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Treking for Trolls

Posted on Friday 22 January 2021 @ 21:53 by Commander Caroline Miller & Lieutenant Mathias McPhee & Lieutenant JG Nir’anyar
Edited on on Tuesday 16 February 2021 @ 14:54

Mission: Homeward
Location: Miller family home, Sweden
Timeline: MD4 14:00
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Caroline had cleared the table away, bobbed upstairs and changed shoes and pulled her hair up into a pony tail. She was enjoying wearing it longer again but there was a little wind and she didn't want it getting in her face as they hiked. She grabbed a small rucksack ensuring to place some bottles of water and some snacks for energy if required for everyone, a torch as her father always insisted you took a torch and a map. However she had done most of this one a number of times so didn't envision getting lost.

"Caroline dear," her grandmothers voice rang out, "You have another visitor. There's a man here to see you."

She suddenly felt like she was a teenager. Boys being announced at the house.

"I'll be right there," she shouted down.

"What's you name dear?" Elsa asked him leading him through to where her other friend was already sitting.

Mathias had a floppy hat in his hand, following Elsa inside. "My name is Mathias, Mathias McPhee, ma'am."

Mathias glanced around at the decor, Knick Knacks and pictures that were nearby, seeing if there were more clues as to Caroline and what made her, her. He took a seat, giving a bit of a smile. "Lovely place you have here." he said to Elsa.

Anya was already sat down, once again in a light dress, this one hugged her upper body, leaving her arms and shoulders open to the sun and the lower half was a mass of free flowing white cotton, a large brimmed hat of the same colour next to her.
"Lieutenant, a pleasure as always!"

Giving a nod and a smile to Anya. "You look lovely, Anya." Mathias replied. "I would love to sketch you in that outfit. It looks beautiful on you."

Caroline appeared holding an extra pair of trainers and tired them to the bottom of her rucksack hearing the last sentence. So he was drawing girls too.

”Anya, I'm just going to bring these just in case caves and cork don’t mesh. Let's call it plan b. Hi Matthias. Glad you made it.”

"Thank you once again for inviting me. It will be something else I can tell my grandparents about."

There was some shelves with younger photos of Caroline, her sister and some trophies kicking around. Caroline smiled as she looked at one. She needed to get back into regular swimming.

"You think you will locate the seat of the Troll king then?” her great grandmother joked.

”Can but try, ” the blonde replied. In truth she had tried this a few times with friends over the years but always ended up nowhere close to the fabled cave. She kissed her on the cheek.

”You two ready for this?”

Mathias nodded, "I'm ready, and am looking forward to this." Patting the straps of his rucksack.

He looked at Elsa, her mannerisms reminding him of his grandmother.

"Mrs. Johansson, would it be all right for me to come back and sketch your home?" Mathias asked, "And sketch a portrait of you and Caroline? I'd like to do that if I may, in a couple of days?"

”Oh sweetheart isn't he just .charming?” Elsa said. ”That sounds lovely. I know just where I plan to put that.”

”Off course, ” Caroline said. If her great grandmother wanted it she couldn't argue.

”I'm going to bring these just in case, ” she said picking up some bells hanging on a hook by there for years on her way out.

Elsa chuckled. ”Trolls are not fond of bells, ” she winked at Mathias. ”And she can be superstitious on occasion. Have fun dears.”

"One could never be too careful" Mathias said with a smile. "Bells are always good to bring along." He exited after Caroline, taking a better look at the surroundings and taking a deep breath of the fresh air. "This is so lovely." he breathed out, in awe.

Anya had changed into the shoes Caroline had brought out, but in truth all she wanted to do was find some of the crystal clear pools of water and dive in, soaking up the feeling of the crisp water.
"Are there any pools of water in these caves?"

"Yes, yes. Some warm springs actually. Well outside the caves, not sure if there's some in the caves but you might enjoy that," Caroline told her. Although the thought dropped they had no towels now.

Outside with Caroline, Mathias pulled out his sketch book and started to draw the scenery. Making quick light pencil strokes for a rough draft. "Caroline About the trolls, what happens if you find the area for the Troll King?" he asked. "Or is there to be something found?"

"Well the legend is there's treasure and his throne is a seat of magical power," she answered. "Its a huge mountain range though and no ones ever found anything. I'll show you how far I have managed to map it with friends though," she fished in her pocket and pulled out an actual piece of paper and handed it to him. "If you want the pools, we will head this way," she nudged Anya pointing at a scribble which was supposed to indicate water."

"Its been too long since I was able to swim!"

And a long time it had been, after her time in the Romulan internment camp she had not seen more than a cupful of water at a time, after her rescue she had not had much time for herself but now, in a settled situation, surrounded by those she could call friend, she hoped they wouldn't mind and would even join her. Being a water origins being it was something she had been craving for some time.

"Caroline, could we borrow some towels from your great grandmother?" Mathias asked, "A swim does sound wonderful." Mathias giving a bit of a hopeful expression. The waters mentioned sounded really lovely.

"Give me five minutes," the blond said. It didn't sound like they would be getting into the mountain. Oh well she could do it another visit. If both of them were more comfortable swimming, she hiked back up and borrowed 3 towels.

Returning back she handed one to them each. "Okay well if you want pools. Short cut," she indicated a style and a foot path, jumping over it. She led them about half an hour through some hilly and forest area until it became more rocky and they could see the natural heated pool.

Mathias thought Caroline seemed slightly disappointed of them not going to the caves and he must have misread the map, thinking the pools were near the caves. Perhaps he could ask Caroline if they could go at another time. He still would love to go there, besides, he had intended on drawing Caroline with her Great Grandmother, and the beautiful home. Mathias smiled, that could work, after Fay's switch to the new host, he planned on doing his own personal things. One of which would be to have that drink with Caroline, and hopefully go trek the caves of the Troll King. His musings were interrupted by the splendid scenery.

"This is absolutely breath-taking!" Mathias breathed out in awe.

Anya took the view in, feeling guilty she had asked. In truth she had hoped the caves had the pools of water in but by the time Caroline had darted off to grab some towels it was too late for her to stop her.
"It reminds me of the mountain range that had been so close to my home... It had a similar system of caves and they had interconnected pools running throughout them."

"That truly sounds lovely. I've been to a place like that a few years back, in the Yucatan Peninsula near the Mayan Riviera. They are called Cenotes. (Say-No-tehs) There are a hundred of those accessible to the public to dive and explore in." his eyes distant with the memory of his exploration there. "There are even more of those, but are either deep in the jungle or on private land." he stated. "So beautiful to behold, and scuba dive in."

Caroline made it back and handed both a towels. "Okay," she said placing her back pack down. She started peeling off layers. "You will want to move to Sweden once you have experienced this," she said removing her undergarments and stepping in. "We do it naked here. If your going to feel the benefit feel it all round ehh," she smiled disappearing into the water her towel placed on top of the new pile of clothes ready for when she got out again.

Anya unbuttoned her gown and it tumbled to the ground, already prepared to swim as she would in her home culture. She kicked off the shoes and in she went, a seamless and elegant swan dive taking a deep breath before she submerged.

As soon as the ladies started undressing, Mathias was quick to turn around until they were safely in the water. He murmured to himself, "when in Rome". Mathias wasn't ashamed of his body, and he's taken a bath in a japanese bathhouse, before, in mixed company. With Caroline in the water and the same with Anya, Mathias blinked, both of them beautiful in their own right! Part of Mathias wanted to just walk away and draw, whilst the ladies got their soak. Would it be considered rude for him to do so?

Though.. a nice soak in the hot springs did sound wonderful, he was so stressed as it was, with the details of Fay and her interest in him. And Fay wanting things that he just didn't want to give into. She had someone waiting for her back at her home planet!

At this moment he just wanted to growl out in frustration, but Mathias wasn't going to do so. He balled up his fists, doing some meditative breathing, just to get himself centred. Finally, his fists unclenched and Mathias turned around. He rummaged about in his rucksack pulling out a large kerchief, picked up a towel and moved to an area of the hot springs, giving himself some distance from the ladies and turned his back whilst disrobing.

Mathias covered the front side of himself with the kerchief walked to the edge of the hot springs and stepped in turning his back then removed the kerchief, lowering himself into the water to where he was sitting chest deep. Leaning back, Mathias closed his eyes for a moment, to enjoy the heat.

"And now just relax," Caroline said her eyes closed. She had done this hundreds of times growing up. It was medicinal and a place plenty of teenagers used to go. She had a vision of one of her earlier boyfriends and her frolicking near to where she was submerged. "Not quite as warm the water in Scotland?" she asked. "What about your home Anya? Close to anything you have there?"

"Actually warmer." Mathias answered quietly, "I'm enjoying this very much." then went silent once more with his eyes closed.

Anya for her part was still below the surface exploring, the joy of being of amphibious genetic descent, she had the ability to hold her breath for a good thirteen earth minutes. The joy and wonder she felt, the familiarity to her home culture... if she didn't feel she was being rude she would have stayed below for as long as she could. Instead she surfaced, the joy visible on her features.

"This is glorious... What were you saying, I'm sorry I lost myself for a moment... Did I see an interconnecting cave over there" she waved a hand behind her. "Where does it lead, are there any life forms living in these pools?" she caught herself again. "I'm sorry, I'm all a titter!"

Caroline opened her eyes and leaned forward towards her friend then remembered she was with male work colleagues and ensured to lean further forward so nothing too much was flashing. "There's a few interacting pools. I've never seen any other life forms but we did used to tease each other when we were younger, you know like tickle each others legs under water and say there were fish swimming or tadpoles. If you follow the pools it eventually takes you into the mountain."

His eyes still closed, Mathias chuckled. "I am familiar with that game, it had been pulled on me before and I did the same in return. Follow the pools as in swimming through them to the mountain or hiking the trail?" he also queried.

"A little of both actually," Caroline said. "Do you want to follow the pools?" she asked.

Mathias's eyes opened, and looked at both Caroline and Anya. "That sounds rather fun, could it lead us into the lair of the Troll King?" smiling. "Perhaps it is the secret way into where he lives."

"I'm ready to go... Grab your breathers and join me, its glorious in here", jubilantly Anya lifted out of the water, exposing her torso and not caring one iota before diving backwards back under the water waiting for the others to join her.

“Ermmm I didn't bring a breather, ” Caroline said. “Ill have to do some swimming and walking.” she reached over and retrieved her t-shirt pulling it over her and stood up pulling it down over her thighs. Thank goodness she had picked a long one.

"Same with me." Mathias remarked, "I didn't bring a breather either. I can hold my breath well enough but, probably not as long as you." Looking at Anya, then he moved to turn his back, reaching out for the towel, and rose from the water, to get dressed dressed in his shorts, which he accomplished deftly. "Looks like Anya will be taking the watery way." he remarked with a smile. "Okay, I'm ready." Sliding on a Tee shirt, then picking up the other clothing.

"Pop them in my my backpack," the blond suggested as she turned her back on him and decided it was safer to shimmy into some underwear too. She started grabbing Anya's clothing as well and stuffing it inside her bag. "It will be safe here. No ones going to come steal it,"

"Lead on," she said to her friend.

Anya watched them go before diving again and following the cave system, hoping she would find them further down the system of aquatic caves.

"Looks like Anya went that way." Mathias said in observation. "I will have to follow your lead." giving Caroline a smile.



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