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History unveiled

Posted on Tuesday 12 October 2021 @ 19:06 by Lieutenant Mathias McPhee & Commander Caroline Miller

Mission: First Contact
Location: The Planet
Timeline: When the planet almost exploded.
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Caroline was exhausted and beginning to loose a sense of time as to how long she had been in this prison. She also felt very sick and the small test she had managed to conduct on herself in secret had turned up worrying results. She was pregnant. And she suspected she knew by who. She could still see the smug face of the man who had ceremoniously transported her to this planet.

Sylvie however kept making herself available to pour over these books and Caroline truly believed it might hold some answers. She knew Mathias would likely love these books. Learning this history. A pang of upset at the idea she may never see him again and if she did would he even accept her carrying another mans child?

"Why are you helping me?" she asked Sylvie again. She asked her every night. And so far she was yet to tell her. Caroline suspected though this lady wanted to get to the other half of the population. She had summarised there had been a long civil war. Several civil wars in fact but these people were still engaging in one now. Perhaps Sylvie wasn't native?

Sylvie pushed back the book she was reading and rubbed her eyes. "Because my people the ones at war, just won't stop. I am so tired of it and it has cost so many lives already. I lost my father, my mother and other family members. I may have a sister somewhere but don't know where she is at. Rython brought me here as he knew of my knowledge, he said he valued me. I believed him, as he said he'd bring peace. That is a lie, I know that now. " she leaned back rubbing her face.

"When my people come, do you want to be rid of this place? Let me help you like you are helping me?" she offered.

"I do want to leave, I do not like this place. I do not belong, there are others who do not belong either. Rython said that we are related. We have the same physiology, but yet, no feeling of kinship. I just don't remember where home is."

"Well if you help me, when my people come and they will come. I will help you," Caroline said honestly.

Sylvie nodded, "I believe you. And I think I may have found a place here that has other ancient things that may help. I found this passage here in the book. " pointing it out to Caroline, and proceeded to whisper what it said, about another place where experiments had been done long ago. "There might be something there. I do have a craft that can only fit two, and I can take you there. At times I am allowed to go look at what I can find and bring it here. Most times I am alone, when I go, sometimes Rython comes with me. I have to be sneaky though to take you with me. Do you want to go?"

"Of course," Caroline stated. It might give her the opportunity to get the lay of the land. Or even a message out to the Merlin. "But first I'm so sorry I must .. " she headed towards one of the bathroom facilities and didn't make it on time. She signed as she threw up over the flooring.

"Dam it," she said after a moment. She had nothing to lose in telling the women this. Hell it might help solidify this little bond that was forming between them. "I fear I am with child. One of the goon your boss hired to bring me here. I believe he knocked me out and .... " She had to confirm if what she suspected was correct. And work out what they might likely do to her if she was.

Sylvie quickly ran to clean the mess up, then brought over a towel for Caroline to clean herself up. "don't worry about that. see no mess. but you say that he took advantage of you?" Sylvie was angry at hearing this. "Look let's get out of here. I've got something that will help with the nausea. And we definitely need to get you away . They.. they might.." she shuddered. "They may want to experiment and I will not let that happen." She grabbed the book that held the text and map on how to find where they needed to go.

She looked around then drew Caroline with her, "Its time to fly." giving a small smile. "its a solar glider that I have and its batteries are all charged up and ready to go."

“Oh believe me getting out of here is all I want to do,” Caroline nodded.

She had been in some rickety aircraft before but this was something else. Caroline was immensely thankful for the anti nausea meds Sylvia had given her. She was even more grateful to step on land once more even if the location she had taken them too was beyond creepy.

“Wait a minute. Our bodies need to acclimatise being on the planet and not up there. How did you decipher that this was where the texts pointed too?” She asked.

"Before Rython charmed me to come here, I was a student of ancient languages. My Grandmother told tales of what happened to the great beasts that once populated the lands. Like it was told to her, and her mother before her and so on. It was more of a matriarchal duty. Some men also knew and were the story tellers and translators. Mainly though it was the women who passed the knowledge down to those who were to learn this. My mother was unable to pass the knowledge to me as she had died. It fell to my grandmother to teach me. Rython doesn't know what I have found yet. I have been keeping him in the dark." Sylvie informed Caroline.

Caroline followed certainly feeling heavier and trying to control her breathing. The atmosphere was so different to up on the floating islands. She dreaded to think what they might find in there.

Sylvie paused and pulled out an herb from a pouch she had at her waist. "I have something here that will help us breath better. Taking a pinch of it and placing it beneath her tongue. "This will help out in breathing." holding out some towards Caroline, in the palm of her hand. "I forgot to give this to you. Then we can proceed."

Caroline nodded and swallowed the herb. Slowly she did start to feel better. “What have you found?”

"According to the text, they were working on creating more and found the ancient dragon while she was sleeping, and placed her in suspended animation. I don't know if she is there anymore, but we need to check. Just the thought of her being there held prisoner. I can't imagine what could happen." Sylvie replied, then she stopped, "Look there, its the building." Sylvie was really excited. "What will we find in there?" eagerly trying to open the front door, but it wouldn't budge. "We need to find another door, I can't open this." pausing to look at the map which was inside the ancient text she had.

“Well if we find a dragon I think we free it. And make sure it doesn't get into the hands of them up there. That power is dangerous,” Caroline said.

Sylvie nodded "I agree." she gave one more look at the large door then shook her head. "Okay I think there might be another door to the right side." Sylvie leading the way there, She smiled finding that there was a smaller door compared to the larger one in front. "Now lets see if I can pick this thing open." Sylvie looked over towards Caroline, "Rython doesn't know I can do this." giving a slight smile. "Hopefully the lock isn't too rusted.." she concentrated on the tumblers in the lock then had a smile of satisfaction when there was a click of the door being unlocked. "Okay we can go in."

The door opened into a hallway which split to the left and to the right. There is light in the hallway, coming from the skylights that were above. Sylvie opened up the text once they were inside the hall and the door closed behind them. She turned the page to where the map was of the building. "Okay looks like what the map says is the way to their labs is to the right."

Sylvie continued on to the right then turned to the left to where she stopped at a door. The door was closed but not locked, and she slowly opened it up. The room beyond the door was dark, very dark and she fumbled to the left and found a switch. This switched on lights that went a long length of a room to the sides which was rather large about the size of a convention center. In the middle was a platform and upon that platform was a huge dragon. The room was cavernous and the ceiling arched way up to where metal doors or hatch was closed. Sylvie gasped when she saw it, and almost cried. There was a stasis field around the dragon with a machine that was active.

"Caroline, look at that! I never thought I would see anything like this... like her!" Sylvie moving forward, towards the dragon.

The dragon was white with a hint of gold upon its scales, the light reflecting off of them. Sylvie approached the machine that seemed to be keeping the dragon in stasis, dust puffing up from her foot steps. "Oh Caroline isn't she a beauty? And in case you are wondering how I know this is a female." she pointed towards an area upon the scales near the dragon's feet. There was a slight pinkish hue to them. "That is how. She is so beautiful!" she turned to Caroline. "Shall we wake her?"

"She is beautiful, very beautiful. If we wake her though what happens if she's aggressive towards us?" the blond asked. "do we just ... can we open the ceiling and just let her fly out to freedom?"

"Well from what I had read, the dragons bond with those whom they will. She may get upset when she wakes up, she maybe scared. There is a way to open up that roof, and it is over there." Sylvie pointing towards a metal box that was beyond some rather large glass windows. "I guess they have an observation window to watch how things go in here." she looked back at the dragon, "I wonder if she'll bond with me or you." she mused. "it depends on how she feels when she wakes up. Shall we do so then work on the next part?"

"She might not be able to bond with me. I'm not your species," Caroline pointed out. "Lets hope she feels we are not a threat."

'It may not matter, there have been cases of humans bonding with dragons." Sylvie countered. She reached out towards the console and began moving switches and pressing some buttons. Then turned a knob, the stasis field lowering gradually until it disappeared. She watched as the life signs of the dragon began to go into what she surmised was normal levels for her. Sylvie said to Caroline, "it is time."

There was signs of the dragon moving about, first an ear twitched, movement of the eyes beneath the closed eyelids. Then one of the dragon's eyes fluttered open, looking about then rested upon Sylvie. There was the sound of beeping rapidly from the monitors that measured the heartbeats, and the dragon tried to move away.

"No, no I won't hurt you, I won't!" Sylvie cried out. Sylvie looked towards Caroline, "she doesn't trust me, she said.. I hurt her." tears begin to fall down her cheeks. "I-I could never do anything like that, I would never."

The beeping became even more faster, then the dragon's eyes focused on Caroline, and a voice could be heard in Caroline's mind. ~I choose ... I choose you, will you accept? Please.. I am afraid. Help me....~ the beeping starting to slow down, as the dragon waited for Caroline's answer. ~If you choose, you may touch my nose." the head lowering to where Caroline could do so.

Caroline tentatively reached forward and touched the creatures nose. She had no idea why the creature chose her and as big and intimidating as it was, she could not ignore a plea for help. "Don't be afraid," she told her. "Sylvie's not going to hurt you. She's helping me. And we want to get you out of here before people who will try use and control you get hold of you."

When Caroline touched the dragon's nose, she would hear, ~I have been waiting a long time for someone like you. A healer. Let us be away from here, I wish to be free, to fly!~ the dragon pleaded.

Sylvie walked over with curiosity in her eyes. "Did it work? The monitors show that she has calmed down." giving a happy smile. "We need to leave though, I had gotten a message that I am being looked for."

"She wants to fly. To get out of here and I don't blame her," Caroline said. Looking back at the dragon she addressed her. "And we don't know that Rython hasn't followed us. There could be a trap outside but .... "the blond looked up at the flight door.

"May we have permission to fly with you?" she asked. "Both of us. On your person?"

~Yes you have my permission. Let us fly out of here. You are prisoners too? Then we will leave to freedom. Open the door and we will go.~

Caroline carefully climbed up the offered hind leg not realising her hair clip had dropped out in the process and grabbed hold of anything she could to secure herself reaching down to offer her hand to Sylvie. "We are prisoners. Before I was here I was a healer elsewhere. Sylvie here risked her life to help me,"

~Then we all shall fly free!~ The dragoness said with joy.

The door above opened up, having been programmed by Sylvie. The platform that the dragon and the two women were on starting to rise up. When they reach the top they could see the beautiful panoramic view, the feel of the cool air.

~Hold on tightly~ the dragon's voice can be heard in both women's minds. Her great wings spreading out and beginning to flap, stretching out the long time unused wings.

There are some areas that the ladies can hold onto and also there was a sense of something adjusting scale wise. ~Hang on!~ and then she rose into the air, her wings sending leaves and other debris scattering. Then they were aloft!

Sylvie breathed in at the sight her skin prickling at the sensation of being in the air.

Caroline asked the dragon not to fly too high as being human she would struggle to breathe. It seemed that was going to happen anyway as within a little time all hell erupted planetside. Volcanos erupting, sulfur flowing in the air.

“We have to rescue as many as we can,” the blond said the blood running cold in her veins as she watched the horrors unfold.

Sylvie's eyes were large as saucers seeing the activity. "What happened? My planet what happened, yes, lets save as many as we can."

The dragon flew where she could detect breathable air, ~they opened the gates to Ragnarok! May the spirits save us!~


●●● Commander Caroline Miller
Chief Counselor
USS Merlin

Sylvie and Dragon
NPCs: Mathias McPhee


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