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Posted on Thursday 16 September 2021 @ 20:29 by Commander Seklar

Mission: First Contact
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Leaving one's assignment was always difficult, but Seklar was confident that he was making the right choice. For three years he had served on Poseidon station as well as the USS Nogura before that. It had been a good three years, following his service on Cheron base which had been destroyed. But lately, Seklar had felt restless and ill at ease, and with the station under attack from unknown forces...adding to that his wife leaving with the statement that she'd never loved him, their bond had been an illusion and she'd made him go through Pon Farr only to conceive... that last part had really hurt him, and had nearly driven him over the edge once more.

But he had pulled himself together just in time, seeking help from the chief counselor, who he did consider a long time friend. Still, something had just kept nagging and his nightmares only went from bad to worse. So, Seklar had made the toughest decision ever, and decided to put in a transfer. Despite being Vulcan, he had felt the anxiety of having to tell his commanding officer, someone he had considered to be a friend, that he was going to take a reduction in position and transfer to a deep space vessel.

Carrying only essential belongings, as well as his valuable swords and a few other personal items, Seklar ushered the twins towards the airlock, where their transport would be waiting. He tried to ignore the hisses of the two caged cats, something which was a bit of a necessity as he couldn't have them roam free at the moment. All other belongings would be sent via a different route though they should still be arriving ahead of them. Seklar had always marveled about such mechanics, even though he'd never bothered to dive into them. In truth, even though he marveled about it, he didn't quite care about the how, as long as it happened.

"Daddy where are we going?" Ishara asked, "why are we leaving our home? Are we going to look for mommy?"

Salai nudged his twin sister hard, casting her a dirty look. "You know talking about it hurts, why do you keep asking?"

"Because I want mommy," the girl whined, while hugging one of her stuffed toys close to her chest.

Seklar stopped and turned to kneel in front of his daughter. "She is not your mother," he said gently, "she has hurt us a great deal, and has made it quite clear she wants nothing to do with us any longer. You must stop thinking of her as your mother, and I cannot express enough that I feel terrible for not seeing it sooner. I should have looked out for you both first, and I failed."

Salai tugged at his father's sleeve. "You wanted to be happy," he said softly, somehow seeming the wiser of the twins, even at his young age. "Our transport is waiting dad, we should get on it..."

It took several days for the small transport to get to the USS Merlin, but when the ship arrived on sensors, Seklar was grateful for the journey to be over. He'd used the past days to reconnect with his children, as well as brush up on his engineering skills as it had been a while since he'd used them properly. Of course, even during his tenure as XO, he had snuck into engineering a great many times, just to tinker with this or that. It had kept him sane, and it had allowed him to clear his mind and refocus, something meditation had never allowed him to do.

"Here we are," he said as he handed his transfer orders to the transporter chief, "we will go find our new home, and settle in, before I have to report in. You two will manage on your own for a few hours? Make sure Tabby and Moor get settled and some proper attention?"

The twins nodded in unison, though Ishara yawned openly. "I just want to sleep," she muttered, "I can sleep right?"

Seklar nodded, casting her a gentle smile. "Of course you can Ishara. You can do whatever you like, within reason, of course. As long as you stay out of essential areas, and check in frequently, you can even explore the ship." He held up his hand. "As long as you stay together." He led the children inside once their quarters were located, then left them to go find the bridge.

Commander Seklar
Chief Engineer


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