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Just walking the dog

Posted on Saturday 20 February 2021 @ 16:26 by Lieutenant Breana Rathburn & Civilian Sansa Draxx-Jones

Mission: A Cry from the Darkness
Location: arboretum
Timeline: MD1 1600
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Sansa's new puppy had really made her day. She had woken Sansa up this morning by licking her face. The little dachshund was really quite intelligent and had gathered up a pile of small pillows in order to jump up onto the bed. To get her use to the ship, Sansa had decided to bring her to the arboretum to get some exercise but mostly just to have some fun. The little dog, which Sansa had called Belle, loved running on the grass. Sansa had replicated a small ball which Belle liked chasing and bringing back to her. Since she was only small, Sansa didn't have to roll the ball far.

Doyle had taken to over seeing things in Engineering for a bit while she headed down to the Arboretum with Keeper. While she still had mixed feelings about having ended up with the Assie, but Bree had to admit she was probably the best one out of all the siblings to be able to handle the deaf dog, that had been made clear by the fact that the 6 month old was still a pretty much untrained. A pouch full of treats at her side and a vibration collar on his neck had them all set to work. A good note though was Assie's where smart dogs and this one had proved to be just as intelligent as hearing dogs... if not more.

The suddenly bounce and yep had her looking around a moment before she spotted Sansa and another new pup. After giving a light tough upon Keepers head and a lift of a finger first to her eye and then to her lips, the dog stopped barking, though the stub of a tail was still wiggling excitedly. "It's clearly a good thing the ship is pet friendly." She said as she approached the other woman with a smile.

Sansa, whose attention had been on her puppy, looked up at the sound of Bree's voice. "Oh hello Breana. I didn't know you had a puppy too." She said as she saw the other dog which was quite a bit larger than Belle. "He's beautiful. What's his name?"

"Honestly I wasn't expecting to have a puppy on the ship. But mom didn't feel he would be safe on the ranch and she knew I'd be able to train him proper considering his issue." Fingers ran though the fur of the dogs head as she worked to keep his attention on her. "His name is Keeper... yes strange name, I know. They didn't find out he was deaf till after she got him and while that meant he wouldn't work as a ranch dog. So they said he was just going to have to be a keeper."

Giving a nod to the smaller puppy she smiled a bit more. "You and Haley decided you needed to add to the family already?"

The little puppy had come over now and was curiously sniffing Keeper.

Sansa smiled. “This is Belle. Hayley got her for me as a moving in gift. Also she'll keep me company when Hayley is on a late shift.”

Belle decided to come over and give Breana a cautious sniff as well, before rolling over. Sansa giggled at this. “I’ve learnt that means she wants you to rub her belly.”

Releasing the leash a bit as she watched Keeper bounce and do little play boys at Belle before racing over to check out Sansa. In the meantime, she lowered to one knee and gave the little roly-poly pup a good belly rub. "Got a point there, they are good company. I think it might be part of the reason I got the short straw for bringing Keeper back with me. With my cat I get off duty and can go hang out in my quarters to chill out. Having a dog will put a stop to that no matter what I might want." She chuckled softly.

Keeper had come over to Sansa and she gave him a good petting. "Hello there boy. You're friendly aren't you." She looked back at Breana "Does Keeper and your cat get along?"

As if sensing that Sansa was paying more attention to another dog, Belle quickly scampered back over to her and put a paw on her, whimpering quietly."

"Awww, it's ok Belle. Here, have a treat." She handed her one of the dog biscuits she had brought along and the little puppy nommed her way through it quickly. Letting out a happy bark afterwards, she then rolled over in front of Sansa, demanding more belly rubs.

"Yes, ok." Sansa said with a sigh and a smile and sat down next to her, putting her in her lap. Suddenly remembering something that Fay had said, she looked up at Breana with a cheeky smile "So, what does Keeper thing of you singing in the shower?"

Bree couldn't help but to smirk a little with that question and gave a shake of her head. "I guess that would be a perk of being deaf.... he can't hear me to give his opinion." While she was chatting with Sansa, she also kept watch over the young pup as he ran around the area sniffing and checking everything out.

Sansa laughed as she continued to rub Belle's belly "Maybe he's lucky then... Mind you, I bet you're a lot better than you think. I've started singing to this little one and she tries to sing along, don't you?" As if in response, the tiny pup let out the cutest little howl, which caused Sansa to laugh more. "Aaawww, aren't you precious? Go on and have a little run." She set Belle down on the grass and the curious little pup started to explore briefly but soon came back and put both its paws on Sansa's leg.

Sansa stood and picked the little pup up. "Had enough have you? Come on, let's get you home for some dinner." She looked up to Breana "It was nice seeing you, we'll have to let them have a play together sometime."

"Good seeing you too, and sounds like a plan." Breana replied before looking back to Keeper and watched him for a bit. Finally, she gave a light tough of her finger to a control on her side. As the pup felt the light vibration on his neck he looked up and to her instantly, seeing the patting on her leg motion the young dog came running over excitedly. A treat and pet given before she hooked the leash back to his collar. One day, she hoped she wouldn't need to worry about the leash, but that took time... for now she set out at a jog to give them, both some exercise.

As they passed by 10-Forwards she slowed and turned around to head in. After all she was going to need some java to keep her motivation. Making her way in and ordering a to go mug for herself, she pondered a moment as a slow wicked though crept into her mind. There was just something about tormenting people at times... even more so, when you knew full well you could get under their skin with no problem. Ordering a dozen assorted donuts. Breana waved over one of the waitresses with a smile.

Susan, one of the servers in the round table say the chief engineer wave her over. Smiling she, approached. "Good evening Lieutenant, what can I do for you?"

"I have a couple of favours to ask of you, could you take these doughnuts down to the Marine Company Commander Lieutenant Scarlet please? And no matter what, do not tell them who they came from." Yes, she enjoyed herself at times. "I'll make it worth it for you to do this for me." Rathburn added as she almost wished she could be a fly on the wall with this.

Susan looked over the doughnuts then back to Breana and saw the wicked smile on her face, getting the feeling she was about to be embroiled in the middle of someone's private joke. "Lieutenant Scarlet? Sure, no problem."

"Thanks, Like I said... just make sure he doesn't know it was from me." Yep, sometimes it was so easy to get under ones skin, and Scarlet just had that thin skin that made little thing so much more amusing. "Let me know what you want in return, I'll owe ya." With that done, Breana took her Java and headed out, it was time for a shower and work.


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