

"Well, I have a replicator, so both..." Hayley said, taking the hand and standing up.

A few minutes later saw the girls walking into Hayley's quarters, which ironically were not that far down the corridor from her own, being that Hayley was one of the ship's senior officers so had accommodation on the senior officer deck. The room layout was not phenomenally different from any other sets of quarters with a few notable exceptions, the personal touches mostly. Against the far wall of the living space was a display case that housed detailed models of Starfleet vessels that was lit up, as well as some of fictional ships from famous Sci-Fi movies of the 20th and 21st Centuries. However, the main centrepiece was the huge wine-red plump leather sofa in the middle of the room that was facing a very large vintage television.

"Welcome to my home." Hayley said, smiling as the door closed behind them.

Sansa looked around "It's perfect. Very... " She searched for the right words "Retro. I love it. She beamed at Hayley looking over everything carefully before she went over and sat down on the sofa and patted the seat next to her "Room for one more." She said, beckoning her over with her finger.

Deciding not to point out that there was room for probably six more people on that sofa, Hayley grinned and sat down right next to Sansa and drew her close towards her. "So, you want to watch a movie? I could recommend Star Wars if you like a bit of Sci-Fi fiction, or if you want a bit of humour, I think you'd love to watch the series The Orville..." She realised she was rambling.

Sansa took hold of her hand a squeezed it gently. "Has anyone ever told you you're beautiful when you're nervous." She kissed her again and said "You decide, but I get the feeling that I'll be paying attention to something more important." as she moved closer to Hayley and wrapped her arms around her.

"You know what... who cares..." Hayley said, pulling Sansa on top of her and locking lips. A few minutes later, the sofa and TV abandoned, a trail of clothing leading into the bedroom, the girls went to bed.

Neither got much sleep.



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