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Meeting the Librarian

Posted on Monday 22 February 2021 @ 16:24 by Civilian Jacob Carson & Lieutenant Mathias McPhee

Mission: A Cry from the Darkness
Location: Library
Timeline: MD1 1300
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Mathias had heard there was a library on the Merlin and hadn't been there yet. He had heard about it being there from what Fay had told him a while back. Now he had to come look and see what there was. He was also interested in meeting the enigmatic Librarian. What would he be like and what sort of stories the man could tell. Mathias was rather interested in finding this out, and so he went to where the Library was. He opened the door which slid open almost soundlessly and his eyes widened, there before was a something he could easily become lost in. The Library!. His nose could catch the scent of books that have been around, that scent which beckoned to him to peek between their covers.

Mathias stepped in with the door closing behind him. There were books! Actual books! He felt like he had stepped into paradise, at least it was for him. He made his way deeper inside to where the librarian might be. He could scarcely believe that he missed coming here, a place to step away from the day to day cares, a refuge. He breathed in deeply once more, feeling peace and contentment flow through him. He went to one of the bookshelves and just ran his fingers along the bindings which showed, in a gentle caress.

Jacob has just finished making a pot of tea when he became aware of an unfamiliar presence. He promptly set up a tray with two cups and a few sandwiches and set it down on the table at the end of one of the rows just as the newcomer approached.

"Hello there and Welcome to the library." He greeted the young man with a warm smile. "I'm Jacob Carson, the ship's librarian. Would you like some tea and a sandwich?"

Mathias smiled warmly, "Ah thank you, I would love that very much. My name is Mathias McPhee, now Chief of Operations." Walking over and taking a seat. "This is the first time I've been inside here, it is a veritable treasure trove." he took a good look at the librarian, giving a nod. "Being surrounded by the written word, I am slightly envious, but also feel you are most fortunate as well."

Jacob poured them both a cup of tea. "I'm fortunate to love my work, and the facilities here are most excellent." He agreed as he placed a plate of sandwiches in front of Mathias. "Ahh yes, I have heard your name in passing Lieutenant. Young miss Jones speaks very highly of you. She was returning some books shad had borrowed on humpback whales and mentioned that the two of you had quite an adventure on while you were Earth and also mentioned your time with Miss Fay."

"Miss Fay was certainly experiencing the aspects of what it was like to be human. And Sansa and I, certainly had an adventure with the whales. It was quite the experience, very beautiful and wondrous. The whales are so intelligent, there are those who don't realize just how intelligent and gentle they can be." Mathias remarked then picked up his cup of tea taking a sip of it. "Being Miss Fay's unofficial diplomatic escort was certainly educational, and she was a remarkable person." Mathias added.

Jacob smiled "Ah yes, I did have the good fortune to talk to Miss Fay while she was... co-habiting within Miss Jones. She did have rather a unique perspective on humanoid existence and she did express a keen interest in one person in particular. I'm sure it must have been difficult to say goodbye to her." He added to Mathias with a subtle look implying there was more there than simple friendship. "Anyway, he continued I'm sure she will make a most favorable report back to her people and I'm sure Melody is glad to have a daughter back. I've also heard our Captain has other reasons to celebrate."

"The Captain definitely has a reason to celebrate, due to she is expecting a child. As for Fay, she had someone waiting for her on her planet. And, saying goodbye to her was in some part difficult, as I said goodbye to, two friends. Someone whom I had feelings for from my past, as well as Fay. The person who ended up being Sansa's replacement, to take Fay home, was a woman I had feelings for at one time. It was shocking and difficult to process through what was taking place." Mathias picking up a sandwich and taking a bite. "This is delicious." he said after swallowing.

Jacob smiled. "That does sound like a lot to take in but you look to have handled it well. And, thank you. I'm glad you like it. I always try and make people feel welcome. "That's wonderful news for the Captain. So will you be staying in contact with your lady friend?" He asked as he topped up their tea.

"I am not certain at this time, in all honesty. I really don't know if I really want to." Mathias answered, his face going slightly pale, and his hands shaking for a moment to where he had to set his sandwich down. He placed his left hand over the shaking right hand to calm it down. "Well, that is something new." Mathias murmured quietly.

Jacob looked at him concerned. "Are you alright? It might help to talk about it?" He said, supportively.

Mathias looked up at Jacob, "I will be fine, hopefully. Honestly, I had felt some stress during Fay's visit, yes she was delightful to be around but, there was still stress. And I feel most un-gentleman like at this moment for even talking about that." giving a bit of a nod. His hand shaking calmed down and he moved to pick up his sandwich once more. "I am indeed sorry for that sort of display."

"It's not a problem Lieutenant." Jacob reassured him, sympathetically. "Stress affects us all, and affairs of the heart are seldom easily resolved. I've been told I'm a good listener and maybe if you just laid it all out you would feel better." He said taking a sip of his tea. "From the sounds of things, there are some unresolved feelings there. Not only between you and Fay but you and your old friend. The fact that you're unsure if you'll see her again suggests that you're concerned about bringing her back into your life? Perhaps you've found someone else?" he probed gently.

"I do have someone I am interested in." Mathias responded, "and as for the unresolved feelings, I have to say there is a mixture of feelings which I need to work through." He took up another sandwich after finishing the one he had and took a bite, and taking another drink. "where said other persons are concerned, it's complicated, and I've spoken about some of it to a person who had been involved somewhat. And I am still finding that I am belaboring the whole thing way too much." he paused and looked at the Librarian. "Answer this question, have you ever been in a situation that you feel that you've been pressed between two metal rollers and being pressed thin to where you want to scream, and start to feel hatred for the situation you are in?"

Jacob raised an eyebrow. "Tha's surprisingly specific Lieutenant. Let's just say at my age I've been in some rough places in my life when things have seemed bad, and I mean really bad. What I've learned from my experience is that the only person that puts pressure on you ultimately is yourself. Sometimes it's our own fears that make a situation worse than it is. Inside our heads, we build up all these worst-case scenarios and it turns out that the problem wasn't that big of a deal to begin with. The human predilection to overcomplicate a problem has always fascinated me and sometimes what we see as the most complex of situations requires the simplest of solutions. Did you know that the Chinese use the same word for crisis as they do for opportunity? I can understand, you're young and headstrong. Another thing I've learned is that people around you, your friends and colleges are always there to help. People like to be needed you know."

"Let me restate it without my waxing too poetic." Mathias stated. "We had an ambassador who was in Sansa's body, said ambassador decided she liked me very much as I, from what I am understanding, reminded her of someone she loves. She is in Sansa's body who is in love with someone else and with her also being the Captain's daughter, that is two strikes. Yes I could have been interested in Fay, but, there is someone I was and am still very interested in. And Fay was in the body of the captain's daughter who is in a relationship and I refused to take advantage of said situation, I am not that way. 2. The next part is also a kick in the gut. The one person whom I never thought in a hundred years would come into my life again, does. A girl I had feelings for when a lad. She is the new host for Fay. I could have taken advantage of that, I didn't, I couldn't. I could have had both of them. It felt wrong. I couldn't bring myself to even be physically intimate with Abigale, before she became the new host. It had been such a long while and with her coming into my life like that. No, I just couldn't, I can't and wouldn't take advantage."

Jacob took a deep breath. "It sounds like you handled the situation the best way you could. A lesser man might have given into temptation but it sounds like you conducted yourself in the proper manner. When I spoke with Miss Jones, she described a man of impeccable standards of whom she had the utmost respect. My conversation with you has not altered that perception. You're being incredibly hard on yourself young man. Give yourself some credit. Above all, you have to be true to yourself. While it is difficult, there is no point berating one's self for things over which we have no control or cannot change. There will be other opportunities. You also mentioned another interest?"

Mathias smiled, a bit of a dreamy expression in his eyes. "Yes, I do have someone I truly really like." he looked at Jacob. "It's Counselor Miller. Caroline. She is amazing, and I love how her eyes light up, when she smiles. And her hair of finely spun golden silk." he stopped there, blushing a little. "She is so vibrant and soothing as well. Beautiful on the outside as well as the inside." He gives a chuckle. "I could definitely get rather poetic about her."

Jacob smiled warmly at him. "Spoken like a true wordsmith. Well, it seems that all is not lost. Now the question remains, what are you going to do about it?" He asked with a knowing expression as he finished his tea and his sandwich. "Carpe diem Lieutenant. For such a beauty will not wait indefinitely." He rose and offered Mathias his hand "It's been a pleasure meeting you, now if you'll excuse me these books won't organise themselves I'm afraid."

Mathias could only nod, for the words of Jacob the Librarian was so perfect he didn't want to say anything more.


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